Monday, May 14, 2018

1) Abusers against Jubi journalists will be prosecuted

2) Scientists highlight 9 new reef fish species off West Papua
1) Abusers against Jubi journalists will be prosecuted
Jayapura, Jubi – Two police officers of Nabire Police, who mistreated Jubi journalist Abraham Amoye You while covering the candidate debate of Deiyai election in Nabire on Saturday, 5 May 2018, will be prosecuted.
“These officers will be taken into the legal process relating to the act of law violation, whether it is related to the code of ethics or crime. So we put the legal aspect on the top in order to solve this dispute,” said Papua Police Chief Inspector General Boy Rafli Amar on Tuesday, 8 May 2018 in Entrop, Jayapura.
On behalf of the Police institution in Papua, he apologises for the acts committed by his personnel against Abeth You. He also admitted that many officers still do not understand the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) in doing their tasks. Therefore he will improve it, in particular about how to act to the crowd in terms of public security.

“We will give more understanding (to them)…in particular, the comprehension of SOP when handling the masses because there are usually five or ten, two hundred or even a thousand of people join in the crowd,” he said. In addition, he said, the SOP of mass security already exists, such as how to handle the big crowd, how to cope with the dispute in location. So the police officer should understand this existed SOP,” he said.
A one-minute-duration video that becomes viral in social media captured an officer hit a man who later identified as a graduate IPDN Mando Mote have proved that Provost Suryanto as a perpetrator.
Suryanto is known as Provost Unit Chief of Nabire Police. When he recognised that the journalist Abeth You recorded his act through a smartphone camera, he approached him and tried to seize his smartphone, but Abeth can take it back.
For this incident, Papua Police Chief explained that the police currently conduct an investigation over two officers in Jayapura. “But the trial seems to conduct in the city where the incident occurred. As it happened in Nabire and the Prosecutor Office and the High Court already exist in Nabire, the trial seems must be conducted in Nabire,” said the chief.
Meanwhile, Director of Jubi Victor Mambor said the perpetrators of violence could be subject to the criminal act against the law as contained in the Article 18 paragraph 1 of the Law of the Press No. 40, 1999.
Mambor, who is also a certified press expert, stated the article declares that anyone who intentionally commits an action which inhibits or hinders the implementation of the provisions of the Article 4 paragraphs (2) and (3) could be sentenced of a maximum of two years prison or a maximum fine of Rp 500 million.
“If the police want to continue this case to legal action, it should adopt the Press Law as a reference, because it is very obvious to see that the perpetrators deliberately obstructed and impeded the rights of journalist to get and disseminate ideas and information as Abeth did,” said Mambor. (*)
Reporter: Yuliana Lantipo
Editor: Pipit Maizier
Mongabay Series
2) Scientists highlight 9 new reef fish species off West Papua
by  on 14 May 2018

  • Scientists in Indonesia have discovered nine new reef fish species in the waters off West Papua province.
  • The discovery highlights the importance of protecting the region’s marine ecosystem for its vast and rich biodiversity.
  • However, the researchers also found indications of blast fishing in the protected areas, and have called for sustainable management of the ecosystem.
  • Scientists in Indonesia have found nine stunning new reef fish species in the protected waters off the country’s largely untouched province of West Papua.
    They collected samples of the species from 12 sites at two marine conservation zones, Berau Bay and Nusalasi Van den Bosch Bay, in the coastal district of Fakfak during a two-week field survey in March………………..


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