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1) Tolikara incident to be solved through legal processes: Police Chief

2) Community Leader: Don’t Doubt Papuans’ Indonesianness
3) Komala Air Crashes In Papua, 1 Killed

4) Freeport Shouldn’t Take Any Party on Blaming, Councilor Says

5) Students Reject Freeport’s Affiliated Mining Companies in Intan Jaya

6) Dark Experience of Freeport Not Be Repeated in Merauke


1) Tolikara incident to be solved through legal processes: Police Chief
Rabu, 12 Agustus 2015 14:04 WIB | 388 Views

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Tolikara incident that led to a mosque being burnt down on July 17 would be solved through Indonesian legal processes rather than by customary law, stated Papua Police Chief Brigadier General Paulus Waterpauw.

"This case must be settled through legal processes and not on the basis of customary law," he informed journalists here on Wednesday in response to questions on how the case of the Tolikara sectarian violence would be solved.

The implementation of customary law in solving the Tolikara incident would not be unanimously accepted by all concerned parties, and it would never offer a comprehensive solution as well, he pointed out.

Waterpauw further noted that he remained optimistic in finding the mastermind behind the incident, which occurred on the day Muslims across Indonesia celebrated the Idul Fitri festivity.

He added that the police have named AK and JW as suspects for the sectarian attack in the Karubaga region of Tolikara District, Papua Province.

The two suspects were arrested on July 24 for their alleged involvement in the attack, Senior Commissioner Patrige, the spokesman of the Papua provincial police headquarters, remarked.

Patrige recently stated that the two suspects had admitted to have pelted stones at the Muslims performing Idul Fitri prayers inside the yard of Karubaga district military precinct on July 17.

The suspect, JW, is a civil servant of the Tolikara district government while AK works for a privately owned bank in the conflict-hit area, Patrige noted.

(Reported by Anita Permata Dewi/Uu.R013/INE/KR-BSR/O001)


2) Community Leader: Don’t Doubt Papuans’ Indonesianness

By Roberth I. Vanwi on 02:23 pm Aug 12, 2015
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Jayapura. Celebrations of Indonesia’s 70 years of independence this year reflect Indonesian patriotism across the country as much as Papuans’ love for it, a senior Papuan community said on Wednesday, stressing that Papuans, too, are Indonesians.
“Have you noticed that people in Papua do respond positively to the government’s urging to raise the Indonesian flag and other Independence Day paraphernalia?” George Awi told the Jakarta Globe.
“This tells us Papuans share the outlook of a common archipelago with other Indonesians. But the government needs to continue developing this land, regardless of the obstacles. Indonesia also needs to prove it loves Papua.”
A dearth of mutual confidence is at the heart of the festering issues in Papua, George said. Only recently, he added, have Papuans started seeing Papuan faces in government offices and in other undertakings. All this was despite the insistence in Jakarta that Papua was, and continues to be, an integral part of Indonesia.
“But opportunities are now open to those who can compete; we now have a Papuan at the head of the provincial police. The government deems us trustworthy so we need to repay this by keeping Papua safe and peaceful,” George said.
“Don’t underestimate the Indonesianness of Papuans,” George added. But what of those who demand independence? “That’s the task of the government and our collective responsibility to ensure they, too, enjoy the results of an advancing Papua.”
“This country loves Papua; that much is clear. We now have the Special Autonomy Law; President Joko [Widodo] visited us three times in one year. That capable Papuans can now move Papua forward is not just hot air.”
Meanwhile, the Papuan provincial government will take a “sensible but lively” approach to the 70th anniversary of Indonesian independence.
Elia I. Loupatty, assistant for development and people’s welfare at Papua’s provincial secretariat and head of preparations for Independence Day, said, as entertainment for the locals in Jayapura traditional games will be organized as well as a marathon and an arts, sports and culture competition.
“We are mindful of the traffic and other logistical challenges so we will focus most activities at the Kusuma Trikora Military Cemetery for a public commemoration ceremony and at the Mandala-Jayapura Stadium for the flag-raising ceremony,” Elia added.
Representatives from Papua New Guinea and other neighboring countries will attend the ceremonies in Papua, similar to previous years. “They will arrive on Aug. 15 or 16, and we look forward to welcoming them as they are our close neighbors,” Elia said.
Indonesia celebrates its independence from Dutch colonial rule on Aug. 17.

WEDNESDAY, 12 AUGUST, 2015 | 15:46 WIB
3) Komala Air Crashes In Papua, 1 Killed
TEMPO.COJayapura - Komala Air flight PAC 750 XL PK-KIG crashed during landing at Ninia Airport, Yahukimo, Papua at 9:45 am local time (12:45am GMT), Wednesday, August 12. The aircraft technician, Eka Wijaya Sumanta was killed in the incident.
“Five other victims suffered injuries and fractures, including the pilot Herman Iuno who suffered bruises on his head," Head of Jayapura Search and Rescue Jayapura said on Wednesday.
According to Ludianto, the evacuation process is ongoing. Three of the victims were being treated at Wamena General Hospital and two others to the Dian Harapan Hospital in Jayapura.
From the information obtained, he said, it was suspected that the light aircraft failed to land at the end of the runway. Ludianto suggested the accident occurred during bad and windy weather.
“The information we received said, Komala Air, owned by PT Komala Indonesia hit a residents home at the end of the runway," said Ludianto.
The plane flew from Wamena Airport, Jayawijaya, at 9:25am. The victims treated at Wamena hospital are namely Adam, Yali Pahabol, and Herman Iuno.
Two other victims were treated at the Dian Harapan Hospital in Jayapura. They are Yakyat Leobak and Laimo.

