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1) Bappeda Seeking More Funds For Development

2) AMA Obliged to Transport Patients from Remote Areas
3) Papua Assembly Bans Non-Papuans From Running in Regional Leader Elections
4) No School For Decades at Wagammbi Village

5) Protest against PT Papua Power Indonesia, developer of Urumuka hydropower station


1) Bappeda Seeking More Funds For Development
Jayapura, Jubi – The Development Planning Board (Bappeda) of Papua said it hoped to get more funds from the state budget (APBN) for development in eastern Indonesia, especially Papua.
“Development in eastern Indonesia such as Sulawesi, Maluku and Papua must be prioritized,” Bappeda Papua head Muh Musa’ad said in Jayapura on Thursday (06/18/2015).
For this, he said, in the VI National Workshop Association in Papua some time ago, it had to talk about it, including introducing its own model of development in Papua.
“We also have discussed coordination among eastern provinces region as a modality for national development. We want to have comprehensive planning for each region where the eastern part of Indonesia should be developed,” he added.
He said financing for development in eastern Indonesia still relies on funds from the central government.
“Through National Workshop Association, we are together to strengthen the institutional revitalization so that it can become a strategic target to increase the quality of regional development. We hope BAPPEDA as a motor of development in the area should be able to perform the task well,” said Musa’ad.
Earlier, Minister for National Development Planning (PPN) Head of National Development Planning Agency (Bappenas), Andrinof Chaniago said National Workshop Association will not only see their own interests in each province, but the interest in other provinces and will contribute to national policy.(Alexander Loen/ Tina)
2)AMA Obliged to Transport Patients from Remote Areas
Jayapura, Jubi – The Associated Mission Aviation (AMA) based in Sentani, Jayapura regency, Papua Province, is obliged to transport patients from rural areas of Papua so that they can receive proper treatment.
“It is a consequence of the signing of cooperation undertaken by the Department of Health and AMA management. It is a legally binding because the money that will be given should be used to transport sick people from the interiors, ” director of AMA Djarot Soetanto said in Sentani on Thursday (18/6).
The Papua Provincial Health department and AMA signed a cooperation agreement in Jayapura on May 26, 2015.
AMA will involve the airline of Associated Mission Aviation, the airline of Mission Aviation Fellowship, Kajazi arline, and helicopter mission.
The consequences of that cooperation, Papua Province Health Department allocated a budget to fund health care transport for residents from the interior of Papua.
Djarot said the funds would be deposited and would report to the Department of Health Papua when there are patients who are transported to get medical care as well as an increase in freight rates due to technical considerations.
He admitted, the cooperation has been done for years, but there is no legally binding contract.
Djarot who has served as head of the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) said through alliances, there is a fund assurance, especially for patients. (*/ Tina)
3) Papua Assembly Bans Non-Papuans From Running in Regional Leader Elections

Jayapura, Jubi – Papua People’s Assembly has issued a decree stipulating that only indigenous Papuans are eligible to run as candidates for Governor/Vice Governor, Regent/Deputy Regent and Mayor/Deputy Mayor in Papua Province.
The decree states that indigenous Papuans are those whose parents are both members of Papua’s native tribes.
Further, Papua’s People Assembly (MRP) Timotius Murib said non-indigenous Papuans are not eligble to run as candidates for local leader elections under the Decree on the Protection of Constitutional Rights of Indigenous Papuans in the Election of Regional Heads in Papua Province.
He said the decision was made in connection with the task and responsibility of MRP as representative institution of indigenous Papuan to protect the basic rights of indigenous Papuan as stated in Papua Special Autonomy Law.
In this context, Murib said the most important and strategic task and responsibility of MRP is to give a consideration and approval on proposed candidates of Governor/Vice Governor, Regent/Deputy Regent, and Mayor/Deputy Mayor in Papua Province. This is in accordance with the article 20 paragraph 10 letter a that said,” MRP has task and responsibility to give consideration and approval towards proposed candidates of governor/vice governor” and article 20 paragrahp 1 letter f that said,” MRP give consideration and approval towards Governor, Papua Legislative Council, Regent/Mayor and Regional Legislative Council in line with the right protection of indigenous Papuan which is included in the article that its responsibility is including to give consideration and approval towards candidates Regent and Mayor.
It is said in term of their task and responsibility against the protection of constitutional right of indigenous Papuan, MRP has determined a Decree MRP No:11/MRP/2015 that provides recommendation to immediately revise the regulation related to Political Party and Election of Regional Head in order to provide guarantee towards indigenous Papuans under the principle of priority as Governor/Vice Governor, Regent/Vice Regent, Mayor/Vice Mayor in Papua Province.
Furthermore, it is said in the release that the candidates oblige to immediately coordinate with the Political Party in implementing the article 28 paragraph 4 of the Special Autonomy Law 2001 and adjusted in the Law No.25 2008 in order to give priority to indigenous Papuan in the recruitment of candidates of Governor/Vice Governor, Regent/Deputy Regent and Mayor/Deputy Mayor in Papua Province.
It is further said the government obliges to determine a special policy which put indigenous Papuan as priority in political recruitment of candidates of regional leaders in Papua Province. Meanwhile it recommends the General Election Commission to immediately amend the KPU Regulation No/9/2015 by inserting new clauses including the method and mechanism in providing consideration and approval towards candidate regional leaders in Papua Province. And also propose a stage for MRP to give consideration and approval on candidates.
Meanwhile, eleven regencies of Papua Province will hold the election of regional heads simultaneously in this year, which the stages has been started by May to December 2015. The eleven regencies are Nabire, Keerom, Asmat, Waropen, Merauke, Yahukimo, Bovendigoel, Pegunungan Bintang, Supiori, Mamberamo Raya and Yalimo.
Earlier there are only four regencies will hold the election, but due to the adjustment of Regional Election Regulation which said the regent who will terminate in 2016 should participate in the Election 2015.
Papua’s Election Commissioner, Betty Wanane recently told reporters that KPU Papua has consulted with Central KPU due to nine regents will terminate their assignment in 2016. Meanwhile, the Democratic Party Board of Papua Province is currently verifying 85 applications of regent and deputy regent candidates for the election in eleven regencies.
The Regional Election Desk Chairman of Democratic Party of Papua Province, Arnold Walilo with his deputy Patrik Renyaan told Antara News Agency in Jayapura on Thursday (18/6/2015) that only 37 of 82 applications are completed received while the rest must need to be completed.
“The 45 applications that has not yet received are 13 files from Supiori, 18 files from Nabire, 10 files from Asmat and 4 files from Boven Digoel,” he said. Those applications should be completed until mid-night. “If until the dateline we have not received, it would be eliminated. Because we will verify it after the candidates have registered at Regional Representative Council of Democratic Party of related regencies which run the election,” Walilo said.
He added after verification, the regional election desk would summit the application to the Provincial Representative Council and Regional Advisory Council of Papua Democratic Party. “Those who decided which candidates would represent the party in the simultaneously elections on 9 December are the Chairman of Provincial Regional Council and Regional Advisory Council,” Walilo said. (Dominggus Mampioper/rom)
4) No School For Decades at Wagammbi Village
Merauke, Jubi – For decades Wanggambi Village’s children at Tabonji Sub-district of Merauke Regency have never experienced education as they is no school there, village chief Anakletus Samkakai told Jubi on Thursday (18/6).
He said illiteracy among the village’s children are widespread.
“I have talked with an official at the Merauke Education and Learning Office asking the government to immediately build a Pre-school here. So the children once could be be taught to write and read,” he said.
He said villagers wanted their children to get education like kids in other places.
Meanwhile, Tabonji Sub-district Chief Wilhelmus Harbelubun said lack of transportation remained an obstacle to village development.
“It is difficult to reach Wanggambi Village. Therefore, the area is still underdeveloped,” he said. (Frans L Kobun)

