Monday, November 30, 2015

1) Jakarta Legal Aid Institute : Papuans Being Arrested Ahead of 1 December

2) WEST PAPUA: Students, staff stage PMC human rights flag-raising ceremony
3) Freed Papua Activist Pledges to Reinvigorate Independence Movement


Victor Mambor Nov 30, 2015
Jayapura, Jubi – “In Papua, not only the freedom of expression is restricted, but the freedom of worship as well,” Director of Jakarta Legal Aid Institute (LBH Jakarta), Alghiffari Aqsa told Jubi on Sunday (29/11/2015).
LBH Jakarta, Aqsa said, condemned the arbitrarily arrest of 17 people in Nabire on Saturday (28/11/2015) when cleaning the area at Taman Bunga Bangsa Papua in Nabire. The arrest was connected with the preparation of a orayer rally on 1 December 2015.
“Nabire Police made the arrest without apparent reason, without a warrant or detention letter. Those who were arrested include Markus Boma, Frans Boma, Habakuk Badokapa, Sisilius Dogomo, Agus Pigome, Matias Pigai, Jermias Boma, Yohanes Agapa, Ales Tebai, Yesaya Boma, Adolop Boma, Matias Adli, Martinus Pigai, Aluwisius Tekege and 3 others,” said Aqsa.
This incident increases the number of violations against the freedom of expression and aspiration in Papua. And this time the freedom of worship is also violated. The local police’s act has violated the constitution, which guarantees the freedom of every citizen to worship.
“If cleaning the park for worship is enough for an arrest, what is going to happen to those who plans to do a rally on 1 December? What is the police’s reference to arrest people who were preparing a space for worship?” stated Aqsa.
He further said commemorating the Papuan identity on every 1 December is part of the freedom of expression and aspiration of Papuans that guaranteed by the constitution, thus the Indonesian Government must protect it. The government should use a dialogue approach instead of repressive approach.
Therefore, LBH Jakarta urged the President Jokowi, Papua Police Chief and Indonesian Police Chief to not taking repressive act on next 1 December. The constitution must be enforced. “Guarantee the freedom of expression for Papuans in Indonsia on 1 December!” Aqsa firmly said.
Earlier, as reported by Antara News Agency, the Papua Police Chief Inspector General Paulus Waterpauw, on Saturday evening, told 17 civilians have been arrested because of raising the morning star flag. However, soon he corrected the statement by saying they were arrested not because of raising the morning star flag but rather trying to against the officers when to be dispersed in doing celebration at Lapangan Gizi Nabire. They even submitted an announcement letter about the celebration of the Papua Independence Day on 1 December and put the raising of the morning flag in the agenda. They were cleaning the field at that time and refused to be dispersed, said Waterpauw while adding the police have also sowed the flagpole. (Abeth You/rom)

2) WEST PAPUA: Students, staff stage PMC human rights flag-raising ceremony

Asia-Pacific Human Rights Coalition organiser Del Abcede, PMC Advisory Board member Associate Professor Camille Nakhid 
and PMC director Professor David Robie with West Papua's Morning Star flag today. Image: Alistar Kata/PMC

Tuesday, December 1, 2015
Item: 9494
AUCKLAND (Pacific Media Watch): A group of postgraduate students and staff today raised the West Papuan flag on campus at Auckland University of Technology in solidarity for Papuan self-determination.
The Morning Star flag-raising at the Pacific Media Centre was held to mark the day the banner was first flown 54 years ago - 1 December 1961.
Del Abcede of the Asia-Pacific Human Rights Coalition (APHRC) spoke of the risks and 15-year penalty for raising the banned flag in the Indonesian provinces of Papua and West Papua.
She also hailed the freedom of political prisoner Filep Karma last month after he had been sentenced for 15 years over a peaceful flag-raising ceremony in 2004.
He served 11 years (with normal remission) but refused to be released early with conditions being imposed.
PMC director Professor David Robie highlighted the continual pressure from Indonesian politicians and authorities on Pacific nations to undercut West Papuan support.
"This is quite outrageous. But in spite of this West Papua has gained growing support Pacific nations and the people, expecially from the Solomon Islands, and now has observer status in the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG).
He also criticised lack of NZ media coverage of West Papua.

'Long suffered'
In Sydney, the Australia West Papua Association congratulated the West Papuan people on the national flag day.

"It is now 54 years since the Morning Star flag was flown officially for the first time on the 1 December1961. We are all aware how much the West Papuan people have suffered under Indonesian rule," Joe Collins said in a statement.

"However, in the past year the West Papuan people have had many victories in their struggle for self-determination.

"From the formation of the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) in Vanuatu in December 2014 to ULMWP's achievement of gaining observer status at the  Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG).

"Another victory is West Papua is back on the agenda at the Pacific Islands Forum (PIF) and hopefully Jakarta will accept a request from the PIF leaders for a fact finding mission to West Papua."

West Papua has been raised at the UN by various Pacific leaders and awareness throughout the Pacific has increased sharply through the lobbying of governments in the region by  West Papuan representatives, civil society organisations and church groups. 

