Friday, June 5, 2015

1) West Papua on new Vanuatu foreign minister's agenda

1) West Papua on new Vanuatu foreign minister's agenda
Updated at 4:43 pm on 5 June 2015

Vanuatu's new foreign minister, Kalvau Moli, says one of his main focuses in government will be the issue of West Papua.
He replaced Sato Kilman, who was sacked yesterday amid opposition plans to lodge a motion of no confidence against the prime minister Joe Natuman.

Mr Moli says he expected a more senior member of parliament would get the position, but he is confident he can do the job.
He says he has been following very closely what has been happening in West Papua.
"I have seen the issue with West Papua and other foreign policies, and the integration of the regional communities, which requires probably new thinking. And I think I have some capabilities to assist the prime minister in that regard."
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Written By SWP-NEWS PAPUA on Friday, June 5th, 2015 | Friday, June 5th, 2015
West Papua National Committee (KNPB) Held: The National Prayer Support the United Liberation Movement for West Papua ULMWP Representing the people of West Papua, Becoming a Full Member in the Melanesian Spearhead Group MSG
Jayapura. KNPBNews - (05/06/15), Friday in accordance with the general regulations submitted by the West Papua National Committee (KNPB) generally to carry out the action at the National Prayer Center KNPB Secretariat to support the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) as container coordinative West Papua nation can enter into a full member in the group or cluster of Melanesian Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) which will carry out the trial in Honiara, Solomon Islands is planned to be implemented on schedule MSG agenda, namely 1.) on 18-19 June 2015 Opening MSG meeting, 2.) on 22-24 Forum Foreign Ministry Countries MSG and 3.) on 25-26 Leader Meeting.
National Prayer nation of West Papua with the theme: "ULMWP IS OUR LEGAL AND REPRESENTATIVE BODY FOR MSG and WE FULLY SUPPORT THE WEST PAPUA WEST PAPUA presenting any ULMWP TO MSG" in starting at 11:48 WPB, in khotba hosted by Pdt. Leo Nimin, drawn from the Book of Proverbs 14: 34 "Truth meningikan degree of Nations, but sin is Stains the Nation" and Pastor also asserts that "Talk Talk Free Papua is the Truth" and a nation of Papua Independence is guaranteed by God's Law, International Law and National Law , At the end of the Pastor prayed khotbanya Countries in MSG, ULMWP and the International Community in the World that supports campaign in the International Community of West Papua.
National Prayer led by Sampari Warpo Wetipo by praying specifically for ULMWP, MSG and West Papua fighters anywhere are a way to pray using the local language of each tribes in West Papua. Followed by Oration Political brought by KNPB Regional Port Numbay, Region KNPB Sentani, Student Executive Board and the University of Cendrawasih Papua Women who support ULMWP into the MSG.
The reading of the Political Statement by the Spokesperson of the National bazookas Logo, "Support Representative ULMWP containers representing PNWP, WPNCL and NRFPB for admission as a full member in MSG" and simultaneously submit the results to the National Parliament ULMWP socialization West Papua to in the jumble to ULMWP. Also Political statement conveyed by Deputy Parliament Haris Rosumbre West Papua, "The spirit of struggle must be improved as it went into MSG is not as young as membaliakan palms but MSG is the key to unity and there are two fundamental reasons that are not biased digangugugat to ULMWP enter MSG, the first West Papua is located in the South Pacific region of Melanesia, Papua Barat second one clump with other States, namely Clumps Melanesia Melanesia ".
Working Team ULMWP Affairs Committee in West Papua or the Board Committee ULMWP delivered by Simeon Alua committed to follow up Staitmen and Petition submitted by KNPB and PNWP. National Prayer Papuans end with Closing Prayer. (Ones Suhuniap, General Secretary of the Central KNPB)
The following photos ULMWP Joint Support comes in at MSG

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