5) Protest against PT Papua Power Indonesia, developer of Urumuka hydropower station

The article below from Majalah Selangkah describes a a protest in Deiyai Regency against a company called PT Papua Power Indonesia1, but doesn’t mention what the company is actually doing in the region. In fact it is the contractor which is looking to build the Yawei-Urumuka hydro-power plant which will generate at least 300MW of power, which would primarily be used to power the Freeport mine.It appears that the power plant would not be a dam, but a run-of-river scheme, which means that water would be extracted without a storage reservoir.

LMA-O opposes companies working illegally in the southern part of Deiyai and Dogiyai Regencies

Indigenous people from Deiyei and Dogiyai regencies who are involved in the Ogeiye Indigenous People’s Organisation (LMA-O) held a peaceful protest at the Deiyei Regency Bupati’s office recently, to convey their aspirations and their opposition to several illegal companies which have moved into the southern parts of Deiyai and Dogiyai regencies.
The action’s coordinator, Andreas Pakage, told that the protest took place because a company named Papua Power Indonesia (PPI) and several other companies had no permits and would also bring negative impacts to the indigenous people living in the southern parts of the two regencies.
“In the name of the indigenous people we emphatically reject the presence of these companies in our area, as we the indigenous people are of the view that the companies do not have our permission nor any official agreement with us made through the Ogeiye Indigenous People’s Association”, Pakage said on his mobile phone from Deiyai.

He also confirmed that the LMA-O is an indigenous association which is recognized by the local and central governments. He even mentioned that the LMA-O had existed since 1994, over a dozen years before the central government created the Dogiyai and Deiyai as new administrative districts.
That means, Pakage added, that there needed to be a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the indigenous people and the company, because they have the rights over the land, not the company.
This opinion was strengthened by the action’s spokesperson, Agusten Anouw, who said that “the company would only add to our misery and destroy indigenous communities without protecting and valuing customary land rights or the values of our ancestors. We believe this company is only here to destroy, not to protect indigenous people. What’s more, this company is here to repress us only because of capitalist economic interests”.
The Bupati of Deiyai, Dance Takimai, said that he would create a team to move forward on issues related to the community’s hopes: “We will form a team, and that team will follow up the issue to look for a solution”, was the Bupati’s response.
Hundreds of people from all sections of society in Deiyai and Dogiyai Regencies took part in the action, including representatives of the customary council, tribal leaders, indigenous leaders and other prominent community figures.
Their demands were as follows:
  • Firstly: The whole indigenous community strongly opposes the Papua Power Indonesia company (PPI) and other companies which are working in the legal area and ancestral land of the LMA-O in Deiyai and Dogiyai Regencies.
  • Secondly: We, the indigenous people of Ogeiye want to tell the bupati of Deiyai to take the people’s wishes seriously and remove Papua Power Indonesia and other companies from the LMA-O’s area.
  • Thirdly: as the Indigenous People’s Association, we respectfully request that the Bupati of Deiyai form a special committee to resolve future issues.
  1. actually in the article it is referred to as Power Papua Indonesia, which has been corrected here 
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