Wednesday, August 26, 2015

1) Ammo found in Jakarta airport belongs to Papua Police

1) Ammo found in Jakarta airport  belongs to Papua Police - 

2) Papua Province to Prioritize Heart Disease Treatment

1) Ammo found in Jakarta airport  belongs to Papua Police - | National | Wed, August 26 2015, 5:37 PM - 

The Jakarta Police confirmed on Wednesday that a large supply of ammunition confiscated at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport belonged to the West Papua Police.

Jakarta Police spokesperson Mohammad Iqbal said that their investigation revealed that the ammunition was ordered by West Papua Police for training activities.
“{The ammunition] is used for training. The documents have been checked and they are valid because there is an order for the issuance of the ammunition to the West Papua Police,” Iqbal said, as quoted by
Iqbal's statement brushed aside previous allegations that the ammunition was for Papuan separatists
Iqbal said the Jakarta Police decided to confiscate the ammunition in the first place because the officer who packed the bullets failed to provide the necessary documents.
Confiscated ammunition consists of 575 .38-caliber bullets, 1,000 7.51-caliber bullets, 500 .19-caliber bullets and 877 .45-caliber bullets. These bullets were scheduled to be sent off to Papua using a Garuda Indonesia plane on Monday night. (ika)(++++)
2) Papua Province to Prioritize Heart Disease Treatment
Jayapura, Jubi – The provincial government of Papua is seeking to make responding to cardiovascular emergencies a priority because the deadly disease is still rarely handled quickly.
“Heart disease is still the number one killer in Papua, where the majority of the infected are rarely treated quickly,” said Assistant Public Affairs Regional Secretary of Papua, Rosina Upessy in a one-day seminar on early detection of heart disease, pulmonary, vascular and stroke, in Sasana Karya Governor’s office Papua on Monday (24/8/2015).
She continued, up to now, the number of people who died of this disease is increasing. This condition is caused by a lack of knowledge about how to live a healthy life such as do not care about working hours, poor diet and do not do regular checks.
“Heart disease is not a disease that can be underestimated, therefore I invite all parties to move and act to reduce the death rate from heart disease in Papua,” she said.
According to her, heart disease does not only attacks the elderly, but also attack the young children and teenagers.
“For that, let us move and act to keep our heart healthy and reduce morbidity and mortality from non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in Papua,” said Rosina.
Meanwhile, Health Department of Papua, Aloysius Giay stated heart disease, pulmonary, vascular and stroke increased by 30 percent each year. It is caused by lifestyle and consumption disorder.
“We can see now, many friends, relatives and local officials die suddenly without known its cause. And this raises the suspicion. But after we traced the person’s health history we found that he/she died from heart disease,” Aloysius Giay added. (Alexander Loen/ Tina)


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