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1) Papua Governor Named Suspect in Election Violation Case

1) Papua Governor Named Suspect in Election Violation Case
By : Robert Isidorus | on 1:04 PM July 12, 2017
Jakarta. Authorities have charged Papua Governor Lukas Enembe with allegedly persuading residents to vote for one of the candidates in the Tolikara district head election earlier this year, police have said.
Officers have named Lukas a suspect in the case and submitted his case files to prosecutors, Papua Police Chief Insp. Gen. Boy Rafli Amar said on Monday (10/07).

Lukas allegedly committed the election violation a week before voting day in Tolikara, one of 18 districts in Papua that held a re-vote in May after initial elections in February.
Lukas allegedly campaigned in his hometown of Kanggime in Tolikara for district head candidate Usman Wanimbo and running mate Dinius Wanimbo, who later won the election.
Losing candidate Amos Jikwa reported Lukas to the Elections Supervisory Agency and the Papua Police immediately after the allegedly illegal campaigning in Kanggime.



                                     Nahom Kotouki shows his knitted outfit – Jubi / Yance Wenda.

Sentani, Jubi – Learning to knit is not an easy thing. It looks easy, but difficult to do. But for the young man from Deiyai ​​Regency it becomes a mean to meet the needs of his life.
Nahum Kotouki, this Deiyai ​​origin young man learned to make Noken since he was still in junior high school. He knit yarn into a Noken.
“This has become our culture especially the Paniai people and has been a hereditary from our ancestor, they used to weave orchid Noken, bark noken, then the materials replaced by factory-made yarn,” he told Jubi in Pasar Pahara, Sentani, Friday (July 7).

Nahum explained he made three kinds of Noken differentiate by their materials: ordinary yarn, orchids and bark.
He has learned to make Noken since junior high, but just stared to market his craft after sitting in high school. The work can help with his tuition fees. Even then help her college tuition.
“The sale of Noken and other accessories could help me pay tuition until I finished college,” said the young man graduated from the Faculty of Engineering at Cenderawasih University.
According to Nahum working on a big Noken need two-three days, while the small one can only a day. for the motives ones can took  a week or two working days. He used to work on various motives, such as drums, cenderawasih, and the morning star.
While the type of product he made are noken, clothes, hats, earrings, bracelets, and other accessories.
The prices are vary, Noken made from factory yarn range from Rp200 thousand and above to Rp50 thousand. The highest price reach Rp500 thousand to Rp600 thousand while for accessories are rangae between Rp10 thousand to Rp30 thousand.
“My income a day is at most Rp600 thousand to Rp700 thousand and the lowest is Rp300 thousand,” said the 27-year-old guy who wants to be young entrepreneur.
Dorlllince Kotouki, Nahum’s sister said she is very proud of her younger brother that he could pursue the business of embroidered crafts which she is taught.
“I am happy because I had thaught him and now he is succeed, when we came to Jayapura I initially invited him to sell vegetables,” she said.

Elisabet Salon
Noken crafts and knitted dress are getting highly popular in Jayapura and around.
The owner of Elisabet Salon, Elisabet Ety Tebay says that in her place, the crafts are made by Papuan employees and Mama. She also ordered from the outside parties such as knitted shoes and wallet.
The prices are quite high in the Salon, which located in Perumnas 2 Waena Jayapura City. Knitted Rasta clothes reach Rp1, 5 million, while Israeli knitted motive Rp2 million, Jamaican knitted daft Rp2 million, and Brazil knitted dress Rp2 million.
While original dress made from bark can reach Rp2, 5 million, Papuan knitted dress Rp1, 5 million, green yellow knitted dress Rp1, 8 million, knitted long vest is Rp700 thousand, and rectangular knitted dress is Rp250 thousand.
” Elisabet Salon is not only serve woven, dreadlocks and hair knitted but also sells Papua speciality accessories such as bracelets, earrings, shoes to clothes (dress) are woven with a thread resembling clothes, bags, and hats with various colours and sizes,” he said .
Betty Gebse one of the customers said it’s great to see and use handicrafts of Papuan mama. She hopes young Papuan women can even more develop their creativity skills like this. (*)



