Monday, July 30, 2018

1) Soedarmo’s actions to eradicate illegal mining in Papua

2) Endemic animals need attention from all parties
3) PLN signs deal to expand electricity in two provinces in Papua
4) New Indonesian military tank-boat to be used in Papua

1) Soedarmo’s actions to eradicate illegal mining in Papua

Published 1 day ago on 29 July 2018By admin
Jayapura, Jubi – Acting Papua Governor Soedarmo has asked the Provincial Energy and Mineral Resources Office to immediately set up an illegal mining monitoring taskforce in this region.
“I told them to set it up immediately,” Soedarmo told reporters in Jayapura on Wednesday (7/25/2018
He will also ask Papua Police Chief to control illegal miners, especially in Nabire, Waropen and Yahukimo (Korowai) districts. “I have some videos and photographs of illegal mining activities, so I ask the chief to control them while we establish a multi-stakeholders task force,” he said.
Further, he said it might be possible that the provincial government invite the Papua’s People Assembly, Papua House of Representatives, and the community and traditional leaders to be involved in this issue. Hopefully, these parties can promote public awareness about the impact of the illegal mining. “So, don’t ever try to do that (illegal mining), there is no tolerance for that,” he said.
In this occasion, he also mentioned about illegal logging. According to him, recently there are many piles of timbers found everywhere as a result of the government warning to the timber industry.
“We will restrain it in the future. Moreover, the Forestry Office has actively involved in this action. As evidence, some illegal logging activities in Sarmi District as well as in Jayapura District have decreased following the arrest of illegal loggers.” (*)
Reporter: Alexander Loen
Editor: Pipit Maizier

2) Endemic animals need attention from all parties

Jayapura, Jubi – Natural Resources Conservation Center (BBKSDA) Papua hopes stakeholders and the community have concern towards endemic animals in Papua, moreover when the animals have been caught and caged for several times.
“It’s not pretty easy to relinquish these animals to their habitats after being benign with humans. This exacerbates by changes in their eating behaviour as they fed by humans,” he told reporters at the transit shelter located in Buper, Waena on (25/7/18).
In the same place, the Head of Technical Division of BBKSDA Papua Askhari Masikki said all the communities should involve saving the environment. “It is not the task of BBKSDA Papua alone.”
Further, he said that a few days ago BBKSDA took over the 38 birds as a result of a legal operation conducted by the Environment and Forestry Law Enforcement Division of Jayapura District. (*)
Reporter: Roy Ratumakin
Editor: Pipit Maizier
3) PLN signs deal to expand electricity in two provinces in Papua
Jakarta | Mon, July 30, 2018 | 12:36 pm
State-owned electricity company PLN has signed a cooperation agreement with a number of institutions to improve the electricity system through the “Papua Terang” program in Papua and West Papua provinces.
The institutions are the Indonesian Military and the National Institute of Aeronautics and Space (Lapan) as well as five higher educational institutions – the University of Indonesia, Bandung Institute of Technology, Gajah Mada University, the Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology and Cenderawasih University.
“With the cooperation agreement signed last Friday, PLN aims to provide electricity to 99 percent of villages in the two provinces in 2019,” PLN says in a statement at, adding that to date, PLN had electrified 30.39 percent out of the 4,535 villages in the two provinces.
The statement says the company plans to electrify 1,200 more villages this year.
After the signing ceremony, PLN also deployed 500 members of an expedition team under the name of “Ekspedisi Papua Terang.” The team members consisted of student volunteers, PLN, the Indonesian Military and Lapan.
The expedition team has visited 415 villages in Jayapura, Wamena, Nabire, Timika and Merauke since Saturday, educating Papua residents and holding a survey to collect data about villages, potential renewable energy and the progress of their electricity development.
The statement says that reports based on the survey would be submitted to PLN as input for the company to accelerate electricity development in Papua. (sau/bbn) 
4) New Indonesian military tank-boat to be used in Papua
4:05 pm on 30 July 2018 

A new tank-like military vessel under development in Indonesia is being targetted for use in provinces including Papua.
Production of the Antansena combat vessel began last year by East Java high-tech shipping company PT Lundin.
Antara news agency reports the Defense Minister Ryamizard Ryacudu saying the vessels will be complete next year.
He said they are to be used in regions with many rivers and swampy areas such as Papua and Kalimantan.
PT Lundin describes the vessel as "a tank in the form of boat", flexible enough to pursue pirates up narrow rivers that can't be accessed by wider bodied patrol boats.
The minister said orders for the tank boat have been received from military forces of other countries such as Russia.

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