Monday, December 8, 2014

1) Indonesia's Papua: Home to forgotten struggle

2) Jokowi: Papua Railway Development to Start in 2015

1) Indonesia's Papua: Home to forgotten struggle

Al Jazeera gets exclusive access to Papua, home to one of the world's most forgotten pro-independence movements.

Last updated: 08 Dec 2014 06:35
Indonesia's Papua region is home to one of the world's most forgotten conflicts, pitting pro-independence groups against the Indonesian government. 
Papuans, who are the among the poorest in Indonesia, feel marginalised despite government efforts to develop the region and an autonomy package that brings in large funds.
The region was made part of Indonesia in the 1960s after the state reached an agreement with the US, the Netherlands and the UN. But this agreement is challenged by Papuan independence activists, and clashes regularly erupt between government troops and a small armed movement.
Al Jazeera got exclusive access reporting from a region rarely accessed by foreign media.
Al Jazeera's Step Vaessen reports from Jayapura, Papua's provincial capital.


2) Jokowi: Papua Railway Development to Start in 2015

By Ezra Sihite on 09:04 pm Dec 08, 2014
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Jakarta. The government will start building a railroad network in Papua next year, President Joko Widodo promised on Monday.
“The railway development in Papua will start next year. We want the provincial development agency to support us so the development can start as soon as possible,” Joko said on Monday during a teleconference with district heads and governors from Papua and Maluku, both in the east of the country. “We want the railways to reach higher areas in Papua.”
A preliminary study is set to be concluded in six months and building can start immediately afterward, the president said, adding that old railways in Biak that are no longer in use will also be reactivated from next year.
Besides railways, Joko wants to revamp the roads in the outlying parts of the country as well.
“We want the railway development to start immediately,” he said. “It’s time the eastern part of Indonesia receives more attention from the central government. We want to start developing together, maintain the unity [of the nation], and manage our border areas.”


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