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Filep Karma: I Reject Remission, My Independence Day is December 1

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Filep Karma has just signed the below statement.  Also see Jubi report

"I, Filep Samuel Karma, reject the offer of remitting my sentence in
celebration of Indonesia’s National Independence Day on August 17.
The independence day of West Papua, my own nation, is December 1st.

I will only accept an unconditional release.  If an unconditional
release is offered, I would be happy to walk free from Abepura Prison
on August 18th, my own personal independence day.

I did not commit any crime when I raised the Morning Star flag in
2004.  I will keep campaigning for independence once I am free.

Filep Samuel Karma

Abepura Prison
        August 2015”

A google translate from JUBI. Be-aware google translate can be a bit erratic.

Original bahasa link at

Filep Karma: I Reject Remission, My Independence Day is December 1
Jayapura, Jubi - "I, Filep Karma rejected the offer of remission for a period of my detention in the Indonesian Independence Day on August 17. My independence day was West Papua Independence Day, December 1, "said the Filep Karma, West Papua political prisoner who was sentenced to 15 years in prison since 2014 for raising the Morning Star flag at Cendrawasih University in Jayapura, the Jubi, Friday (14/8 / 2015).

Filep Karma has insisted he would only accept the unconditional release.
"If the unconditional release is given, I will be happy to walk freely in and out of prison Abepura on 18 August," said Filep Karma.
Filep Karma believes he did not commit any error or criminal acts when he is flying the Morning Star flag. Therefore, he said he would keep campaigning for the independence of West Papua, although he has free will.
In a note Jubi, Filep Karma always rejected the remission of state. In 2008, he flatly refused remission offered by the government. Yet according to the Corrections Division Head Office of Ministry of Law and Human Rights Papua province at the time, Demianus Rumbiak together Yusak Pakage Filep Karma are two political prisoners to the attention of members of the US Congress. US lawmakers have even asked both were released.
Filep Karma also refuse remission offered by the government in next-years. He firmly rejected the principled, even though the country / state government says this obligation. According to him, the remission granted to the guilty as long as a form of forgiveness because they are well-behaved inmates.
"Well I do not feel guilty for something I did not do, but I actually punished," he said last year when the government granted remission bid.
Lastly, Filep Karma refused exemption offered by the President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, in May last. At that time, the President of Indonesia to offer clemency to some prisoners, including Filep Karma who initially promised amnesty. In the end, only five political prisoners who accept the offer of the release.
On the other hand, the Head of Regional Office (Regional Office) Ministry of Justice and Human Rights (Kemenkumham) Papua, Abner Banosro said it gives the program a reduction in the period of custody or remission for prisoners who are languishing in the entire correctional Institute in Papua. According to him, remission was granted within the framework of the 70th Independence Day and the Decade remissions granted every 10 years.
"" So the total narapidan and criminal children who live freely after getting remission HUT RI 70th and remission decade as many as 45 people, "he said.
Of the 45 people, according to Abner Banosro, one of which was on behalf of political prisoners Filep Karma.
In response to this, Filep Karma expressly says he is a political offender so that he would not be degraded as perpetrators of criminal acts through the granting of remission, pardon or amnesty.
"Bids remission, parole, pardon and amnesty offered so far by the State Indonesia did not show good faith in resolving political problems in Papua, but only to avoid international political pressure on the Papua issue and for imaging the Indonesian government in the eyes of the international community," said Filep Karma.
She is still firm, Indonesia, according to him should be aware of having made a mistake in the legal proceedings against him. If he is given unconditional release, it must be followed by the rehabilitation of his reputation.
"This also includes political prisoners other Papua Organization and the Republic of South Maluku are still in the House of Detention and Prisons in Indonesia and are included in the wanted list," said Filep Karma. (Victor Mambor)
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