Tuesday, July 31, 2018

1) Regional fora urged to leave Papua affairs to Papuans and Jakarta

2) Indonesian students hold Papua talk at New Zealand university
3) Noken Craft of Papua Listed as World`s Heritage
4) Provincial Government should not be afraid of investors, says legislator

1) Regional fora urged to leave Papua affairs to Papuans and Jakarta

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An Indonesian government consultant on Papua issues says political matters in Papua region should be dealt with internally.
Franzalbert Joku said concerns about human rights issues in Papua expressed in Pacific Islands regional fora were welcome.
But he said it's not up to regional organisations such as the Melanesian Spearhead Group, (MSG), and the Pacfic Islands Forum to speak for Papuans.
Last week the MSG director-general Amena Yauvoli said discussions about West Papua didn't belong in his organisation.
Mr Joku said Papuans should be allowed to speak for themselves.
"By dealing with or own leaders in Jakarta and our two government," he said.
"It's not for offshore organisations like the Melanesian Spearhead Group and the Pacfic Islands Forum to decide what should happen in Papua.
"Our position and especially our future is firmly within our grips."
Mr Joku said there were avenues open to Papuans to be able to achieve their aspirations within Indonesia.

Papuans to enjoy more resources benefits.

Mr Joku also said West Papuans stand to receive a greater share of local resource extraction projects.
He said that for many years Papuans didn't get a fair share from, or participate in, the management or development of their resources.
But he said Indonesia's government of Joko Widodo had taken significant steps to change this.
Mr Joku said one example is Papua's Freeport gold and copper mine, whose owner is in the process of divesting 51 percent of its shares to Indonesian entities.
"It's a long process. The president and national government are doing all they can to negotiate with Freeport McMoran in order to secure a controlling interest in Freeport, (its mine in Papua), 51 percent.
"10 percent of that is going to be allocated to Papua," he said.
Mr Joku said it's a better deal than that offered to resource owners in most mining projects in other Pacific countries.
Of the 10 percent of the share in Freeeport mine which is to go to Papua, seven percent is expected to go to Mimika Regency where Freeport's Grasberg mine complex is located, while three per cent would go to the provincial government.

2) Indonesian students hold Papua talk at New Zealand university

Gemma Holliani Cahya The Jakarta Post
Jakarta | Tue, July 31, 2018 | 03:09 pm

The Indonesian Student Association (PPI) held the first ever talk on Papua at the Victoria University of Wellington (VUW) in New Zealand on Monday, with the aim of providing information on the development of the eastern most region of Indonesia.
For the event, titled “Papua Today”, the association invited three Papuans speakers, Franz Joku and Nick Messet, who are both former West Papua independence campaigners and now consult the Indonesian government on West Papua-related issues, and Michael Menufandu, a Papuan diplomat.
Michael applauded the current special autonomous status granted to the region, which permits only native Papuans to lead Papua, saying, “You see now that all leaders, from governors to mayors, are native Papuans. Even our military leaders are also Papuans.”
Meanwhile, Nick, who is a former foreign minister of the Papuan Independence Group, said he believed Papua today was what he and his friends had dreamed of and fought for.
“Papua today is what we struggled for! We dreamed about having leaders from our people, and now there they are,” Nick said.
Contacted separately, Indonesian ambassador to New Zealand Tantowi Yahya said that he appreciated such discussions as they could shine a light for New Zealanders who showed an interest in and cared about Papua.
“I fully support PPI New Zealand’s initiative to hold such an event. It is important to provide New Zealanders with correct, accurate and factual information on Papua. It is a big initiative,” Tantowi said on Tuesday.
TUESDAY, 31 JULY, 2018 | 21:50 WIB

3) Noken Craft of Papua Listed as World`s Heritage

TEMPO.COManokwari - Noken or knitting work of the people of Papua is considered as a potential creative business that could be developed. The handicraft knitting for the bag material is spread widely in Papua and West Papua.
Member of the International Conference of Biodiversity Ecotourism and Creative Economy (ICBE), Bustar Mayar said Unesco has named noken as one of the world’s heritage.
The United Nation's decision through Unesco (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), said Bustar Mayar, brought a positive effect for cultural and economic growth for the locals.
“This is a business opportunity for indigenous people of Papua. The materials can easily be found in the forest and they have the knitting skill. They just need to improve it,” added Bustar Maytar in Manokwari, West Papua on Tuesday, July 31.

He explained that noken is an icon for Papua. The unique product of Papua is hoped will be sustainable and provide economic impact for the citizens. According to Bustar Maytar, noken in West Papua and Papua has various type depends on their character and material.  
Noken is a knitting craft of the Papuan in the form similar to a tote bag. The materials are from barks and plants that are woven or knitted. This bag is usually put on the head to carry goods or farm products.
In October 2018, the International Conference on Ecotourism Biodiversity and Creative Economy (ICBE) will be held in Manokwari. The creative industrial development will be one of the main subjects.
The development of noken is expected to be one of the focuses in the regional development strategy.
The third ICBE in Manokwari, West Papua, is estimated to be attended by 11 countries. The participants are consist of government representatives, non-government institutions and non-governmental organizations.

4) Provincial Government should not be afraid of investors, says legislator

Published 13 hours ago on 31 July 2018By admin
Jayapura, Jubi – Papuan legislator elected from 14 appointment seats John NR Gobai said Papua Provincial Government should not only challenge the people but ignore some investors who are violating the rules.
He prompted it to response the statement of the Acting Papua Governor Soedarmo who said he had ordered the Office of Energy and Mineral Resources to immediately form a task force on illegal mining control in Papua.

“Should he dare to revoke the operating permit of PT PMJ in Nabire who by law considered has committed a crime?” said Gobai to Jubi on (26/07/2018).
He further said PT PMJ is only one example of many similar companies suspected a violation of the contract. “Their permission is for exploration instead of production. It’s a violation according to the Law number 4 of 2009. I suspect there is a game played between businessmen and government officials or police officers,” he said.
Previously, the Acting Papua Governor Soedarmo told reporters on Wednesday (25/7/2018),” I have told the Head of Provincial Energy and Mineral Resources Office to immediately form a task force to monitor the illegal mining activities in Papua.” (*)

Reporter: Arjuna Pademme
Editor: Pipit Maizier

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