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7) Indonesia, Australia reaffirm commitment to IA-CEPA

                                                          Ilustration of Freeport Headquarter – IST
Jayapura, Jubi,  The National Nuclear Energy Agency (BATAN) has been exploring radioactive minerals (nuclear minerals) in several regions in Indonesia some time ago. The result found a number of potential uranium in some places.
BATAN cited the findings of uranium mineral potential in Kalan, Melawi, West Kalimantan.
In addition there are other potential areas contain uranium, such as in the province of Bangka Belitung Islands, Mamuju regency, West Sulawesi, Sibolga North Sumatra, and Biak Papua.
BATAN calculates the amount of uranium potential in Indonesia reaches 7,000 tons.
“The total potential containt in Indonesia is 7,000 tons, in various places in Mamuju, Kalan, Papua, and other places, which has definitely clear in Kalan,” explained Head of Batan Sudi Ariyanto as quoted by detikFinance.
In search of potential uranium in Indonesia, BATAN is also assisted by other agencies that help to map potential uranium in Indonesia. Through their mapping, BATAN claimed potential uranium in Papua is laid in Biak Island.
Speculation on Obamas visit 
But later developed allegations there are also uranium mines in Grasberg Papua. It is suspected that there is uranium in Grasberg from the speculation of Obama’s visit to Indonesia related to the continued investment of Freeport and uranium in Papua.
How important is mining investment in Papua that making former US President Barack Obama came to Indonesia? Similarly, former US vice president Mike Pence also paid visit to the country which is suspected to have associate with the continuation of PT Freeport’s work contract.
Even though Obama, who had lived in Jakarta in 1967-1971, came to Jakarta as a keynote speaker at the International Diaspora Congress held by Dino Pati Djalal, unofficial visits are suspected to be a high-level Freeport broker to Indonesia.
It is known from the experience of Bill Clinton visited Senegal to talk about Cevron. This could happen with the same purposes especially because allegedly a Chinese mining company Zijin Mining Group Company Limited is ready to take over Freeport from the United States.

Zijin Mining Group Company Limited, according to Reuters is a China-based company engaged in exploration, mining, smelting and sales of gold and other metal minerals.
The Company’s main products include gold, copper, lead and zinc, iron, and silver products among others. The gold products mainly include mineral gold, standard gold bars, gold ingots and gold concentrates. The company is also involved in geographic survey business through its subsidiaries.
If it were true than it was logical that Obama would come to Jakarta to discuss the Freeport contract to break the Chinese mining company.
Nevertheless President Jokowi has invited Obama three times. “The First was early 2015,” the president said in a statement issued by Bey Machmudin, Head of Press, Media and Information Bureau of the Presidential Secretariat on Friday (June 30).
He said the 44th President of the United States had also spent time to travel to Bali and Yogyakarta. In addition, Obama also met President Jokowi. Retno Marsudi, Indonesia Foreign Minister said Obama’s arrival to Indonesia was based on Jokowi’s invitation.
Chinas hand in Freeport Indonesia?
Freeport McMoran itself is rumored to have sold its majority stake in Tenke Fungurume bronze mine in the Democratic Republic of Congo to Molybdenum China worth 2.65 billion US dollars (about Rp35, 35 trillion).
Molybdenum Co., Ltd., as quoted by Jubi from Reuters is a China-based company, mainly engaged in mining, smelting, processing and trading of metals, such as molybdenum, tungsten and copper.
The company runs its business through five segments. The Molybdenum Segment, Tungsten and related products are mainly engaged in mining of molybdenum and tungsten. The copper, gold and related products segment is mainly engaged in copper and gold mining.

Segments Niobium and related products are engaged in the business of niobium manufacturing. The phosphorus segment is involved in the phosphate-making business. The copper and cobalt segments move in the production of copper and cobalt. The company runs its business mainly in China, Australia, Brazil and Congo.
In addition, Aaron Regent’s Barrick Gold, also the right-hand man of Li Khai Shing and Mine at Tenke Fungurume in the Democratic Republic of Congo by Chinese Molybdenum, has also bought Freeport’s share of ownership in Chile.
It is not surprising that on the basis of this allegation it is said that a China consortium will buy the ownership of PT Freeport Indonesia shares. This becomes more and more visible, and should not be taken lightly.
The Prodemocracy Activist Network (Prodem) supports the government’s efforts to nationalize the shares of PT Freeport Indonesia (PT FI), but may not be purchased by a Chinese company.
“The seriousness of the government by changing the Contract of Work system to IUPK (Special Mining License) to PT FI should be supported,” said Satyo P,  Secretary General of Prodem, as quoted by Antara.
Why is that so? Because according to him the divestment is still fragile from a case such as ‘Papa asks for shares’ or how China will conduct their bussiness present in PT FI.
The fears of the Pro-Democracy Network if China succeeds to seize Freeport’s shareholding because it is likely China would bring its workers from the country to fill the entire Freeport management structure at all levels, from upper-and lower-level management.

