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1) Tri Rismaharini in West Papua to help campaign for PDI-P candidate

2) The Role of Women in the Struggle for Independence Papua
1) Tri Rismaharini in West Papua to help campaign for PDI-P candidate
News Desk The Jakarta Post
Manokwari, West Papua | Sun, February 5, 2017 | 05:14 pm
The popular and outspoken mayor of East Java’s provincial capital of Surabaya, Tri Rismaharini, was in West Papua on Sunday to help campaign for West Papua gubernatorial candidate pair Dominggus Mandacan-Muhammad Lakotani.
Rismaharini was sent to the province by the central executive board of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P), which had Dominggus and Lakotani’s backing.
“The people of West Papua have asked me to attend a biblical missionary event on Mansinam Island,” she said upon arrival at Rendani Airport in West Papua’s provincial capital of Manokwari, as quoted by

At the airport, Rismaharini was welcomed by a traditional Papuan ceremony, led by Manokwari Regent Demas Paulus Mandacan, who is also a PDI-P member.
Rismaharini said she would also visit a number of Papuan mama-mama(women) communities, who had previously visited Surabaya to learn about entrepreneurship and home industries.
“Some of them have started their own businesses. They have invited me to come and see the outcomes of what they have learned from their visit to Surabaya,” she said.
Rismaharini said she would also have meetings with a number of local figures as part of the Dominggus-Lakotani campaign, who were also backed by the NasDem Party and the National Mandate Party. (bbs)
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2) The Role of Women in the Struggle for Independence Papua
By: Group of Papuan Women in Semarang) *

A woman in a demo Papua resisting the occupation and colonization of Indonesia on the territory of West Papua in Jayapura. (IST - SP)

Discussion was held again in the city of Papua student studies Semarang, Central Java. Discussion titled "The Role of Women in Papua Independence Struggle" was held on Wednesday (01/02/2017), guided by Merry Nawipa, with presenters Tarina Madai Madai and Nella as a court reporter.

Beginning with a prayer and salutation, resumed session pembahasaan material that preceded explanation umun topic of discussion this time.

From the discussion together, then summarized some important conclusions are reviewed in the following article. The formulation of the results of the discussion in terms of a variety of fields: politics, economics, education, health, arts and culture.

Discussion results

Every struggle aims to achieve certain results. The struggle takes the process. And the process in which there are various obstacles, obstacles and challenges, both internal and external.

Liberation struggle if contextualized with Papua, meaning there are a variety of ways, efforts and processes undertaken by all Papuans in achieving a common goal.

Speaking about the freedom struggle of Papua, certainly did not look at women or men. All the people who came from Papua, small or large, old or young, well, the rich or poor, have the duty and responsibility of the same. The only difference being the ways in the struggle itself.

Understanding the struggle according to the Dictionary of Indonesian Language, is an attempt to achieve the expected goals. Thus, the struggle is an important part of an effort by people to achieve an expected success.

Women struggling with his own way. From long ago, women were seen with the eye. Unconscious woman actually is an influential factor. She was actually the scorer cadre nation. Many roles are taken by women.

These roles are proven in various fields. Among other things, economics, politics, education, culture, economy, and health.

In detail, according the results of the discussion, can be summed up as follows:

In the past, women were seen with the eye. Women often synonymous with the affairs of the kitchen and the bed. That's a misperception that almost entrenched. However, over time, with the presence of many remarkable women who are increasingly persistent fight for the dignity of women, major changes occurred in the community. Evidently, the current reality in the field, single woman joined in various organizations, also in politics shutter. They took down the field through discussions, speeches moments of action, and many women do.

Women contextualized with the culture of Papua, in addition to being a mother at home, women must have had work done so that the results are used for the benefit of the family. In this case, women also play a role in the capture and anticipate the entry of goods or instant product that is increasingly filled with Papua.

Field of education
A major factor in the struggle is the education. Education became a major source of all things. Of course, to know something must be through education. Both the formal and non-formal education. In this case, many women today are taking classes. This is one way that made by women for women certainly scored cadre nation.

Women must have a higher knowledge, because the character is formed biological child would be a lot poured by the mother.

The role of women in Papua liberation not only be in the economy and education. In terms of health too much to play. It can be proved with a capacity of Papuan women who become nurses, nurses and doctors.

A freedom would exist if there were human resources (HR) well and fulfilled. Many ways are done by our own or occupiers to spend Papuans. How smooth or rough that we see as pain, illness and others. It can be overcome by the presence of the hospital in which there are medical personnel.

field of Art
Art is a work everything created by humans in which there is an element of beauty. Everyone has the beauty of it.

For women of Papua, the art of weaving the camshaft has been like its own culture, because it is a habit that is derived from the ancient old man who used to weave with a particular bark. It still continues to this day with manila yarn. Women weave with a variety of motifs, even up to Papuan flag motif. It is also the role of women in the struggle for independence participated way.

Not only that. Many Papuan women are also capable of creating beautiful poems. Women devote entire country's heart through writing, beautiful words.

field of Culture
She was a patron. In the old days in a tribal war in Meeuwodide, women as male guardians. It used to be protective in a tribal war, if its context now, women's role as protector when politics.

Important role

Speaking about the role of women in the liberation struggle in Papua, would not be finished-finished, because everyone has their own way in the fight for the role. Of all the fields, women have the opportunity freely, because the dignity of women is now equated with men averaged.

Striving according to their own way, with what one has. Talents, interests and skills.

God has created each person with each has advantages. Excess can be glorified by doing something positive. Not only useful for yourself and your family, but it would be more valuable if it is dedicated to a lot of people.

*) This article is the result of a discussion group of Papuan Women in Semarang, Central Java.

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