Saturday, August 29, 2015

1) Timika bishop condemns deadly shootings

2) Soldiers held after fatal  shooting in Papua
3) Many Elementary School Leavers in Yahukimo Can’t Read or Write, Councilors
4) Residents Complain about Poor Quality of Rice for Civil Servants
5) Lake Sentani Getting Dirtier

6) Search Continues for Yalimo Landslide Victims

7) Escaped Prisoners in Wamena Still on the Run


1) Timika bishop condemns  deadly shootings, Jakarta | Archipelago | Sat, August 29 2015, 4:47 PM - 
Timika bishop John Philips Saklil has condemned the shootings by military personnel that killed two people and wounded several others in Mimika regency, Papua, early Friday.
“The Church condemns violence, even more so when it causes deaths. Any act of violence will never solve problems,” the Bishop was quoted by as saying. 
Saklil, however, called on the people of Papua to calm down, telling them not to take revenge because fresh violence could cause harm to more innocent victims. He called on people to entrust the case to law enforcers. 
A pastoral officer at Timika Church said that the incident occurred when local people organized a Tifa (Papuan drum) beating festival to celebrate the success of a Catholic resident in earning a doctoral degree in the Philippines.
Two drunken men reportedly wanted to join the event, but residents rejected them because they were drunk. The two men, who were later found to be soldiers, left the scene before returning with a gun and bayonet.
Previously, a resident said that the incident occurred when two soldiers opened fire in Timika Baru district, Mimika. reported that people who were partying on the road scolded the soldiers for driving fast, resulting in the soldiers challenging the group. The soldiers reportedly opened fire when they felt they were cornered. (bbn)
2) Soldiers held after fatal  shooting in Papua
Nethy Dharma Somba, The Jakarta Post, Jayapura | Headlines | Sat, August 29 2015, 6:14 PM - 
Two members of the Military District Command (Kodim) 1710/Timika have been arrested following a shooting in Koperapoka, Mimika regency, Papua, that left two civilians dead and two others wounded.

The two soldiers, First Sgt. Arshar and Chief Sgt. Makher, were detained by the military police sub-detachment XVII-I/Cenderawasih.

“[If] both are guilty they have to be held accountable for what they did. They will undergo the legal process,” the commander of 174/Waning Ap Merauke, Brig. Gen. Supartodi, told The Jakarta Post on Friday.

The incident occurred on Thursday at 1:33 a.m. local time. The dead victims were identified as Imanuel Mailmaur, 23, and Yulianus Okoare, 23. The injured were named as Marthinus Apokapo, 24, who suffered a gunshot wound to the abdomen and Martinus Imapula, 25, who was shot in the leg.

Supartodi alleged that the soldiers were drunk when the shooting took place. 

So far two versions of the shooting have emerged. The first version was in the form of a press release by spokesperson for the Military Regional Command (Kodam) XVII/Cenderawasih, Lt. Col. Teguh Pudji Raharjo.

According to the release, the soldiers shot in self defense as a mob attempted to seize their weapons after an attack on Makher. However, the press release gave no reason as to why the mob attacked Makher.

The release said that upon receiving a report from locals about the attack on Makher, Ashar went to the scene to look for his colleague but was attacked on the way, beaten to the ground and attempts were made to take his weapon, whereupon he opened fire and the four civilians were shot, two fatally.

Santon Tekege, a pastoral staff member at Timika Diocese, denied that any attempts were made to grab the soldiers’ guns.

According to Santon, the shooting occurred when two drunk individuals — who were later identified as soldiers — arrived at a tifa (traditional drum beating event) in the yard of Koperapoka Catholic church, the tifa was being held as a thanksgiving party for the first person of Kamoro origin, Leonardus Tumuka, to earn a doctoral degree.

“They [soldiers] were refused admission and they left. Shortly after they returned, carrying rifles with bayonets and frightening the people who were celebrating,” Santon said.

Both men forced their way into the venue and threatened people at the party. Later as they were leaving they opened fire, killing two and injuring two others, he said.

Papua Police Chief Brig. Gen. Paulus Waterpauw is currently in Timika to maintain order in the area.

Coordinator of the Papua office of the Commission for Missing Persons and Victims of Violence (Kontras), Olga Helena Hamadi, said she had received frequent reports about civilians being shot by members of the security forces in Papua.

“It’s a classic [response] to say that the security forces personnel fired in self-defense,” said Olga, adding that the excuse was often made in such incidents.

Separately Pastor Amandus Rahaded said the bodies of the victims were being held in Koperapoka Catholic Church. No date has so far had been scheduled for their funerals. “Their families are still having talks and waiting for the arrival of the Kodam Cenderawasih commander,” Amandus said.

The two bodies had previously been paraded to the Kodam base and placed in the middle of the street. They were moved to the church only after negotiations were held with the Papua police chief mediated by Amandus. 