Australia worries on China in PNG
This concern is not only in Jakarta but the Australian government also feels uncomfortable about China’s influence in PNG amid increasing infrastructure investment. ABC News correspondent Eric Tlozek reports from Port Moresby PNG that a Chinese company has built a new Papua New Guinea hydroelectric project.
The $ 260 million Edevu Hydro project is a personal development, but PNG government officials say they are funded by China Development Bank.
This project is one of several major infrastructure developments in PNG funded or built by the Government of China. The PNG project is funded by Chinese loans. “This will be a development for the local economy,” China’s ambassador to PNG, Li Ruiyou, told at the launch.
“This will benefit the local community and this will also be a promotion of cooperation between the two countries.”
Australia’s defense and diplomatic community expressed personal anxiety about China’s growing influence in Papua New Guinea, where the Chinese Government is investing billions in funds for infrastructure and business development.
Is there uranium in Grasberg?
Then what about the United States and Freeport in Grasberg? Is it just a gold mine and not an uranium?
Freeport made a huge profit from mining in Papua. The Chinese economic intelligence apparatus must know that Indonesian mining is a gold mine for Freeport. How Indonesia has contributed 93.6 percent of Freeport gold sales over the years.
Grasberg mining in Papua has contributed 29 billion lbs of copper reserves or 28 percent of Freeport’s total copper reserves of 103.5 billion lbs worldwide. But Papua has donated Au 28.2 million ozs or reached 98.9 percent of Freeport’s worldwide gold reserves of Au 28.5 million ozs.
The mine in Bumi Amungsa Papua is a gold mine for Freeport. These facts have been included in the review and supervision of Zijin Mining Group Company Limited. If the Chinese company, of course also with the approval and support of the Chinese Consortium, is indeed seriously taking the ownership of Freeport Indonesia from the hands of Freeport McMoran United States.
However, is it true that Freeport only conducted the gold mining? Based on the information quoted by Jubi from based on research conducted by a company called Gladians it is said that Jayawijaya Ice Mountaint countain pure pristine invaluable gold.
Regardless the pros and cons of Chinese merchandising and political maps in the Melanesian region, the government of China is building the Office of the nMelanesia Spearhead Group (MSG) in Port Villa. Even Fiji and the Melanesian countries finally recognize one China and release Taiwan from a network of business cooperation.
Not only that PNG will host an APEC meeting on November 2018 and has officially invited Chinese President Xi Jinping including US Presidency Donald Trump.

No wonder the proximity of China with the Melanesian countries make Australia and the United States very worried.(*)



                                                                                     Illustration of students activities in SMA 5 Jayapura – IST
Jayapura, Jubi – Salma, one of Dok 8 residents in Imbi Village, North Jayapura District complained about the policy issued by the State Senior High School (SMAN) 5 Jayapura by not accepting students who wear hijab. Salma complained to Jubi in Jayapura on June 14.
“It’s a pity, the school labeled as Angeleri but the rules like that is not acceptable, those rules should only apply in private schools,” she said.
Salma’s mother only found out after her daughter, Ica Hamid wanted to enrol at the school, but the registration committee advised the child not to wear the headscarf when it was received.

“My daughter, with her friends wants to list in SMAN 5 but from information obtained from the recipients of new prospective students in SMAN 5, they do not accept students who wear headscarves on the basis to suit uniformity,” she said.
Head of SMAN 5 Jayapura Angnes Yomima Bonai when spoken to Jubi was also justified it. She said the school she led since 2002 has already have that rule so the prospective students are not allowed to wear a headscarf if they want to  study at SMAN 5 Jayapura.
“Yes, it is true that our school does not accept students wearing hijab, but that does not mean Muslim students are not accepted, we still accept them but the one without hijab, this has been applied several years ago,” she said.
The reason why Muslim students did not wear the hijab at SMAN 5 Jayapura, according to her is the policy of Wilhelmina W. Kambu since 2002 which at that time became the school builder. Mrs. Wilhelmina W. Kambu made the rule because she wanted all the students to dress the same.
“From the beginning it is already so, the goal is that all the students in this school uniform should be the same too, so there is no difference based on hat or hijab. This rule that I continue as principal, I hope the parents or guardians who want to register their child to SMAN 5 Jayapura can understand the rules,” she said.(*)


Sorong, Jubi – Executive Director of Legal Aid Institute for Assessment and Development of Legal Aid (LP3BH) Manokwari, Yan Warinusi supports the steps taken by Manokwari Police Chief through Profession and Security Unit (Propam) to investigate police persone (FK) who suspected of conducting violence at LIN hotel, Jalan Merdeka, Manowkari on June 27.
Warinusi said on July 2 that the violence were recorded in Hotel CCTV and was uploaded on facebook. According to him the record should be used as evidence with testimony of victim or witnesses.
“The indication of criminal action according to the formulation of Article 351 in Criminal Code have been fulfilled and can be processed up to the Manokwari District Court,” he said.
According to Law Number 2 Year 2002 concerning Police and Police Regulation (Perkap) Number 2 Year 2012 on Discipline of Police Force, actions of the police personel should be subject to strict and severe sanctions.
“It is important that in the future he will no longer conducting the similar action with other civilians, which ultimately has serious implications for the future of security and order, which is a major part of his responsibility as a member of the police,” he said.
Manokwari Police Chief AKBP Christian Rony when confirmed said it will check the related police officer. If proven then will be given sanctions in accordance with applicable law. (*)



