Thursday, August 13, 2015

1) Forum presented with five priority issues

2) PNG claims Indonesian village

3) FDW Refuses Mobile Brigade Headquarters and Central Terminal at Wosi

1) Forum presented with five priority issues 
Updated at 4:32 pm on 13 August 2015
The head of the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat has presented five priority issues for leaders to address in regards to greater regionalism.
The issues were identified by the recently created Specialist Sub-Committee on Regionalism and have been presented to the Forum Officials Committee meeting in Suva.
In May the Sub-Committee called for public proposals and received 68 proposals.

Dame Meg Taylor says the issues raised reflected community expectations of the role Forum leaders could play.
The five issues are increased economic returns from fisheries and maritime surveillance; climate change and disaster risk management; information and communication technology; West Papua and cervical cancer.
She reminded the officials of the important role they play and said this means focussing more sharply on high priority issues and on the delivery of results that make practical and positive differences.

2) PNG claims Indonesian village, Jakarta | National | Thu, August 13 2015, 8:05 PM - 
Papua New Guinea has claimed Indonesian territory in Papua with its soldiers ordering local people to lower the Indonesian Red-and-White flag.
Papua border and international relations head Suzana Wanggai said on Thursday that 14 uniformed Papua New Guinea soldiers had arrived in Yakyu village in Merauke regency, Papua and ordered residents to lower the Indonesian flag.
“Their reason was that the village was part of Papua New Guinea territory. This is the report that I received from the head of neighborhood unit,” she told
Suzana insisted that Yakyu village was clearly in Indonesian territory because it was located in Merauke regency. The residents are mainly from the Mayna clan of the Kanum tribe, who moved to the area in the 1990s from Weyam village in Papua New Guinea. The village has been home to 19 family heads and 74 people since Jun. 22, 2011.
“They have held national identity cards from Merauke regency since last month,” she said.
The incident was confirmed by Papua’s Cendrawasih Miltary Command (Kodam) chief Syafei Kusno, who deployed 10 soldiers to the village to prevent residents from lowering the national flag.
He said that Papua New Guinea had argued that the village was a neutral area that should hoist Indonesian and Papua New Guinean flags together.
Agreeing with Susi, Syafei said that Yakyu village actually belonged to Indonesia, however, the fact that some of its residents came from Papua New Guinea had led to a different perception by the neighboring country.
To resolve the conflict, Suzana suggested the two countries meet up in a forum to discuss the issue through a diplomatic framework.
“Together, the two countries will carry out investigations to sort out this problem,” she said.
She added that efforts to resolve the conflict were still conducive, unlike the case with border conflicts with Malaysia. (ika)

3) FDW Refuses Mobile Brigade Headquarters and Central Terminal at Wosi

Wosilimo intellectual Sakeus Entama said he is strongly against the local government’s plan to build the Mobile Brigade headquarters and to place the Central Terminal in Wosi region on Tuesday (11/8/15) in Jayapura, Papua.
“We appeal people to well consider about the advantage of having the Mobile Brigade headquarter and Central Terminal which would only displace the planning areas of local community and increase the violence cases by military in Papua,” said Entama.
He further added people for not being provoked by Jayawijaya political elites and asked both Jayawijaya Government and local parliament to not enforce the local people to give their lands or agree on such plan.
“We have tracked those who facilitate the Jayawijaya Local Government to meet with local people and force them to agree on the plan and to give their land as well as to define a deadline therefore it was bringing a contradiction among the people,” he said.
Meanwhile, Forum Diskusi Weaksalek Jayapura Board member, Pinus Wantik said the Local Government and Parliament were elected by people and work for the people as well. They shouldn’t force people to follow their intention and neglect the people’s intention.
“Do not behalf the people for personal interest. We firmly decline this plan. The government should pay attention to the needs of students in doing the study and the development of Jayawijaya human resources for the future,” he said. (Agus Pabika/rom)

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