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Lest We Forget -West Papuan political prisoners

AWPA (Sydney)

Lest We Forget

West Papuan political prisoners

ANZAC Day 2020.
Another ANZAC day  when  Australians and New Zealanders remember those who fought and lost their lives for their country.

However, It is hoped that people will also give a thought to those Indigenous people who died in Australia's frontier wars and also to remember those who are still not free in our region.

Many  younger people might not realise that the people of West Papua helped the allied forces, Australian, American and Dutch against the Japanese who had invaded West Papua, then known as Dutch New Guinea.

In 1969, in what many consider a betrayal, Australia acted against the wishes of the West Papuan people for independence.   Australia supported the fraudulent act of free choice and actively impeded two West Papuan leaders from going to the UN in New York carrying testimonies from many West Papuan leaders calling for independence". Clemens Runawery and Willem Zonggonao were removed by Australian officials from a plane just weeks before the UN supervised vote. (in Australia’s then colony of PNG). This was at the request of the Indonesian foreign minister. They were on their way to the UN in New York carrying testimonies from many West Papuan leaders calling for independence. Because of Australia’s involvment, they never had a chance to plead their case. 

Canberra continues to remember the ANZAC tradition but has no problems in forgetting the ongoing oppression in West Papua.

You can support the West Papuan People in calling for the release of West Papuan political prisoners and their supporters in Jakarta.

Let's Campaign for the Release of Papuan Political Prisoners Immediately!Dear friends,

We hope that you and your families are well during this time of COVID-19

In the coming days the trial of six political prisoners will conclude with the judges expected to deliver the sentence on Friday (24 April 2020). The six political prisoners are being charged with treason (makar) offenses for their peaceful demonstration to condemn racism against Papuans in front of the Presidential Palace in Jakarta on 28 August 2019.

We call for everyone to join the global campaign #BebaskanTapol [#FreePapuaPoliticalPrisoners]. This campaign kicks off now through tomorrow (Friday 24/4/2020).

You can participate in the campaign by:1. Posting solidarity messages to demand the Indonesian Government immediately release all political prisoners. You can attach our poster, or take a photo of you and your friends. Use the tag lines #BebaskanTapol and #FreePapuanPoliticalPrisoners. Sharing it on your social media accounts and tag us  @etan009 and @fri_westpapua (Instagram), @ etan009 and @friwp (Twitter), and East Timor and Indonesia Action Network [ https://w] and Front Rakyat Indonesia untuk West Papua (Facebook)

2. Sharing this call to action with your friends and networks and encourage them to also do their own postings;

Peaceful Protest is a Human Right!Thank you,

Lest we forget


Lest we forget
Bernard Collaery and Witness K


Rally in Sydney in December 2019 calling for the release West Papuan political prisoners


A small bit of history
(in relation to ANZAC Day)

A number of supporters of West Papua in Sydney had fathers who served in the Merauke.
John Collins, pictured speaking at rally in Hyde Park Sydney in 2006 in support of the 43 West Papuan Asylum seekers. He served in Merauke in the war. He did the two sketches below while there. An  Xmas card and one of the main street in Merauke in 1944.


and lets not forget the 
Uluru Statement From the Heart

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