Friday, November 13, 2015

1) Merauke District Council and Indigenous People’s Association take issue with military working on one-million hectare rice estate

2) Human rights violations in the Land of Papua continue to intensify
1) Merauke District Council and Indigenous People’s Association take issue with military working on one-million hectare rice estate

A Member of Merauke Regency District Legislative Council, Hendrikus Hengky Ndiken, has expressed his complaints about the 1.2 million hectare rice estate recently announced by the Indonesian President Joko Widodo. He was disappointed by how land conversion work seemed to have been taken over by the military.
He said that local entrepreneurs who have joined the Gapensi umbrella organisation should be involved and given the opportunity to convert land for agriculture, in order to prevent the emergence of social inequality.
“I have to say sincerely, that steps taken by the military in converting agricultural land have infringed regulations. Because the Presidential Degree had signalled that an organisation had been formed to carry out the instructions,” he told Jubi on 6th November 2011.
Hengky added that he would support the military taking over land conversion if it was categorised as an emergency. “However this is currently not the case and space and opportunities should be given to entrepreneurs to do the work”, he said.
Separately, the head of the Merauke Regency Indigenous People’s Association (LMA), Ignasius Ndiken, said he also had problems with the military doing the work. “If the military does the work, that’s a problem. It would be better to pass the work over to local entrepreneurs,” he said.
“How is it possible that they have their land, but other people are doing the work? Who’s setting out the rules? The community have a claim to the land as customary landowners, but in fact they are not being given proper opportunities,” he said.
He added that although he feels local people should fully support the central government’s programme, indigenous Papuans seem not to be getting any direct benefit.


2) Human rights violations in the Land of Papua continue to intensify
Statement by the Executive-Director of the LP3BH,
12th November 2015

   A couple of days ago, a large number of Papuans were intending to conduct a ritual programme at the  graveside of their political
leader, Theys Hiyo Eluay in Sentani-Jayapura when they were forcibly dispersed.  There was another incident when the Prosecutor 
(JPU) Syahrul SH failed to take the suspect, Narko Murib, to hospital for a medical
check-up according to the instruction by the judge at District Ccourt in Manokwari.

   These two incidents are once again examples of the intensity of violations of human rights in the Land of Papua which are increasing
day by day as we approach the sixty-seventh anniversary of the Human Rights Accord on 10th December, 2015.

   Meanwhile, there have been a number of serious violations of basic human rights which are laid down in Article 7, Article  and Article 9
of Law 26/2000 on Human Rights Courts which has been in force in the Land of Papua since 1963 but which have never been resolved in
accordance with the law in the State of the Republic of Indonesia.

  Although there is Law 39/1999 on Basic Human Rights and Law 26/2000 on Human Rights Courts as well as Law 21/2001 on Special Autonomy
Status for the Province of Papua.   However, there had as yet been no sign that these cases of human
rights violations which have occurred in the past and right up to the present day will be resolved by the State  in accordance with the laws
in force.

   The men who murdered the late political leader of Papuan People, Theys Hiyo Eluay are still free and are occupying positions in the
administration in various places in Indonesia. It is clearly apparent that Prosecutor Syahrul SH has ignored the
fate of our colleague Narko Murib who has not yet been interrogated for allegedly violating the basic rights of our colleague which would
appear now to be a case of contempt of court.

   There is every reason to believe that the alleged violators of human rights are now enjoying impunity for their numerous violations
of the rights of Papuan people. nor is there any indication that the State will respect and protect people  nor do they appear to have any
intention of resolving  all these cases of human rights violations that have been perpetrated in the Land of Papua for the last fifty
years, since 1st May, 1963.

Yan Christian Warinussy, Executive-Director of the LP3BH [Institute of
Research, Analysis and Development of Legal Aid] and Recipient of the
John Humphrey Award 2005 in Canada, Member of the Steering Committee
of the Working Together Forum
(Foker) of NGOs in the Land of Papua, Co-ordinator of the Human Rights
Commission  for Peace, Justice and Creativity of the Working Group
GKI -Manokwari (Evangelical Church).
Translated by Carmel Budiardjo, Recipient of the Right Livelihood Award, 1995.

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