Tuesday, August 18, 2015

1) Freeport dispatches helicopter, emergency team to recover Trigana victims -

2) KNKT urged to report preliminary investigation into Trigana plane crash

3) Patani to Learn from Papua Movement Activists on Diplomacy: Activist

4) Papua Police Task Force Seize 252 Illegal Logs



1) Freeport dispatches helicopter,  emergency team to recover  Trigana victims - 
thejakartapost.com, Timika | Archipelago | Tue, August 18 2015, 1:26 PM - 

US-based giant miner PT Freeport Indonesia has dispatched an Airfast Bel OCE 212 helicopter and an emergency response group (ERG) to help recover the bodies of victims of the Trigana Air plane crash in Oksob, Pegunungan Bintang regency, Papua, on Sunday, a search and rescue official has said.
The head of the Search and Rescue Agency (SAR) Timika, Joko Sungkowo, said that Freeport’s Airfast helicopter and a four-member ERG team had departed for Oksibil, Pegunungan Bintang, on Monday.
He said it was hoped that the involvement of the Airfast helicopter and ERG team could accelerate the recovery process of the Trigana crash victims.
“All search and rescue personnel at the SAR Timika office, are on stand-by. Once the SAR Jayapura requests us to dispatch personnel to Oksibil, we can do it immediately,” said Hendra as quoted by Antara on Tuesday.
He said that Freeport’s Airfast helicopter, which carried the ERG team to Oksibil, had taken quite a long trip to reach the incident area, forcing them to stop over in several locations for fuel.
After the crash site of the Trigana Air plane was found, it is reported that as of Tuesday morning, eight aircraft had been dispatched from both Sentani Airport in Jayapura and Oksibil Airport in Pegunungan Bintang to help recover the bodies of victims.
Jayapura Air Force Base commander Col. I Made Susila Adyana said the eight planes included a Pilatus Porter aircraft from Susi Air, a Twin Otter and an ATR aircraft from Trigana Air, a Grand Caravan aircraft from the Papua-based Associated Mission Aviation (AMA), an MI helicopter from the Indonesian Army and the Airfast Bell helicopter from Freeport.
Adyana said that on Tuesday morning, a Trigana Air ATR aircraft had been dispatched from Sentani Airport in Jayapura to carry assorted logistics to the crash site.
“Hopefully, the weather is good so that the evacuation process can happen immediately,” he said.
Separately, Pegunungan Bintang Police chief Adj. Sr. Comr. Yunus Wally confirmed that SAR teams dispatched via both air and land routes had reached the crash location of the Trigana Air plane. (ebf)(+++)

2) KNKT urged to report preliminary investigation into Trigana plane crash

Selasa, 18 Agustus 2015 19:40 WIB | 27 Views
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Indonesian Transportation Minister Ignasius Jonan has urged the National Transportation Safety Commission (KNKT) to report within a months time the findings of its preliminary investigation into the Trigana aircraft crash, which resulted in 54 deaths.

"The commission must complete its preliminary report regarding its investigation into the crash within a month," he noted in a press statement made available to ANTARA News here on Tuesday.

Jonan stated that the names of those aboard the ill-fated Trigana Air ATR aircraft should basically not be different from those available on the passenger manifest.

In dealing with the passenger manifest issue, the related authorities need to work in tandem, and both the Papua police chief and local airbase commander had vowed to offer help, he remarked.

"The Trigana Air authority has promised to effectively solve matters related to the victims insurance. Perhaps, the issue of passenger names differing from those listed on the passenger manifest can be resolved, but it will bring shame to Indonesia," he emphasized.

Meanwhile, KNKT Chief Tatang Kurniadi affirmed that no foreign nationals were onboard the aircraft, which crashed during its flight from Jayapura to Oksibil on Sunday.

"All people aboard the aircraft were Indonesians. Therefore, we do not need to report the results of our investigation to other countries," he pointed out.

In another development, the search and rescue (SAR) team located the fuselage at the crash site of Trigana flight number IL 267, National SAR Agencys Chief Marshall Bambang Soelistyo noted.

(Reported by Juwita Trisna Rahayu/Uu.R013/INE/KR-BSR/F001)



3) Patani to Learn from Papua Movement Activists on Diplomacy: Activist

The resentment is developed because of injustice and deprivation over their basic rights.
Therefore, local activists thought that Patani society need to learn a lot from Papua, especially in terms of diplomacy.
“I do not know exactly what is going on in Papua, because I have not been to Papua. But, in my opinion, Papuans build stronger diplomacy than Patani. I’ve often heard the Papua issue in various international forums. And I think Patani should learn from Papua, “one a former activist of Patani Students, Youth and Students Association (Permas), Arfan Wattana when met Jubi on Saturday (15/08/2015).
According to him, he knew a lot of information from social media and other media about Papua movement. He also knew that some Papuans have ever been to Patani.
“I often follow on social media and others and found out that Papuans diplomacy in overseas is very strong as well as the support of foreign countries for Papua movement. I have known friends of Papua and also seen various pictures of violence in Papua, although different religions, but it humane, I do not agree with that, “he said.
He said, just like Papua, Patani people want independence from Thailand royal government. However, they do not speak loudly because of fear of being arrested, intimidated or military.
“Permas ever held an open forum which was attended by approximately 8,000 Patani Malay community. We did a survey and asked communities if they choose autonomy or independence. Largely choose independence, “he said.
Intellectual General Secretary of Patani (Insouth), Chareef Said stated that the issue of Papua is very strong abroad. “Hence, Patani people have to learn a lot from them, “Chareef added. (ArjunaPademme/ Tina)

4) Papua Police Task Force Seize 252 Illegal Logs

Papua Police spokesman Patrige Renwarin said in Jayapura on last week that based on the reports received, revealed that the truck number plate DS 9566 JK driven by Supriyadin Ardin was detained on Thursday (13/8/2015) at around 21:00 p.m.
The truck was detained when the team conducted monitoring on abuse of subsidized fuel and illegal logging in Lere – Taja location, Jayapura regency.
During the examination process, the truck driver could not show documents needed so that the driver and his cargo were taken to Polda Papua to be checked.
He further said the investigators had collected information from witnesses and asked BP2HP for measuring those timbers. From the results revealed that as many as 5.0184 logs transported.
After examination, investigators then set the truck driver as a suspect, he said.
The suspect and the evidence are now secured at Papua Police Headquarters in Jayapura (*)

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