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1) Protesters Demand Joko Cancel Papua Christmas Celebration

1) Protesters Demand Joko Cancel Papua Christmas Celebration

2) AMP: December 19, 1961, Early Indonesian Military Operations in Papua

1) Protesters Demand Joko Cancel Papua Christmas Celebration

By Jakarta Globe on 06:44 pm Dec 19, 2014
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Protesters outside the Malang Regional Legislative Council (DPRD) demanded President Joko Widodo cancel his visit to Papua at Christmas. (Antara Photo/Ari Bowo)
Malang/Jakarta. President Joko Widodo’s plan to visit Papua for Christmas has been labeled the “worst Christmas present” by a group of students protesting about the shooting of five young civilians in the province earlier this month.
Joko is facing mounting calls from Papuans to abandon his plan to celebrate Christmas in the troubled eastern province, after security forces opened fire on about 800 peaceful demonstrators, including women and children, in the town of Enarotali in Paniai district earlier this month.
Five protesters were killed and at least 17 others — including elementary school students — were injured, according to a report from Human Rights Watch.
But Joko is sticking steadfast to his plan, despite calls from prominent Papuan church leaders to stay in Jakarta due to his muted response to one the worst acts of state violence in years.
Yustus Yekusamon, a coordinator of Friday’s protest in Malang, East Java, said the group “rejected” Joko’s planned visit.
“This is the worst Christmas present from Jokowi’s regime,” Yustus told, referring to Joko by his nickname.
Yustus, who was joined by about 30 other students, said military actions in Papua had lead to the deaths of many Papuans. The group demanded Indonesia withdraw military and police forces from the region.
There have been prolonged tensions between Papuan civilians and security forces in the restive province since Indonesia annexed Papua in 1969. Indonesia has a strong and increasing military presence Papua and West Papua to counter a long-simmering independence movement.
Christmas is ‘haram’
Meanwhile, Joko’s plan to celebrate Christmas has also come under fire from hard-line Muslim group the Islamic Defenders Front, or FPI.
The group, which is known for violent rallies and raids on commercial establishments, says the president should not congratulate Christians at Christmas.
“It’s haram for Muslims to congratulate those celebrating Christmas. And President Jokowi is not an exception,” Misbahul Anam, chairman of the FPI Consultative Assembly, told on Friday.
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2) AMP: December 19, 1961, Early Indonesian Military Operations in Papua
  Author: Jekson Ikomou | Friday, December 19, 2014 23:15 Viewed: 132 Comments: 0

AMP action in Bandung. Photo: Jackson Ikomou

Bandung, MAJALAHSELANGKAH - Papua Students Alliance (AMP) assess the Tri Command of the People (Trikora) echoed Soekarno 19 days after the declaration of independence of Papua, on December 19, 1961 in North Yogyakarta square became the beginning of military operations in Papua Indonesia.

Discrimination, murder, rape, shooting is still going on in Papua is a series of events due to the Indonesian annexation of land in Papua that begins with "Trikora".

Protested the incident Papua Students Alliance (AMP) Bandung city committee held a peaceful demonstration in front of Gedung Merdeka, Jalan Asia-Africa.

Monitoring, mass action began a long march from the town square followed Gedung Merdeka Bandung to chant and yell. Passing vehicles must feel the traffic jams due to the mass of partially closing the road.

In this action, the mass unfurled banners reading "Referendum Now !! for West Papua" as well as several posters photo Papua shootings perpetrated by.

One Coordinator of action, Nas Karoba said the action is part of a protest over ever echoed Trikora Soekarno 53 years ago because it is the entrance of the murder, shootings, rapes and other Papuans culminate into a minority in their own land.

It also urged the Indonesian government under the leadership of Jowoki-JK to soon hold a referendum for the people of Papua without the intervention of other parties.

"We ask the students to Papua and Aceh Indonesia to give self-determination, because we have the right to decide for themselves, as well as part of the state constitution colonial Indonesia, the 1945 Act the first paragraph," said the sidelines of the action.

Similar expressed spokesman action, Pian Pagawak is among, he said, since the Indonesian control of Papua in 1961, has killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people.

"Starting from December 19, 1961, in which the initial Indonesian military operations throughout Papua. Military operations throughout Papua, Papuan people have been killed, innocent," said Pagawak is among

It was, he said, made efforts to thwart the establishment of the state of West Papua who had proclaimed on December 1, 1961. "Thus through peaceful demonstration we condemn the actions of the Indonesian military forces. They are killing our innocent people through such operations, "he continued.

Pius said, it will continue to speak out for the sake of Papua, so that the people of Papua nation to self-determination as other nations in the world. (Jekson Ikomou / MS)

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