Tuesday, April 9, 2013

1) Gunmen Shoot at Passing Military Convoy in Papua

1) Gunmen Shoot at Passing Military Convoy in Papua
2) In Timika, Car Shot OPM officials
1) Gunmen Shoot at Passing Military Convoy in Papua
Jakarta Globe | April 09, 2013
Unidentified gunmen opened fire on a passing military convoy in Timika, Papua, on Monday. 

There were no casualties. 

The ambush took place shortly before noon on Monday as four vehicles carrying five soldiers each motored past Tanggul Timur Road, in Timika, the Indonesian newspaper Kompas reported. 

The gunmen shot at the vehicles’ windshields and engines. One stalled during the brief ambush. 

The dozen attackers then fled into the jungle, Kompas reported. 

No one was injured in the attack. The vehicles were reinforced with steel plates. 

Mimika district police chief Adj. Sr. Comr. Jermias Rontini confirmed the attack. 

“There was indeed such an ambush, but I have no knowledge of the details, because it was our colleagues in the Indonesian Armed Forces, [not us] there,” Rontini said.

The ambush took place after a mysterious fire torched two Freeport excavators in the same area on Saturday.

A google translate of report on shooting in Bintang papua . Be-aware google translate can be a bit erratic.
original bahasa at

2) In Timika, Car Shot OPM officials
Monday, April 8, 2013 23:37

JAYAPURA - shooting incident occurred again on Monday (8/4) yesterday, reported to have occurred with a shooting ambush carried out by the TPN-OPM suspected the magnitude range 12 people with guns mix M 16, AK-47 and SS 1 about 8 shoots , ambush carried out on the car driven Ovit PAM Armor battalion personnel 754, no fatalities in this incident.

From the field data obtained papua star says, chronological events, namely at 09.00 CET, PAM Armor Ovitas group IV, plans to deliver logistics Pos MA 240 and MA 2010 postal survey team diikiuti 3 cars heavy equipment owned by PT. Freeport Indonesia. vehicle carrying several people, including three foreigners PT. Freeport Indonesia.

 Furthermore, at 09.30 WOT, the group of seven vehicles arrived at Post 240 and a stop to lower logistic, and three cars carrying heavy equipment survey team stayed in the Post MA 240 to see the heavy equipment parked in front of the post and straight back towards the Post Mile 37.

At 11.00 CET, four cars drove postal logistics set out with an auto sequence MA 210 with hull number RP 11, RP 10, RP 18 PLT 02 and each vehicle carrying five personnel of 754 Battalion members LTT Mulya DPP, on the way to the post MA 210 MA 225 entourage when he got blocked by the TPN-OPM estimated force of 12 people and 8 shoots guns, including a mixture of M 16, AK 17 and SS 1, after blocking and m, enembak their group then fled towards Kali Kali Nayaro and coffee.

Of the incident, three cars shot on the glass front of the car and shot the hood (cover) machine, by gunfire, the car to break down, however, when the news was printed car was towed to the garage is at mile 38.
Meanwhile, Head of Public Relations Papua Police Commissioner Pol I Gede Sumerta Jaya dikonfirmasih through SMSnya admitted last night, it has not received reports related to the case. (Bom/don/l03)

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