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TNI / Police Shoot Dead Four Civilians in Paniai

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TNI / Police Shoot Dead Four Civilians in Paniai
By: Oktovianus Pogau | Monday, December 8th, 2014 - 13:54 pm | Viewed: 463 times

Paniai, --- Joint Police officers (Police) Paniai, together with officials of the Indonesian National Army (TNI), reportedly shot dead four civilians in the field Karel Gobay, Paniai, Papua, around 10:00 Wit, Monday (8 / 12/2014) this morning.

It is delivered Yones Douw, one of the civilians in Paniai, the media, via cell phone, while waiting for the bodies of four civilians who are being disemayakan in family homes.
Reported Yones, four civilians are Habakkuk Degei (civilians), Neles Gobay (civilians), Bertus Gobay (STIE student Karel Gobay), and Apinus Gobay (civil Waga).
"The four civilians were shot while being assembled in the field Karel Gobay, Paniai. Forces brutally attacked them in the field, and shot four people, and about 4 people critically injured, and 22 people were seriously injured and are being treated, "said Yones.
Chronological, Yones said, about 01.30 Wit dawn, a black car drove fortuner types of Enaro towards town Madi, who allegedly driven by two unscrupulous military members commonly referred to as Special Teams TNI.
Because drove a car without turning on the lights, three civilians, were known were aged around 12-13 years hold the car, and asked for the car lights turned on, because the residents are also being to maintain security in each cottage christmas.
"Young people have stood guard christmas cottage they made, therefore they hold the car, and asked for the lights turned on, so that they could know," said Yones.
No thank detained, some unscrupulous members of the military Timsus back to the military headquarters in the City Madi, and then invite some members of the military back to Togokotu, where three children under the age of holding them.
"This car is back together with some members of the military, and in pursuit of the last three small children, and two people running, then the only severely beaten up and pingsang, then the citizens of this child run hospitals," said Yones.
The next morning, residents gathered Paniai, and asked officials do accountability for small children are beaten, and set fire to the car that evening fortuner known to attack the three citizens.
"People gathered on the field Karel Gobay, but has not done the talk, joint military and police forces opened fire brutally direct, and four people died on the spot, and about 13 others were rushed to the hospital, and this critical moment," said Yones.
According Yones, three civilians were met by military Timsus night, and four civilians were shot in the field has nothing to do with political issues, especially the Free Papua Movement (OPM).
"I know very well that night three children beaten, and chased it is not a member of the OPM, let alone four civilians were shot, they did not members of the OPM, so if there is a U-turn language say they are members of OPM forces then I was not," Yones said.
Meanwhile, Head of Public Relations Papua Police, Commissioner of Police, Pudjo Sulistiyo, when contacted, this afternoon, via cell phone claimed to have been doing pemantauaan.
"Now we check om Okto," said Head of Public Relations is a short to medium.

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