Civil society organisations in the Pacific have committed to take up the fight for the people of West Papua. The issue is also being raised around the world by solidarity groups and individuals. 
On November 20, political prisoner Filep Karma was released from prison after serving his full sentence (minus standard remissions) for participating in the raising of theMorning Star flag on 1 December 2004.
Karma has always insisted that he acted peacefully and that raising the flag was a right and not a crime.

Despite his 15 year sentence, Karma refused all offers to be released on grounds of "clemency" because that would involve an admission of guilt and pledges not to "re-offend".

Instead, he demanded unconditional release.

Postgraduate students and staff at the West Papua flag-raising at AUT's Pacific Media Centre today. Image: PMC

3) Freed Papua Activist Pledges to Reinvigorate Independence Movement
 Randy Fabi & Agustinus Beo Da Costa  November 30, 2015

Jakarta. Prominent Papua activist Filep Karma, released this month after more than a decade behind bars, promised on Monday to reinvigorate the independence movement against Indonesia and was prepared to go back to prison if necessary.
President Joko Widodo wants to open up the remote and impoverished region to foreign journalists and investors, but a more aggressive separatist movement could lead the military and police to quickly reverse such efforts.
A small separatist movement has kept the resource-rich region, home to Freeport McMoRan's Grasberg copper and gold mine and BP's Tangguh LNG plant, under the close supervision of security authorities. Papua province makes up the western half of an island that includes the country of Papua New Guinea to the east.
"We are in high spirits to fight for our freedom because our struggle can be heard globally as Papua has been opened up to foreign journalists," said Filep, who was one of the most high-profile Papua political prisoners before his release on Nov. 19.
"In the past, people said that our struggle for independence was only a dream. But now, people ... say that it is something certain," he added in a telephone interview from Papua's capital of Jayapura, without elaborating on his strategy.
Filep was arrested in December 2004 for taking part in a ceremony raising the pro-independence Morning Star flag. A court sentenced him to 15 years in prison, sparking protests from Amnesty International and other human rights groups.
Indonesian authorities approved his early release months ago, but Filep refused to admit guilt in line with demands from the government. Authorities in the end agreed to release him on good behavior.
Filep welcomed the president's efforts to open up the province, but did not think Joko had enough power over the military and police to really decide Papua's future.
"I trust Jokowi as a person, but I do not trust him as a president," Filep said referring to the president by his nickname. "As president and the highest commander, he has no influence over the military and police."
Palace officials were not immediately available for comment.
Papua was incorporated into Indonesia under a widely criticized UN-backed vote in 1969, after Jakarta took over the area in 1963 at the end of Dutch colonial rule.
Asked whether he would conduct another ceremony with the Morning Star flag, Filep said: "I will not say here whether I will raise the flag or not. I have been raising the flag in my heart and in my mind."


Jayapura, Jubi – West Papua National Committee (KNPB) states anyone could not restrict the political rights of Papuans to become an independent nation, including to restrict their will in commemorating the historical fact about the political manifesto declared on 1 December 1961.
“Whoever they are, for whatever reasons and power, will not be capable of erasing or denying the historical fact on 1 December 1961,” said a declaration issued on 26 November 2015 and signed by KNBP General Chairman Victor Yeimo.
Yeimo said people cannot deny that this history was born on the blessing of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The Nation of West Papua territorial has declared the political manifesto for the independence of Papua.
“A noble desire to stand-alone as a country,” said the declaration signed by Victor Yeimo and the Chairman of West Papua National Parliament Buchtar Tabuni.
Therefore, KNPB appealed the Papuans in the entire land of West Papua and around the world to continue commemorating 54th Independence Manifesto Day. Further the declaration said : 1) West Papuan people are obliged to commemorate the Papua Independence Manifesto day by temporarily leaving their routine activities; 2) Every Papuans whether they join their families, ethnic or religious groups or those who live in dormitories, must read, learn, discuss and commemorate the content of Papua independence manifesto declared on 1 December 1961; 3) West Papuan people to immediately stand together for self-determination, because the independence is the right of all nations and a fundamental right guaranteed by Indonesian and International law; and 4) do not raise the morning star flag on 1 December 2015.
The Commission I member of Papua Legislative Council for Politic, Government, Legal and Human Rights Affairs, Laurenzus Kadepa earlier told Jubi all parties shouldn’t create any tension in the Papuan historical day. All parties, whether those who stand for Papua independence or Indonesia, must refrain to not sacrifice the innocence civilians.
“All parties do not make the moment of 1 December to mess up Papua. Do not create tension among the people. Pro-independence group should not disturb other people or create anarchy if it is to commemorate the December 1st. And pro-Indonesian Republic should not take this moment to justify on people,” Kadepa told Jubi by phone on Thursday (26/11/2015).
He said there is no restriction to those who celebrate the December 1st but it should refer to the rule. He worried if they made some acts allegedly considered against the law would be used as excuse by security force to arrest people, commit violations, or even shoot the civilians,” he said.
He further based on the last experiences, in the days considered ‘sacred’ by Papuans had always been colored with the arrest, violation, even the shooting perpetrated by certain culprits, whether it was Unidentified People (OTK) or security force personnel. “The moment of December 1st is not the moment of arresting or beating or shooting people. The security force could do task and responsibility but never misuse it,” he said. (Mawel Benny/rom

