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1) Post Papua Killings; TNI to Open Isolated Access

2) Media Release:  Cut military ties to Indonesia and demand justice for Justice for West Papua’s murdered children.

3) Lawmakers want government to push UN to declare OPM a terrorist organisation

1) Post Papua Killings; TNI to Open Isolated Access

Reporter: Antara Editor: Ninis Chairunnisa Jumat, 14 Desember 2018 09:40 WIB 
TEMPO.COWamena - Indonesian Armed Forces (TNI) planned to take over the development project of Trans Papua in Yal and Yigi District, Nduga, following the shooting incident by armed groups against workers of PT Istaka Karya. 
Military Resort Commander 172/PWY Infantry Col. Jonathan Binsar Parluhutan said that discussions to carry out the plan is still afoot with TNI headquarter. According to him, the order to continue the road and bridge construction projects, that was stopped due to the shooting, had been previously issued. 
TNI’s combat engineers battalion will open the isolated access in Papua. “Perhaps, the personnel will enter the area in one to two months ahead, and the equipment will likely be delivered to the area next week. At least, in the next three months we'll have started the work,” said Jonathan Thursday, December 13. 
The TNI also planned to synergize with the road agency so that infrastructure project in Papua as in line with the President’s instruction would be continued. “Whatever happens, we have to finish the infrastructure development because it is what we can do to develop remote areas in Papua,” Jonathan underlined. 

The commander could yet detail the number of personnel deployed to the area but it is estimated to be more than 500 personnel. 
Head of National Road Agency XVIII of Jayapura Osman Marbun earlier said that TNI would continue the road construction of Trans Papua, yet the plan is still being prepared. Currently, Marbun added, a total of 14 bridges project for the four-year budget in the province has 72 percent completed. 

West Papua Action Auckland
Box 68-419
10 December 2018

2) Media Release:  Cut military ties to Indonesia and demand justice for Justice for West Papua’s murdered children.

West Papua Action Auckland is calling on the New Zealand Government to cut all military ties to the Indonesian security forces.  Violence cannot solve the problems in West Papua.
Right now there is a military sweeping operation in Nduga in the highlands in response to a recent deadly attack on the men working on the controversial Trans Papua highway. (An armed wing of the OPM/Free Papua Movement claimed responsibility). In the wake of this dangerous escalation of violence, local churches are calling on all parties to solve problems by dialogue, and to protect the rights of civilians many of whom have fled their homes in terror. There are reports that up to four civilians have been killed since the initial violence which claimed the lives of at least 16 men.
Four years ago on Decemember 7 and 8th,  4 schoolboys were killed by security forces in Paniai – a fifth died of his injuries earlier this year.  To commemorate this day the grieving families and leading Church and human rights figures have released this moving film:   Yones Douw , a peace and justice advocate with the  Kingmi Church  that the nations who ‘encourage and assist the Indonesian police and military are implicated in their human rights violations.’  
 ‘Why on earth are we training and arming a military which has a shocking human rights abuse record? Abusers are almost never charged.  New Zealand aid even includes highly questionable support such as the supply of equipment to the para-military counter-terrorism unit: Detachment 88.’
New Zealand should cut all military ties with Indonesia as a strong statement of our disapproval for ongoing abuses committed by the Indonesian military and for their failure to hold accountable those responsible for the ‘Bloody Paniai’ massacre and decades of documented human rights abuses against the West Papuan people.

For further information:  Maire Leadbeater phone 027-4436-957
NZ military aid to Indonesia:
New Zealand’s military engagement with Indonesia includes  bilateral officer exchanges, talks and ceremonial military visits as well as the regular participation of  senior Indonesian military personnel at the six month  NZ Defence Force Advanced Command and Staff Course.
Official Information Act requests made by West Papua Action Auckland  reveal a more extensive  military and defence engagement. Under the heading of counter-terrorism work New Zealand supplies electronic surveillance equipment to Detachment 88, Indonesia’s crack counter-terrorism police unit.  This unit is notorious in West Papua for its use in violent repression against Papuan civilians engaged in peaceful acts of free expression, and it was reportedly responsible for the 2012 targeted killing of prominent activist Mako Tabuni..
For at least 10 years the New Zealand Government has given approval to the export to Indonesia of military aircraft parts including engines propellers and components for P 3 Orion, C 130 Hercules and CASA military aircraft.  Some of these parts have been returned to Indonesia following repair or overhaul in New Zealand
Bloody Paniai
On 8 December   2014 Indonesian police and military brutally attacked a large crowd of unarmed protestors in Paniai.  The security forces opened live fire into the crowd and killed four students who were taking part in a large demonstration protesting at military violence. The previous day a student, Yulianus Yeimo,  was severely beaten by soldiers - he subsequently died of his injuries, so the death toll for ‘Bloody Paniai’ is now at  5.  At least 11 others were injured by bullets or bayonets.  Despite official undertakings to take the case to the office of the General Attorney, none of the perpetrators have faced charges.
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3) Lawmakers want government to push UN to declare OPM a terrorist organisation

CNN Indonesia - December 13, 2018

Jakarta -- House of Representatives (DPR) Speaker Bambang Soesatyo from the Golkar Party has asked the government to urge the United Nations to designate the Free Papua Movement (OPM) as a terrorist organisation.

"In line with the UN's own definition, they have murdered brutally and terrorised innocent civilians", said Soesatyo at a DPR plenary meeting at the parliamentary complex in Jakarta on Thursday December 13.

Soesatyo said that the recent shooting of scores of PT Istaka Karya employees in Nduga, Papua, was beyond the bounds and can be categorised as an act of terror.

The OPM said Soesatyo, also has a clear demand, namely Papuan independence. Because of this, the movement can be characterised as separatist. "So we can pressure the UN for the OPM organisation to be [designated] a terrorist organisation", said Soesatyo.

In addition to this, Soesatyo is urging the government to take firmer and harder action of this act of terror because this is not the first time that such acts of violence have taken place in Papua.

One such measure would be to send troops to conduct a military operation in addition to war (OMSP). Soesatyo said that this can be done based on Law Number 5/2018 on the Eradication of Terrorism.

A similar view was expressed by DPR Commission I member Sukamta from the Islamic based Justice and Prosperity Party (PKS) faction during an interruption in the plenary meeting.

According to Sukamta the government can't just designate the group that shot the Trans Papua road project workers in Nduga as simply an Armed Criminal Group (KKB, the government's term for the OPM).

"We hope that the government will issue a government regulation related to OMSP so that it can be used to overcome the terrorist problem in Papua", he said.

He said that a government regulation related to OMSP would represent a follow up to Law Number 34/2004 on the TNI (Indonesian military) and the anti-terrorist law. With such a regulation we can protect Papuan communities from the threat of armed groups.

Earlier TNI commander Air Martial Hadi Tjahjanto stated that they would arrest and charge the perpetrators of this humanitarian crime and that they would be taken to trial and held accountable for their actions.

National Police public relations division public information bureau chief Brigadier General Dedi Prasetyo meanwhile has said that the weapons used in the Nduga shooting have been identified as weapons smuggled into Indonesia from Papua New Guinea and the Philippines. (swo/pmg)

[Translated by James Balowski. The original title of the article was "DPR Minta Pemerintah Desak PBB Jadikan OPM Organisasi Teroris".]



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