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1) Church leaders denounce violence in Timika

1) Church leaders denounce violence in Timika

2) Pacific Forum sets dates for next summit.


1) Church leaders denounce violence in Timika

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Timika (ANTARA News) - The Catholic churches of the Timika Diocese, Papua, strongly denounce recent spate of violence in the district lately. 

Pastor Amandus Rahadat Pr of the parish of Tiga Raja in Timika described as "very shameful" the murder of two people in Sempan coinciding with the Good Friday commemoration.

Father Amandus said the conflict greatly saddening especially as it involved people belonging to the same Kei tribe which was the first to bring Catholic faith to Mimika and Papua in general.

"The behavior of the Kei people in Sempan is very much shameful," Pastor Amandus said.

Pastor Amandus expressed deep concern that the Kei people in Timika are getting more brutal.

A number of Kei people have been involved violence such as the attack on people of the Kamoro tribe in Nawaripi, the conflict among prospectors in Kali Kabur (Aijkwa river) leaving six people dead and most recently the conflict among Kei people claiming two lives last week. 

"I am deeply concerned. The forefathers of the Kei people must be crying in their graves. The forefather of Kei people preached Gospel in this land and they were peace loving. Now the Key people are inciting war , violence bringing death to this land," he said. 

He said the Kei people in Mimika should feel ashamed of their own behaviors terrorizing other people. 

Similar condemnation came from Pastor Willem Warat Bungan OFM of the Parish of Santo Stefanus Sempan.

Pastor Willem said many Catholics in Timika are still living in the dark as shown by the spate of violence they created and murders they had committed. 

"We are creating new Golgotha in Sempan. Element of Kei tribe have smeared the faces , good name and services of the pioneers opening up the Mimika-Agimuga territory, the pastor said. 

A Sempan Catholic community leader John Rettob said the series of Easter celebrations in 2013 in Sempan and Timika had been marred by violent and murderous acts of a group of irresponsible elements of among the Kei tribe.

It was more ironical that the incidents took place only a few meters away from the Catholic church of Santo Stefanus Sempan, John Rettob, himself belonging to the Kei tribe, said. 

"This is utterly shameful. They call themselves Catholics but they act like barbarians. We ourselves have spoiled Easter celebrations," he added. 

He regretted that the younger generation of the Kei people have brought about atrocity, disasters and chaos to Timika in contrast to their forefathers who came to this area preaching biblical teachings. 

He said he agreed with the chairman of the Association of Kei Families in Mimika, Piet Rafra, to send back Kei people having no permanent job in Mimika to their home town in Southeast Maluku.

Currently security has been restored in Timika but police and the military are still on guard in certain places to prevent conflict among the Kei people ***2*** (AS)

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The 44th Pacific Islands Forum leaders meeting is to be held from the 3rd to the 6th of September in Majuro in the Marshall Islands.
The Forum secretariat has just announced dates for the event.
It says the summit will be preceded by a meeting of the leaders of the smaller island states and followed by the post Forum dialogue.
Officials from the member countries will meet in Suva in August to prepare for the summit.

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