Saturday, December 8, 2018

Photos March for International Humans Rights Day Sydney

March for International Humans  Rights Day Sydney (9 December 2018)
Hosted by FIRE Fighting In Resistance Equally
Representatives  and supporters from various campaigns joined with  Aboriginal  Peoples’ in the "Defence of Human Rights March in Sydney for International human Rights Day".
Human rights abuses against Aboriginal peoples are at a crisis point. More children are being forcibly removed than at any time in Australia’s history. The torture of black youth in the Don Dale detention centre in Darwin is happening across the country and examples of extreme police brutality and killings of Aboriginal people in custody are being exposed every week. These abuses are rooted in a continuing invasion and denial of First Nations sovereignty.

At the rally  Aboriginal leaders were joined by representatives from other campaigns and marginalised peoples standing up against brutal human rights abuses by the Australian government and by various colonialist governments from around the world.  It is the same government torturing refugees in offshore detention, persecuting Muslims, destroying the environment and denying social equity and trying to criminalise trade union activism in the building industry and beyond.
Individual speakers' topics include:
People affected by fracking, West Papua, Brazil, Yemen., Palestine
Refugee advocates, Stolen Children, Children smuggling , Deaths in custody. Closing Juvenile Detention Centres
Women killed in domestic violence and Workers Rights being reduced.

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