Monday, May 27, 2019

1) Mass rally protest: Papuans should obtain 20 seats in the regional parliament

2) 10 great reasons to visit West Papua

1) Mass rally protest: Papuans should obtain 20 seats in the regional parliament
Published 10 hours ago on 27 May 2019 By pr9c6tr3_juben
Protesters held banners while entering the lawn of Jayapura Regent Office in a peace rally–Jubi / Engel Wally

Sentani, Jubi – The Forum of Jayapura Indigenous People conducted a peace rally to demand twenty seats for indigenous people and five seats for non-Papuan in the Jayapura Regional Parliament.
Daniel Toto, who is the Coordinator of the Jayapura Regency Customary Council (DAS), conveyed people’s aspiration during a peace rally conducted in the lawn of the Jayapura Regent Office on Tuesday (21/05/19).
He said that the election that took place on 17 April was beyond the expectation of democracy because it had much fraud and did not reflect the political education for the community. “The rights of democracy for the native people are tramped. We give our verandah for you to stay, but you want to enter our living room, and then ask more for our bedroom. It is not right,” said Daniel Toto, who was also a candidate of the election held in Jayapura Regency.
Moreover, he said it the Papua Special Autonomy Law clearly stated that the authority had been given to the indigenous people as the owners of the customary rights.
Meanwhile, a member of the Mamta Customary Council, Yakop Wadi, said he was concerned about the last election. “Some electoral districts allegedly had a connection with money politics. However, the parliament’s seats belong to the native people in this area. Therefore, we ask the regional government as a political tutor to take this matter seriously,” he said. (*)
 Reporter: Engel Wally
Editor: Pipit Maizier

2) 10 great reasons to visit West Papua

Jakarta   /  Mon, May 27, 2019  /  01:35 pm

No destination in Indonesia is as remote and wild as West Papua. With verdant forests full of birdlife and immaculate coral reefs, this is a nature lover's paradise.
Don’t miss it for your chance to go island hopping, scuba diving, hiking or immersing in the diverse tribal cultures West Papua is known for……………...

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