Saturday, August 22, 2015

1) Brimob Accused of Mistreating 15 Students in Intan Jaya

2) West Papua rally hits Kirribilli House 

3) Officers Rally Against Sorong Selatan Police Chief

4) Four Contract Teachers Assigned Back to Yeraha Village

5) Police identify 12 victims of Trigana Air crash


1) Brimob Accused of Mistreating 15 Students in Intan Jaya

Jayapura, Jubi – Melianus Duwitau, a student from Intan Jaya accused a number of Brimob personnel from Destatemen C Biak who served in Intan Jaya District of attacking 15 students while firing at Sugapa, Intan Jaya capital.
“There were bruises on the forehead, head injuries, a broken jaw as a result of beatings with rifle butts. Two people, Venus Sondegau and Victor Belau are now being  treated at Sugapa hospital,” he said via a short message to the Jubi from Sugapa on Monday (17/8/2015 ).
He explained the incident occurred about 12:00 after the ceremony of Independence Day in the Sogopaki field.
He said the incident began at 11:30 when students wanted to block the airport so that the local officials would not leave Intan Jaya after the ceremony.
“Students wanted to block the airport because the local officials often fly to Nabire and other cities out of town,” he added.
Dominikus Surabut, a Papuan activist, said such events actually should not have happened. If that happens, there is the impression that the state apparatus take people’s money out of the town for their benefits.
“The local authorities should look at the problem, then talk to them. Don’t shoot them. Violence will never solve the problem,” he said in Jayapura, Papua, on Tuesday (18/08/2015).(Mawel Benny/ Tina)


2) West Papua rally hits Kirribilli House 

Saturday, August 22, 2015
The West Papuan people are determined to achieve self-determination. 

West Papua supporters held a peaceful rally at the Prime Minister’s Sydney residence, Kirribilli House, on August 15 to mark the signing of the New York Agreement, which betrayed the people of West Papua.
On August 15, 1962 an agreement was signed between the Republic of Indonesia and the Kingdom of the Netherlands concerning West New Guinea. 
A vote on a Dutch/Indonesian resolution on the agreement by the UN General Assembly on September 21, 1962 was adopted and included this statement:
“The Agreement contains certain guarantees for the population of the territory, including detailed provisions regarding the exercise of the right of self-determination under arrangements made by Indonesia with the advice, assistance and participation of the Secretary-General who will appoint a United Nations Representative for this purpose. The act of self-determination is to take place before the end of 1969.”
In 1969, Indonesia chose 1025 electors (one representative for about every 700 Papuans) to vote in the UN-sanctioned election. Under coercion, the electors voted to integrate with Indonesia. The West Papuan people call this “the act of no free choice”.
It is time to put West Papua back on the listing of UN trust territories.
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3) Officers Rally Against Sorong Selatan Police Chief

Teminabuan, Jubi – Hundreds of Sorong Selatan Police officers held a rally demanding clarification from Sorong Selatan Police Chief Alexander Louw about the cut in the security budget for local police stations in Sorong Selatan and Maybrat regions ahead to Regional Head Elections this year.
About 270 police consisting of junior and senior officers from 10 local police stations held demonstration at Sorong Selatan Police Headquarters on Tuesday (18/8/2015) demanding their right, namely security allowance entitlement in the Legislature Election and Presidential Election in last year. They should be received Rp 750,000 per day but deducted until Rp 250,000.
Despite the security allowance, hundreds of police officers also admitted they never provided with meal allowance of Rp 1,000,000 per month during the leadership of Sorong Selatan Police Chief Alexander Louw, SH.
The Protest Coordinator John Faud Irja revealed the protest is aimed to ask clarification of budget transparency from Sorong Selatan Police Chief. “We ask about the allowance that should be accepted by officers,” he said.
The rally has forced the Papua Barat Police Chief Brigadier General Royke Lumoa and Director of Profesi and Pengamanan Division of Papua Barat Police and Sorong Mobile Brigade Detachment C Commissionaire Police Madun Narwawan directly departing from Manokwari to Teminabuan, the capital of Sorong Selatan Regency to listen the voice of police officers as well as to conduct a meeting with police officers at Aula Sembra of Sorong Selatan Police Headquarters.
After the meeting, Papua Barat Police Chief promised to do thorough investigation over this case.  “I promised to answer their aspirations,” Lumoa said. The chief will further order his staffs to collect any relevant data to answer the demand of hundreds of officers. “Once the evidences are collected we will do the follow up action,” he said. (Niko MB/rom)


4) Four Contract Teachers Assigned Back to Yeraha Village

Merauke, Jubi – Four contract teachers who have received a letter of assignment from the Department of Education in Merauke refused to work at a public elementary school Yeraha, Tabonji district and chose to teach at the Catholic elementary school SD YPPK Suam instead.
The head of Yeraha village, Eliandar Kabu on Tuesday (18/08/2015), said that since their assignment letters were issued, the teachers had not taught SDN Yeraha.
“I do not know what their reasons are that they choose to live and teach in Suam village,” he said.
As a result, teaching and learning activities in the school are not going well. Students go home and follow their parents into the forest in search of food.
“I asked head of Education and Teaching to conduct evaluation of contract teachers in remote areas as many do not carry out the duties as usual,” he added
He admitted due to the topography of the remote area and the expensiveness of renting a speedboat, makes them refuse to go.
“Yes, this should also be a consideration by Merauke regency that allocate the budget in greater numbers for teachers who want to carry out teaching duties in the interior,” he said.
One community leaders of Kimaam, Soter Kamiawi recognized that teaching and learning activities in rural areas are running in place. “Yes, this is the reality of teaching and learning activities in the villages that mostly inhabited by indigenous people of Papua. Teachers prefer to teach in town for various reasons, “Soter added. (Frans L Kobun/ Tina)


5) Police identify 12 victims of Trigana Air crash

Sabtu, 22 Agustus 2015 18:52 WIB | 622 Views

Jayapura (ANTARA News) - The police have been able to identify 12 of the victims out of the remains of the 54 deceased passengers recovered from the Trigana aircraft crash site in Papua recently.

The head of the Health and Medical Center of the National Police Headquarters, Brigadier General Arthur Tampi, said on Saturday that 26 bags of remains had been examined.

"Today is the third day of the identification process that had started on August 19. We worked until 12 pm last night and until that time we had examined 26 bags of the remains," he said.

Arthur said that out of the 26 bags, the Disaster Victims Identification (DVI) team had successfully identified 12 victims and their remains had been handed over to their families.

"On August 19, we were able to identify four bodies from four bags of remains and on August 20 we identified three from 9 bags we examined and on August 21 five from 13 bags," he said.

The 12 victims identified are Teguh Warisman Saleh, Emilia Gobai, Milka Kakiarmabin, Oscar Mangontoh, Hasanuddin, Martinus Aragai, Terianus Salawala, Boni Wori-Wori, Wendepan Bamulki, Asirun, Dita Amelia Kurniawan and Agustinus Luwanmase.

The chief of the Papua Regional Police Command, Brigadier General Paulus Waterpauw, had asked the families of the victims to be patient and wait for the results of the identification process.

"The DVI team will continue making efforts to identify the bodies of the victims, but it is a difficult process," he added.

ATR IL 257 belonging to Trigana Air had crashed in the Okbape sub-district in the Pegunungan Bintang district on August 16 during its flight from Jayapura to Oksibil, killing all 54 passengers on board, including five crew members.

(Reporting by Dhias Suwandi/Uu.H-YH/INE/KR-BSR/A014)


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