Victor Mambor Nov 30, 2015

Jayapura, November 30th, 2015,
Greetings to all my brothers! Greetings from my heart!
On Thursday, November 19th 2015, I, Filep Jacob Semuel Karma, had been forcibly expelled from Abepura Prison. It all began on Wednesday, November 18th 2015 at 13:00 – 14:30 of local time, when I was under psychological pressure and not given opportunity talking to my lawyer. I only had an hour to think before Johan Jarangga (Department of Corrections Chief of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Papua Region), Bagus Kurniawan (Abepura Prison Chief) and some other prison officials.
Chronology of Wednesday, November 18th 2015, 13:00 – 14:30 PM
– I was called by Hanafi, the Development and Education Section Head of Abepura Prison, through his staff Irianto Pakombong.
– In his office, witnessed by Irianto Pakombong, Hanafi read a letter which he said it was issued by the Directorate General of Correctional Department of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights enclosed the list of recipients of the Decennial Remission, including me, Filep Karma who obtained three months remission.
– Then, Johan Jarangga, Bagus Kurniawan and the staffs of Abepura Prison and Department of Corrections Papua Region entered to Hanafi’s office.
– They pushed me to leave the prison on the same day; an hour immediately after the letter had been read.
– Following the release, I have not received any copy of letter mentioned earlier–issued by the Directorate General of Correctional Department of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights. Even I never had opportunity to see or read it. So, until today, I doubt the Decree that was said a reference of my release from Abepura Prison. In 2005, I also never received the Decree issued by the Indonesian Supreme Court. I just had a facsimile copy that was unclear and extremely dubious to be used as reference over my detention.
– I have complained and considered it as an inhuman treatment over me, since I was only given a day before forcibly expelled from Abepura Prison on November 19th, 2015.
The process of my exemption was very brutal, even for animals that are in captivity, may need some time to adapt before being released into the wild. I had been imprisoned for eleven years, but I have not been given the time to adapt. Am I, a Papuan, was nothing more valuable than an animal?
Herewith I reiterate my statements as follows:
1. I still refer to my letter dated 15 August 2015 about my rejection of all remission since I was still in prison last year until today.
2. I was forced to go to jail under an unclear degree and now forced to be out with similar treatment. The Racist Colonial Government of Indonesia has sought to destroy my credibility in many ways for the sake of their image and authority.
3. State apparatus’ behavior in Papua is a reflection of government and state’s conduct. Arbitrary detention, murders and mistreatments over the people of Papua for 54 years, the murder of those accused as members of Indonesian Communist Party, Talangsari Case, Tanjung Priok Case, the murder of Munir, Marsinah and Lapindo Case indicates the Government of Indonesia is a cruel and uncivilized government against the people of its colony and even its own people.
4. My current status, released from prison, wasn’t the result of a good will or good policy of the Racist Colonial Government of Indonesia as stated by Paulus Waterpauw, Papua Police Chief whom I consider as an invader’s servant in the Land of Papua. My freedom is materialized because of the international pressures against the racist government of Indonesia that continue to commit crimes against humanity and human rights violations against it colony’s people and against its own people.
As law enforcement officer, Mr. Paulus Waterpauw is better doing his responsibility to arrest both the unidentified people (OTK) and military personnel who continuosly kill Papuans rather than dealing with what I believe about the Papua liberation ideology. This ideology would never die!
On December 8th, 2014, dozens of people were shot in Enarotali when asking about the torture against two boys perpetrated by military personnel. Then, on last July, military personnel at Ugapuga, Dogiyai, killed a junior high school student Yoteni Agapa while Melianus Mote was wounded in his arm by bayonet. And the next, on July 17th, 2015, Endi Wanimbo (15) was shot dead and dozens of people were wounded in the Eid-Al-Fitr incident occurred in Tolikara. Most of victims are school age children. In the early of August, six Mobile Brigade personnel attacked a boy causing his death. He was tortured before being shot dead. Meanwhile a shooting incident was also occurred at Koperakopa, Timika at the end of August that killed two young men, Herman Mairimau and Yulianus Okoware and injured five others. Then another shooting was happened at Gorong-Gorong, Timika that killed Kaleb Bagau and wounded Fernando Saborefek.
The ten Papuan boys who were shot dead within the last 10 months were actually should gained serius attention from Mr. Paulus Waterpauw.
5. I have never been afraid and retreat from prison sentence for the sake of the vision of liberation and independence of the nation and my country, West Papua.
6. At the moment, I am still in a period of adaptation and recovery proces after being expelled from Abepura Prison. In the near future, I will conduct a medical check-up to examine my physical condition. But I would still keep the struggle on human rights and the right to freedom of expression peacefully.
Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to the press colleagues, and anyone any where who have shown Solidarity. I believe, what happened today, apart from the Power of God, can only happen because of their good attention and collaboration.
Filep Jacob Semuel Karma

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