4) Freeport Shouldn’t Take Any Party on Blaming, Councilor Says

Jayapura, Jubi – Papua Legislative Council criticized PT Freeport in the on going renegotiation process of contract of work that failed to involve the Papua Provincial Government, some local governments in the mining areas of PT. Freeport and customary people.
Some members of Papua Legislative Council from Electoral Area III including Mimika, Nabire, Intan Jaya, Deiyai, Dogiyai and Paniai said PT Freeport Indonesia and Central Government to never ignoring Papua Provincial Government, local governments in Freeport’s mining operation areas and customary people.
‘These three strengths that are Papua Provincial Government, local governments in the area surrounded Freeport mining areas and customary people should not be involved. If the customary people, provincial government and local governments are not involved, do not blame on them if there’s a problem,” Wihelmus Pigai said on Monday (10/8/2015).
According to him, today is the era of reform. Do not act as if it’s the ear of new order. The customary people should be involved. The interests of Papua Provincial Government, local governments in Freeport’s mining areas should be accommodated in the process of contract negotiation.
“Law on Mineral and Energy Resources No. 4/2004 is a regulation issued in rush without involving the interest of Papua. Therefore the reference is the Special Autonomy Law 2001. It’s true there’s Mineral and Energy Resources Law, but it’s about the natural resources in Papua. So the reference is Special Autonomy Law. The potential of natural resources is in Papua, not in Jakarta, so we should refer to Special Autonomy Law,” he said.
In addition, according to Pigai, the President Decree No.16/2015 about the assessment team of Natural Resources Management for Papua Economic Development should be more specific to cover the natural resources management.
“Economically it would give positive contribution to both provincial and local governments and local community. Currently it’s not give a benefit for Papua,” he said.
On one occasion, the Chairman of Papua Legislative Council Yunus Wonda said the Papua Provincial Government, Mimika Regional Government and related stakeholders including customary people must be involved in the discussion of Freeport’s Contract of Work. (Arjuna Pademme/rom)

5) Students Reject Freeport’s Affiliated Mining Companies in Intan Jaya

Jayapura, Jubi – Students from Intan Jaya Regency expressed opposition to plans by Freeport-affiliated companies do conduct operations there.
The locations for explorations are Wabu and Lokabu in Sugapa sub-district as well as Kemabu and Yabuin Homeho sub-district and Itadipab sub-district.
A student of International Relations at Cenderawasih University, Omiel Zagani , 23, said in 1961 and 1999, PT Freeport Indonesia conducted mining operations but never paid compensation to the customary people.
“We definitely reject any form of mining operations. We are still traumatized by the last experience with PT. Freeport. Before it pays compensation to the customary people, as a member of the young generation of Intan Jaya, we strongly refuse the mining operations in our region,” Zagani told reporters on last weekend.
He further appealed all relevant parties in regards to the mining issue to make a joint agreement involved the customary, community, youth, and religious leaders as well as students and mining companies. “It must be done to avoid the experience in the past decades,” he said.
When asked is that only PT Freeport Indonesia was coming to do mining operations in Intan Jaya, Zagani admitted between the periode of 1961 – 1990, PT Freeport did massive exploitation in Intan Jaya, but four mining companies affiliated with PT Freeport are now existing in the region although have not yet run the mining activities.
“Currently four Freeport’s affiliated companies are existed, namely PT. Irian Mineral, PT. Indika Energi, PT. Manersave, while I forget the name of the other one,” Zagani said.
Meanwhile, the Representative Chief of PT Freeport Indonesian in Jayapura City, Piter Tukan on telephone conversation confirmed that currently PT Freeport is trying to reduce its mining operation areas in Papua. “That information is not true. We are now reducing the operation areas and not doing expansion,” he said. (Roy Ratumakin/rom)

6) Dark Experience of Freeport Not Be Repeated in Merauke

Jayapura, Jubi – A member of Papua Legislative Council of the People’s Conscience (Hanura) Party faction said President Joko Widodo’s goal to make Merauke a national barns will ignore the local indigenous peoples’ rights as experienced by Kamoro and Amungme, customary owners of the mining area of ​​PT. Freeport in Mimika.
Hanura party faction member, Wilhelmus Pigai said his party urged the Papua Provincial Government to pay attention to the project seriously.
He said, this statement was based on the experience of the presence of PT. Freeport in Mimika where Amungme and Kamoro people are left behind in the management of natural resources, because of having no expertise in the company.
“Jokowi’s plan does not only focus on the rice plant, but also local food. This program must accommodate the interests and rights of indigenous peoples since it will use 1.2 million hectares of land, “Wilhelmus Pigai said to Salam Papua last weekend.
According to him, the plan will be developed 1.2 million hectares of rice fields in Merauke region within three years. Predictable, there will be conflicts between communities customary owners, financiers, and government. It also has the potential to encourage the arrival of migrants from outside Papua, because it takes a lot of workers working on paddy fields. Papuan people potentially are marginalized in their own land.
“It is feared that, if it’s too late to act, the government potentially involved getting rid of the presence of indigenous Papuans, including a supporting role in wiping out the potential of natural resources in Merauke and Papua in general,” he said.
While the chairman of the Parliament of Papua Hanura, Yan Permenas Mandenas said his party supported the central government policies and the provision of Papua to develop human resources but the program should be based on the arrangement of space and territory, paying attention to the social context and the potential resources of local communities. (Arjuna Pademme/ Tina)

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