Friday, August 28, 2015

1) Two killed and two critical as soldiers open fire in Papua

2) Armed Forces Allegedly Shoot People, Two Deaths
3) Indonesia journalists association questions new restrictions on foreign journalists -
1) Two killed and two critical  as soldiers open fire in  Papua, Mimika, Papua | National | Fri, August 28 2015, 1:02 PM - 
Two people were killed and two others seriously injured when two soldiers opened fire in Timika Baru district, Mimika regency, in Papua early on Friday reported.
The incident started when two military personnel rode a motorcycle along Jl. Bhayangkara in Timika at 2:35 a.m. on Friday while a crowd of about 100 people were having a party on the road.
Lambertus, a resident of Timika, spoke on the phone to, saying that the incident started when the people partying, who had been drinking alcohol, scolded the soldiers for driving fast, and told them to drive more slowly along that road.
But the solders, Lambertus said, challenged the crowd and a heated argument began. “The people cried ‘slow down’, then the motorcycle stopped. One of the soldiers said, ‘What do you want?’ and then the people started to circle around the soldiers,” he recounted.
Lambertus said that minutes later, three more soldiers on motorcycles arrived. When the situation escalated, they opened fire. “When the soldiers opened fire, everyone ran away to save themselves,” he added.
The names of the deceased are Yulianus Okoare (18) and Imanuel Marimau (23). Yulianus died at the scene, while Imanuel died later at Mimika hospital. The critically injured people are currently receiving treatment at Mimika hospital.
Papua Police spokesman Sr. Comr. Patrige Renwarin confirmed that the incident took place, but said that he had not received an official report about it. “My information [so far] is from a resident of Timika. We are waiting for the official report,” Patriage added. (bnn)
A google translate of article in Jubi. Be-aware google translate can be a bit erratic.
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2) Armed Forces Allegedly Shoot People, Two Deaths
Posted by: Arjuna Pademme on August 28, 2015 at 14:55:53 WP [Editor: -]

Jayapura, Jubi - A military person in Mimika, Papua allegedly shot a number of residents, Friday (08/28/2015). Jubi information obtained from a source on condition of anonymity, the action took place in Jalan Koperapoka, Timika approximately at 02:35 CET.

According to him, the victim was Thomas Apoka (16 years, student) wounded in the right foot, Moses Umpi wound in the waist-through thigh right, Julian Okoarek (18 years, security) wound on the left abdomen transparent waist (died), Immanuel Marimau (23 years), a gunshot wound to the head behind the ear brought (died), Marinus Apokapo (24 years old) gunshot wounds in the back above the buttocks, and Moses Imipu (23 years old) gunshot wound in the right thigh translucent.
"When it is no celebration. Closing public roads Koperapoka. Unscrupulous members of the military through the motor and break through the barrier mengenderai in pairs by the public. People who maintain the crossbar admonish members. Armed Forces stopped his bike and admonish the people with loud tones. Spontaneous people who live in confined locations that TNI members, "the source said via text message, Friday (28/08/2015).

He said, much later, three fellow military person came to the scene riding a two-wheeler. They carry guns and immediately opened fire.
Head of Information Kodam XVII / Cenderawasih, Lt. Col. (Inf) Pudji Teguh Raharjo justify the incident. But according to him, the victim of gunshot wound victims were four people, two of them died.
"The victim is Immanuel Mairimau (23 years) died, Julian Okoare (23 years) died, Martinus Apokapo (24) wound on the left hip, and Martinus Imaputa (17) wound in the leg. Events at Jl. Bhayangkara, New Mimika District, Mimika. At that time, Sergeant (Sergeant) As, of Kodim 1701 Mimika attacked the masses, when he intends to pick up Sergeant kapala (sergeant) Makher who was attacked by mob in Koperapoka, "said Teguh Pudji Raharjo via text message to reporters on Friday (28 / 8/2015).
According to him, chronological events, approximately at 01:15 CEST, there are reported to Sergeant As, his sergeant Makher attacked in Koperaoka. As Sergeant who was located approximately 50 meters from the Post Gorong - culverts, returned to the post and then to the location, use two wheels.

"As to ask the Police Sergeant who was at the site regarding the presence of sergeant Makher. But police did not know. As Sertu toward Koperapoka, about 10 meters and asks the public about the existence of sergeant Makher, but the public did not know. At 1:27 CET Sertu As arrived at the junction, and look to see there is the Kawasaki KLX Police used Makher sergeant, "he said.
He said, Sertu As Makher contact sergeant, and his answer if he is behind the PLN because the masses attacked. As requested Sergeant Sergeant Makher to the road to be picked up.
"As Sertu back toward the bike to menjempu Makher sergeant. But when the motor has been besieged masses. When approaching the bike, yelling mass Sertu As. He explained that he did not know anything and just looking for friends. As Sergeant mass then hit from behind and fell covered with blood, "he said.

Because choking, further Kapendam, Sergeant As filling gun and fired towards the top twice. Most mass retreat, but no one tried to seize the weapon. Sergeant As defended himself by kicking the perpetrator, and fired into the crowd with the target foot.
"After shooting Sertu As stood up and fled toward the intersection PLN, then ran toward Subdenpom Office to ask for help, and secured in Mako Subdenpom XVII-1 / Cendrawasih," he explained.
It said Regional Military action XVII / Cenderawasih the commander ordered 174 / ATW to descend directly into the field. Danrem together with the police chief and the commander and chiefs, and religious leaders placate his family and solve the problem, apologize and provide compensation to victims. The other thing, is to treat people affected shots, checking and processing the members of the shooting. Post-incident conducive situation. (Arjuna Pademme)

3) Indonesia journalists association questions new restrictions on foreign journalists -
The Independent Journalists Association (AJI) has criticised the government for limiting the activities of foreign media in Indonesia, after the release of new procedures for foreign journalists and film crews working in the country. The Home Affairs Ministry has sent circulars outlining the changes to all regional leaders across Indonesia. 

"I question on what grounds the Home Affairs Ministry has decided to […] limit the activities of foreign journalists," said AJI's advocacy division head Imam D Nugroho as quoted by on Thursday.
Imam stressed that the circular contravenes Article 28 of the Constitution and Law No 40/1999 on press, which guarantees the freedom of the press.
A director general from the Home Affairs Ministry, Soedarmo, announced the new procedures on Tuesday. He said journalists and film crew members now had to gain permits from the Foreign Affairs Ministry and from the Home Affairs Ministry.
The permits will be overseen by a task force coordinated by the Foreign Affairs Ministry. Its members will come from the State Intelligence Body (BIN), the National Police, immigration and other relevant institutions, he added.
According to Soedarmo, if foreign journalists and film crews work in remote areas of the country, they also have to obtain permits from the relevant local administration.
AJI said the circular is an expansion of a regulation that is so far applied only in Papua. "The limitation of journalists' activities is not in line with the spirit expressed by President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo on May 9, which purports to open wider access for foreign journalists," Iman added.
Meanwhile, AJI chairman Suwarjono said that the circular from the Home Affairs Ministry is a setback to the freedom of the press and will make for an unsettling atmosphere for foreign journalists working in the country.
"Indonesia will host celebrations for World Press Day in 2017," he said, adding that the recent move will tarnish the image of Indonesia around the world. "It is counterproductive to President Jokowi's efforts to boost investment."
Suwarjono called on the government to prepare new regulations for foreign journalists that are more democratic, modern and transparent. He also called on the Foreign Ministry to make it easier for foreign journalists to obtain visas.

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