Jayapura, Jubi – Lukas Enembe (LE) was made a suspect of violating Tolikara regional election. It is seen as having political interests ahead of Papua provincial election in the upcoming 2018.
One of the leaders of Democrats Party in Papua, Yunus Wonda considered the case was heavily politicized. He said, since it is related to provincial governor election all things are linked to shake the position of Lukas Enembe as one of the strong candidates.
“I see this because it associates with politics.This is related to his statement in Kanggime, Tolikara District during regional election campaign. He was present there as a chairman of the party (Democrat). It will be different if he is not in the position of party chairman,” said Wonda, on Monday (July 10).

According to him, Lukas Enembe present in Tolikara at the time was just fine, especially because one of the candidates for local head is a cadre of the Democratic Party and carried by the party.
“He is the chairman of the party; he did not come to suggest who to choose. But since most people hope that he would continue to the second period, he convey to the people that if they want LE to be in two periods, choose Usman,” he said.
He considered the mistake of Lukas Enembe is because he will run for the second term of Papua Governor. As a result, he suspects there are parties who are trying to find a gap to destabilize the former Puncak Jaya regent.
“It’s only for political purposes, but we will not remain silent, we will prepare a team of lawyers,” he said.
Papua Police Chief Inspector General Rafli Amar, who is also the Head of the Integrated Law Enforcement Investigator (Gakkumdu) of Papua, said that Gakkumdu Tolikara established Lukas Enembe as a suspect in the alleged violation of the Tolikara regional election.
“The file of his criminal offense has been transferred to the prosecutor’s office, and the revocation of the complaint letter is required to talk to Gakkumdu, because it is not only the police who are in Sentra Gakumdu,” Boy Rafli said in Papua Brimob Square, Jayapura City on Monday (July 10).
According to him, the revocation of a complaint letter by one of the candidates of Tolikara Head of Region not long ago did not immediately stop the investigation process, because the case was an election crime, not a complaint.
Earlier, Papua Governor Lukas Enembe was reported by one of Tolikara Regent candidate’s partner, Amos Yikwa, for alleged regional election criminal.
In the process, however, Amos Yikwa, along with Papuan Governor Lukas Enembe has signed a peace statement dated June 19, 2017.
“Amos is family and has been settled in kinship, so he pulls out this report,” Lukas Enembe said in an opportunity.
Lukas also mentions Amos has using Democratic Party to go as candidate in Tolikara. Moreover his deputy, Robeka Enembe is a family of the Governor of Papua.
“Yesterday we met and he just said that he will withdraws.
Earlier, Papua Governor Lukas Enembe was reported by Gakkumdu to the Papua Police, due to alleged campaigning violation on a calm day on May 14, 2017 or 3 days ahead of re-voting (PSU).
In his campaign before Tolikara community, Lukas Enembe asked the community to again choose Usman Wanimbo, as the Regent of Tolikara in the re-election.(*)



Wamena, Jubi – A total of 10 assistances of domestic violence victims (KDRT) received training from Office of Women Empowerment and Child Protection and Family Planning (DP3AKB) Jayawijaya District.
“We hope with the training of facilitators for victims of domestic violence, they will be able to facilitate issues related to violence against women and children in Jayawijaya, to be reported and resolved based on regulation,” said Assistant II of Setda Jayawijaya, Wusono Sasana Wio, last weekend.
According to him, the issue of domestic violence affecting mothers and children is the concern of local govern

Head of Women Empowerment and Child Protection (BPP and PA) Department of Papua Province, Anike Rawar hoped that 10 assistants were given certificate as legal assistance to conduct their duty.
“We expect the government, religious leaders and the community to support these 10 assistances to work as they are taught for two days,” she said.
The 10 people were trained in techniques for the case of violence against women and children in Jayawijaya.
“This is our effort to suppress violence against women and children so that this district becomes a safe and comfortable area,” he said. (*)

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