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1) Most Discriminated against journalists Papua

2) Region KNPB Deiyai ​​launched
3) Election commission calls on Jayapurans to vote despite sole candidate pair

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1) Most Discriminated against journalists Papua
Author Arnold Belau -Februari 5, 2017
                                            Devices and Identity Journalists Papua. (Indra -Cendana News)
JAYAPURA, - At least eight awful fact found eight journalists from eight media based in Jakarta, Solo and Makassar, in a week-long visit in Jayapura, Timika and Merauke.

One of the findings is their treatment of government officials and security discriminatory against journalists OAP (original person Papua) and non OAP vice versa.

In addition, mentioned in the press release received tonight, there is stigmatization of journalists between the pro-independence and pro Homeland. Stigma is then used as a weapon for officials to intimidation. Stigmatization also makes journalists fragmented.

Eight journalists Indonesia: Palupi Annisa Auliani (Kompas), Arientha Primanita (The Jakarta Post), Adi Marsiela (Voice Reform), Angelina Maria Donna (, Gadi Makitan (Tempo), Rini Yustiningsih (Solo Pos), Anita Kusuma Ward (East Tribune), Sunarti Sain (Dawn), note the facts have not fully opened access for foreign journalists to Papua.

Since President Joko Widodo open access to foreign media to cover in Papua in 2015, there were 16 foreign journalists to come and cover in Papua. Nevertheless, the issue of independence remains questionable, because 11 of them came accompanied by government officials.

Another fact, wrote in a press release, the mass media in Papua has not been a lot of preaching about environmental damage due to pressure by certain parties.

"The environmental damage related to the economic impact and development that often marginalizes human rights and local knowledge was not widely reported because of the many restrictions and intimidation against journalists in the field," he wrote.

The team that facilitated the Media Freedom Committee Indonesia (MFCI) and supported by the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers (WAN-IFRA), find facts occurrence of cases of sexual harassment of women journalists in Papua. The cases of both reported and not reported.

From the results of the trip was direkomendir that need to strengthen the capacity of journalism in Papua, from the application of the code of ethics, understanding of the journalist profession, to the mastery of technology, including a business model that is not hostage independence of the press.

In addition, the need for change in the perspective of the media outside Papua in coverage and reporting of Papua to get the fact that a more comprehensive and factual.

Also, keep equalization communications infrastructure and access to information technology across Papua to improve the quality of public services and competition.

Lina Nursanty of MFCI added, the Press Freedom Index compiled Press Council in 2015 stated that Papua province in a state of somewhat free (score 63.88). Meanwhile, the province of West Papua province recorded as less free (score 52.56).

MFCI lowered 8 reporter visited three cities in Papua since January 29 to February 3, 2017 to get the facts on the ground related to press freedom in Papua. This trip is part of the Strengthening Media and Society, supported by WAN-IFRA.

Eko Maryadi, WAN-IFRA Regional Manager Asia, said the week-long program was reporting an investigation to better understand the issues, difficulties and problems facing journalists in Papua.

In this way, Eko said as quoted by Antara news agency, is expected as a contribution of Indonesian journalists examine the issue of freedom of the press in order to subsequently received great attention from the government of Indonesia and the world, especially the perspective of freedom of the press.

Because, according to Eko, until now it sees the efforts of friends journalists and journalist organizations in Indonesia to Papua issue is not running smoothly.

The output of this activity, Eko said, will be made in a single report in commemoration of Press Freedom Day throughout the world on May 3, 2017 in Jakarta. This year Indonesia hosts, so it is considered appropriate to campaign for press freedom situation in Papua.
Announcers: Arnold Belau
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2) Region KNPB Deiyai ​​launched

                            Dozens of activists KNPB region Deiyai ​​group photo after the launching in Deiyai. (Doc Suara Papua)
JAYAPURA, Housed in offices Indigenous Institute, West Papua National Committee (KNPB) Region Deiyai ​​has dilauching on Friday (02/03/2017).

Sadrak Kudiai, field teams say almost all districts in indigenous territories have formed KNPB MEEPAGO region. Among other things Paniai, Dogiayai, Nabire and Deiyai ​​newly launched.

"Only two districts in between the district and the district Deiyai ​​Intan Jaya. But for Deiyai ​​today we will arrange the board, "said Sadrak Kudiai, hall LMA, Buwoudimi, District Tigi, Deiyai, Papua.

Further Kudiai, field teams will focus reorganize its structure and will form a committee in Intan Jaya district.

"Once in Deiyai, we will focus on priorities for the establishment of management KNPB in Intan Jaya," he said.

Kudiai urges that all the people in Deiyai ​​to unite to fight and be on the command line KNPB Deiyai ​​as KNPB Center.

"We must end the oppression of the colonial peoples, for that we must be united," she said.

Meanwhile, the elected chairman of the Regional KNPB Deiyai, Augustine Mote said he would be more consistent to fix and all sectors in the region.

"I will try and complete the board-level KNPB regions and sectors," he said.

Not only that, he also urges that all youth in the Deiyai, in order to join the KNPB.

"Youth as agents of change, let us open the eyes and hearts to see all the oppression that occurred in Papua, especially in the area Deiyai," he concluded.

Announcers: Arnold Belau


3) Election commission calls on Jayapurans to vote despite sole candidate pair

Nethy Dharma Somba The Jakarta Post
Jayapura | Sat, February 4, 2017 | 02:23 pm
The General Elections Commission (KPU) has called on Jayapura residents to vote in the upcoming election, even though there is only one candidate pair running, saying that voting for the pair or leaving the box blank had the same political value.
He encouraged those who did not want to vote for the pair to visit a polling station anyway and leave the ballot paper blank. “Choosing a blank box counts as equal to choosing the sole candidate because it is your political aspiration,” KPU official Sigit Joyowardono said on Saturday during an election simulation in Jayapura, Papua.
Numerous residents came to see the election simulation event in Abepura, Jayapura. “I am a first-time voter and now I have to choose between a candidate and a blank box. I just learned today that we have only one candidate,” Nita, 20, said on Saturday.
Nita said although it would be her first time voting, she had adequate information because officials had explained the process clearly.
Haji Idrus, 69, felt different about leaving a ballot paper blank. “I feel different because usually we have several choices for candidates. But I have decided on my choice,” he said.
Jayapura is one of 11 regencies and municipalities in Papua that will hold elections on Feb. 15.
The municipality has 308,775 registered voters spread across 629 polling stations in five districts. The candidate pair in Jayapura is incumbent mayor Benhur Tomi Manno and Rustan Saru. (evi)

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