Kaimana, Jubi – The change of Forestry Minister’s regulation on forest wealth affects wood processing systems and the like in each region.
Regulation of Papua and West Papua Governor in 2017 that all logs logged by logging companies in Papua are no longer sent out without processed.
Chairman of DPRD Kaimana, Frans Amerbey requested that the regulation of these two governors should be reinforced.
According to him, eliminating round wood shipments out of Papua and West Papua in 2017 will have an impact on development.
“It’s a rule that must be upheld, and certainly its considerat refers to the higher rules. So we have to be more firmly and supervise the implementation, so there is no violation,” he told Jubi in Kaimana, July 1.
He said that the policy against the rules already applies. If a logging company has not yet established an industry, it is judged to be the company’s sole reason.
“For me, if the timber industry is built in that area the impact is large, there will be an absorbtion of labors, the sale of agricultural products can be absorbed, if there is a good economic increase. So, the rules should be more assertive,” he said.
Separately, the Coordinator of Forest Service (Dishut) of West Papua for Kaimana District, F.I. Lawalata said, his role is only regional representatives of public servant there, while related authority, administration and licensing submitted to Dishut West Papua.
Residents of Kaimana, who is also an ulayat owner in the Buruway District, Sonny Tana, hopes that all HPHs operating in Tanah Papua comply with applicable regulations, and can establish industries to reduce unemployment.(*)


Sentani, Jubi – The management and supervision of Sentani Airport is accused of not providing space for local workers. Therefore, local people working at airports asked for they employment to be prioritized.
This is revealed after a meeting helb by the Regent of Jayapura Mathius Awoitauw with a number of porters at the airport. Therefore, local people working at airports should be prioritized.
“We have told the airport management in order to be able to open up more space to local people here. We also asked the local government to give attention. The developm ent of Sentani airport in the future should consider various input and suggestion from all parties, ” Awoitauw told Jubi in Sentani on July 3.
Related to addition of fleets that will try out their operation at Sentani Airport, he admitted to have discussed it to a number of airline officials.
“The most important thing here is to open ourselves to our existing local potential.
Yesterday we have also met with number of airport workers (porters) and there were several proposals submitted to us, ” he said.
Since the airport is managed by Department of Transportation Awoitauw said coordination between authorities should be managed.
“Therefore, in response to some major events to be held in this area, such as PON(National Sport Week)  XX, all parties must be involved and manage it.  Tomorrow we will have a meeting with the airport management to discuss everything,” he said.
Head of Sentani Airport, Agus Priyanto said that they will coordinate with all parties related to management of Sentani international airport.
“It is not as easy to handle everything at the airport, because it is a vital object of state property that needs to be well maintained. But coordination with all parties is needed to be carried out, ” he said. (*)



Paniai, Jubi – Non-Governmental Organization, Yayasan Pengembangan Kesejateraan Masyarakat (Yapkema) Papua, which has been engaged in ​​Meepago land Papua, is concerned about the high rate of HIV/AIDS transmission in Papua, especially in Meepago mostly through sexual intercourse.
In order to to overcome this threat, Yapkema held two activities in a day, socialization of HIV/AIDS and VCT testing to dozens of motorcycle driver (Ojek) operating in Enarotali, Paniai, at the TK/Paud Yegeka Bobaigo Hall on June 17.
Yapkema HIV/AIDS Counseling Field, Ance Boma said the activities were focused on Ojek driver because they could be categorized as high-risk groups. Moreover the drivers in Paniai are even more comin in from outside Papua without wives/partners


7) Indonesia, Australia reaffirm commitment to IA-CEPA
Hamburg, Germany | Fri, July 7, 2017 | 07:00 pm

Fedina S. Sundaryani The Jakarta Post
President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo and his Australian counterpart, Malcolm Turnbull, discussed on Friday progress on the Indonesia-Australia Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (IA-CEPA) during a bilateral meeting on the sidelines of the G-20 summit.
The two leaders were in a meeting for approximately one hour starting at 8:30 a.m. local time at the Steigenberger hotel in the port city of Hamburg, Germany.
Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno LP Marsudi said the two countries reaffirmed their commitment to completing the IA-CEPA by the end of the year. "It is important that the two leaders continue to push for the completion of the negotiations by the end of 2017," she said after the meeting.
Indonesia and Australia have had seven rounds of negotiations on the IA-CEPA, which is based on the existing ASEAN-Australia-New Zealand free-trade agreement (AANZ FTA) and will rule out tariffs for 10,012 types of goods.
Bilateral trade between Indonesia and Australia has decreased over the past few years. It dropped to US$8.46 billion last year from $10.2 billion in 2012, down by 4.63 percent on average per year, according to data from the Trade Ministry.
Apart from Australia, Jokowi is also scheduled to hold a bilateral meeting with Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy on Friday. The President was initially scheduled to meet with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, but that bilateral meeting was moved to Saturday morning. (ags)

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