Thursday, May 17, 2018

Photos-West Papua speaking tour -Sydney Un

 West Papua speaking tour -Sydney Uni 17 May

An informative evening. Hearing stories from West Papua and video footage of West Papuans telling their story including the tragic Pania case. The speakers told of a campaign on raising awareness of Australia's aid to the Indonesian security forces which will help in raising  the whole issue of West Papua.



  1. A fantastic evening! Thanks so much to all organisers, and the presenters. Truly inspiring. I loved the practicality of the suggested responses. Hope many people got on board and do what is right for our Papuan neighbours.

  2. #WestPapua separatists commanded by #BennyWenda, #ULMWP sponsored by PM #CharlotSalwai FM #RalphRegenvanu responsible for abuses and murders of West Papuans... A study by Lowy Institute confirmed that separatists are main cause of violent murders in West Papua.