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1) Benny Wenda: I can not stop talking about Papua Merdeka

2) Workshop aimed at luring tourists to remote Papuan islands

3) Help to end the genocide in West Papua


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1) Benny Wenda: I can not stop talking about Papua Merdeka

Minggu, 02 Juli 2017 — 19:04

Jubi | News Portal No. 1 in Tanah Papua

                                                     Benny Wenda while campaigning in NZ - Jubi / IST
Jayapura, Jubi - Benny Wenda, spokesperson for the United Liberation Movement for West Papua considers the statement of Ambassador (Ambassador) of the Republic of Indonesia to New Zealand (NZ), Tantowi Yahya as a statement showing Indonesia losing political arguments in the West Papua case more recently Discussed in the Pacific as well as other international forums.
 "Indonesia lost its political arguments in NZ and the Pacific region. As Ambassador, Tantowi Yahya is losing legal argument to defend West Papua in the framework of NKRI. So Indonesia can only try to convince the people of NZ and Pacific by using the word fugitive. This old story is played again by Tantowi Yahya, "said Benny Wenda to Jubi, via telephone, Thursday (07/29/2017).
 Benny Wenda continued, as if the Ambassador of Indonesia in NZ is just awakened from sleep so shocked to see the development in the Pacific, especially in NZ. He said the people of the Pacific and NZ already know the lies of Indonesia about Papua for a long time. Cases of human rights violations and impunity owned by TNI and Polri which are presumed to be the main actors of human rights violations in Papua are in the public spotlight of NZ.
"I was told by NZ lawmakers that one week before I arrived the Indonesian ambassador lobbied the Auckland University so I would not be allowed to speak at the university. But NZ embraces democracy and freedom of campus, so I can not stop talking about Papua Merdeka, about West Papuan independence struggle and human rights violations that happened, "explained Benny Wenda.
Regarding accusations of fugitives thrown by the Indonesian ambassador to him, Benny Wenda confirmed Interpol has removed itself from the Red Notice list since 2012.
"I remember well how the Indonesian government attempted to silence the West Papua liberation campaign by issuing a Red Notice on my behalf to Interpol in 2011. The notice was later ignored by Interpol because they considered it highly political. The fugitive word is politically charged to Indonesia. Unfounded argument. It's been proven in international court, "said Benny Wenda.
The Indonesian side has attempted to include Benny Wenda's name on the International Arrest Warrant Interpol list since 2000, after Billy Wibisono, the secretary of information and social affairs of the Indonesian Embassy in Britain accused Benny Wenda and several of his colleagues of involvement in attacking a police post in Abepura on 7 December 2000 Causing some people to die and damage at the police station.
In 2012, the Commission for the Control of Interpol's Files sent a letter to Fair Trials International, which campaigned for Benny Wenda. The contents of the letter, among others, say that the case of Benny Wenda has been removed from the list of fugitives Interpol.
"After re-examining all the information available to it ... the Commission finally judged that the case against your client is a matter of ordinary politics," said a letter from the Interpol File Control Commission as reported by the BBC.
Benny Wenda during his visit to NZ last May took the time to speak in a "public event" on several NZ campuses. On each occasion, Benny Wenda conveyed the desire of the Papuan people to be independent and sovereign as their own country, apart from Indonesia. He also described cases of human rights violations that have occurred in Papua since the 1960s.
Benny Wenda's activity led to the Indonesian Ambassador to NZ, expressing concern over the use of several campuses in NZ including Victoria University of Wellington (VUW) by Benny Wenda. Even while meeting with the Rector of Victoria University of Wellington, Prof. Grant Guilford, Ambassador of Indonesia is calling Benny Wenda as a fugitive who actually have no right to speak on behalf of the people of Papua. He also accused Benny Wenda of lying about Papua.
However, according to the NZ Education Act, the campus can not prohibit the freedom of the academic community of the university in expressing its opinion (academic freedom).
Benny Wenda not only lives 9,000 miles away from Indonesia and lives in exile in England, but he is also the leader of the peace-loving independence movement. As the Nobel Peace Prize nominee, he has always advocated a peaceful solution so that Papuans can calmly exercise their basic right to self-determination through a referendum on independence. (*)

2) Workshop aimed at luring tourists to remote Papuan islands

Jakarta | Sun, July 2, 2017 | 01:34 pm

                           Beach on the island of Biak, Cenderawasih Bay, at the northern coast of Papua. (Shutterstock/File)

The Tourism Ministry has conducted a workshop in Biak, Papua, to support the development of tourism in the archipelagic regency of Biak Numfor.
The Sustainable Tourism and Fishery Development Workshop was held on Friday.
“This workshop lays out the best concept, model and practices to improve tourism in Biak Numfor regency,” said Biak Numfor Regent Thomas Alfa Edison.
“Based on the ministry’s data, tourism serves as one of the contributors to the country’s gross domestic product and foreign exchange. It also provides the easiest and cheapest job opportunities. This is why we believe [tourism] will develop well in Biak,” said the ministry's official in charge of destination and tourism industry development, Dadang Rizki Ratman, one the keynote speakers at the workshop.
“The main considerations for tourists [when visiting a destination] are security and facilities. Sixty percent of tourists come to Indonesia because they want to experience the local culture, 35 percent to explore the nature and 5 percent to enjoy man-made tourist attractions, such as sport events, MICE, music concerts and others,” Dadang added.
Another keynote speaker at the workshop, the ministry's official in charge of tourism marketing development, Esthy Reko Astuti, explained the strategies implemented by the ministry to reach the targets. “For marketing, we use the DOT [destination, origin and time] approach; for promotion, we use the BAS [branding, advertising and selling] approach and for media we use the POSE [paid Media, owned media, social media, endorser] approach,” she said. (kes)

3) Help to end the genocide in West Papua

Please sign this petition calling for an end to the genocide and a free and fair independence vote for the West Papuan people. 
33,257 signers. Let’s reach 50,000

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