Monday, November 30, 2015

Intimidation by security forces in Sorong -leading up to 1st December

The following is a google translate of posting on KNPB Facebook page. Be-aware google translate can be a bit erratic.

It would appear the security forces are intimidating civilians in the lead up to the 1st December hoping to create fear in any civil society groups that might be preparing to fly the Morning Star flag tomorrow.

Intimidation by security forces in Sorong -leading up to 1st December

KNPBnews. Sorong 30 November 2015. By 1 desmber, intimidation by members of the military terror against civilians was repeated in Sorong district Aimas district.
Pendoropan siege military and civilian settlement in the form of intimidation and terror by TNI / Poliri happening today Monday 30 November 2015, the county district Aimas slide RT 05 / RW02 village mariat Aimas District Pante.

Members of the military siege of the residential area's personnel numbered 500 at the Aimas occurred at 17. 30 WPB, today. Pendorpan TNI members of the military headquarters Kodim 752 cities with a sliding full war equipment that surrounded the settlement residents who live in the district Aifat Aimas.
Aprat presence makes local residents panic and fear, so that some people fled to the city of sliding tonight. The presence of military personnel in this case at this Aimas district makes people uneasy and frightened residents.

The TNI members didorop menunakan TNI truck from sliding Kodim city, the presence of members of the military on the grounds for antisifasi flag 1 desmember 2015 tomorrow. In the case of local communities do not plan activities and celebrations flag BK 1 December excessively.
Denagan the presence of members of the military community expects sanat hawatir and monitoring of all those who care about humanity in Papua because the local community fear and terauma with persitiwa shooting of residents in the district Aimas slide on July 1 anniversary of OPM ago.
For further information contact KNPB Sorong area phone number. + 6281344960482 / + 628219883363

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