3) Many Elementary School Leavers in Yahukimo Can’t Read or Write, Councilors
Jayapura, Jubi – A member of the of Papua Legislative Council ( DPRP), Lazarus Sieb, said he believed many elementary school graduates are not able to read or write due to the lack of attention to education problems by the relevant agencies.
“There are many elementary students in Yahukimo but many are unable to read or write after graduating from school. For example, when students were asked to write letter P, they would write the letter B,” Sieb said on Tuesday (08/25/2015).
As a result, the students experienced difficulty when continuing Junior High School (SMP) in the city.
“Because of the lack of reading and writing, sometimes the students have to stay at the same grade at junior high school level. This is clearly very unfortunate as we need to build Papuan human resources,” he said.
The same thing was said to be members of the DPRP Nathan Pahabol. He said the improvement of education and health in Yahukimo is really poor.
“Yakuhimo regency needs to address and fix this condition “he added. (Arjuna Pademme/ Tina)
4) Residents Complain about Poor Quality of Rice for Civil Servants
Jayapura, Jubi – Jayapura city residents complained about the poor quality of rice intended for civil servants, military and police in Papua.
“It smells musty and also its weighs less. Although the lice are not so many, it really makes the quality of rice bad, ” said Takayetauw, resident of Tanah Hitam when met Jubi in Abepura district on Monday (24/08/2015).
He said rice which should have been received 15kg on the packaging was only 12 kg when weighed.
“I am very disappointed with this, the government should be able to supervise and give serious attention on this case” Takayetauw said.
Arif Mandu, head of Logistic Agency in Papua ( Bulog) claimed that the rice for civil servants and the military, the police in Papua is in good condition with the appropriate weight indicated on the weight of the sack.
According to him when the rice is out of the barn and ready to be distributed to the regencies/ city, it is then the responsibility of the government.
“I hope the district and city will also oversees, as well as representatives from each of the regional work units (SKPD) in each district and the city,” he said. (Munir/ Tina)
5) Lake Sentani Getting Dirtier
Sentani, Jubi – Sentani lake, one of tourist destinations in Jayapura, is getting dirty, a local councillor said, urging residents to keep it clean.
A member of Jayapura Legislative Council, Milly Mehue, took the initiative to hold a Trash Free Sentani Lake Action (ADSBS) in order to sensitize the residents around the lake.
“There are people who live around the lake and depend on it. Do not throw trash in the lake, ” Milly said when met Jubi in Sentani, Jayapura regency on Monday (24/8/2015).
ADSBS will be conducted this action simultaneously and will involve the citizens of the city and around the lake.
“We set this event in a schedule that must be implemented by every community who live in East to West Sentani. The action would be held once a week. This movement must be done by us as a society, “he explained.
“We will check the efforts of the people of the city, which does not have an official license, whether it is SITU, ownership of the EIA and the IMB, “he said.
Marshal Suebu, environmentalists and also a chairman of the CPA hirosi Papua said Jayapura regency status is still in the category of the dirtiest cities in Indonesia.
“If we want our environment clean and comfortable to live then we all have to start from ourselves, it is the basis on which the environment in the city. So that everyone who comes here still like to stay here, “Marshal said. (Engel Wally/ Tina)

6) Search Continues for Yalimo Landslide Victims

Wamena, Jubi – Rescuers continue the search for eight people believed buried after a landslide at Yalimo Regency on Monday morning (24/8/2015).  
The missing people were PT. PAB employees identified as Ardi Padidik, Yoseph Nussy, Versus Peon, Yopi Kepno and two residents Lasarus Wantik and Wilumus Wanti, truck drivers Ismail and Ferdy. Jayawijaya Police Chief Adjunct Senior Police Commisionaire Ronny Thaba confirmed to reporters on Tuesday (24/8/2015) that he and his officers are currently still on the scene.
“The eight victims are consisting of seven adults and a child. The incident was happened on Sunday night and damaged three trucks, 2 pick-ups and an excavator. All victims were been sleeping in a camp belonging to PT. BAP when the incident was occurred,” he said.
Currently the police and military personnel as well as local residents are still doing a search on location. He said currently the rescue team needs someone with special skills and full-equipment for the search. If it continues by hand, it’s worried raising another victims considering mud and strong river stream. (Islami/rom)

7) Escaped Prisoners in Wamena Still on the Run

Wamena, Jubi – Fourteen prisoners who escaped from Wamena Prison early Monday  (23/8/2015) are still on the run and being chased by the local police.
“Once we got the report, we promptly formed an investigation team,” Crime and Investigation Unit Chief First Inspector I Wayan Laba told reporters at his office on Tuesday (24/8/2015).
The police will also question guards who were in charge at the time of the escape, Laba said. He said this incident wasn’t the first time. Two prisoners escaped from the same prison last July while 55 prisoners ran away in 2014.
Looking at two last cases that happened within this year, he said the police found names of the same guards who were on duty at the time when prisoners escaped from the prison. The police would also examine whether it was part of conspiracy or negligence. If so, there would be a legal consequence.
As reported earlier, fourteen prisoners have escaped from Wamena Prison on Monday dawn by breaking the ceiling in C2 and C3 blocks, and jumped over the fence using iron sticks used to apply as futsal goal gate and blankets.
Meanwhile, related to the escape of fourteen prisoners from Wamena Prison, that seven are prisoners under Wamena Prosecutor Office’s custody and the rest are prisoners of Wamena District court, the Head of Wamena Prosecutor Office, Dian Frits Nalle, SH questioned and regretted how could prisoners from jail all at once. It would greatly affect the legal process by the Prosecutor Office and the Court.
“It’s the authority of Wamena Prison who should responsible on this incident, although those fugitives are legally our prisoners. But based on regulation, they must be sent to Wamena Prison because the Prosecutor Office has no separate rooms to keep the prisoners. We have received the letter of announcement and coordinated with the police to find the fugitives,” Nalle told by phone on Tuesday (25/8/2015).
Nalle further questioned about the security system of prison to let prisoners escape without being known by guards. “It is clear that prisoners run away. They were only transferred from the police’s custody to Wamena Prison, and their cases have not yet decided by Court. Now they were escaped and by law the prison authority should be responsible on this, that guards and security system should be questioned,” said Nalle.
He futher said this case wasn’t the first time but it happened several times, thus all parties in particular the Directorate of Prison of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights should pay attention on this case. “The legal process would still continue but it’s would be very slow since we along with the police must seek and chase the fugitives to bring them to the Court,” he said. (Islami/rom)

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