Monday, March 12, 2018

1) Sikua says MSG must change its name

2) 19 People Reported Missing After Boat Capsizes in Papua
3) Historic Ship Rainbow Warrior to Sail Throughout Indonesia
1) Sikua says MSG must change its name
06 March 2018

Leader of the Parliamentary Independent Group, Dr. Derek Sikua.

Leader of the Parliamentary Independent Group, Dr. Derek Sikua asks Prime Minister (PM) Rick Houenipwela to move a motion in the next Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) meeting to change the name of MSG, since the organisation no longer serves its purpose.
Sikua stressed this on the floor of parliament after learning from the revelation by the Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) Manasseh Sogavare that some member countries are pursing economic interests, at the expense of Melanesia.

Sogavare revealed that Fiji and Papua New Guinea (PNG) are not doing any good for the plight of our Melanesian brothers and sisters in West Papua.

Citing, the two countries only strengthen their ties with Indonesia to serve their interests that is not founded in the very purpose and reasons, in the formation of MSG.

Dr. Sikua, who is also the Member of Parliament (MP) for North East Guadalcanal said the word Spearhead should be change to something else because MSG no longer serves its purpose as intended by its founding fathers.

He joked that the head of the spear is blunt so its better to change the name to something like Melanesian Economic Forum, so that it reflects where we are now.

“MSG has drifted out from its very purpose so the name has to be changed to remove the word spearhead to something that reflects the current position of MSG, which no longer stands for the freedom and rights of Melanesia from colonial rule and oppression.”

But PM Houenipwela said, the application of the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) to be admitted full membership in MSG has been referred to the Director General of MSG.

He said the application has been agreed on by leaders to follow the procedures and criteria, so it is an administrative matter and not an issue for leaders to meet over and decide on.

PM further added that the apology made to member countries of MSG will not change government policy on West Papua.

He responded to a question asked by MP for Rendova-Tetepare Danny Phillip.

Stating, his term will end this year, which is too short, so he hopes that he will come back next year to work on a new policy for West Papua.


SUNDAY, 11 MARCH, 2018 | 13:18 WIB
2) 19 People Reported Missing After Boat Capsizes in Papua

TEMPO.COJakarta - As many as 19 people went missing after the boat they rode turned upside down on its way to Demba District in the Waropen district in eastern province of Papua. The incident occurred at around 1pm on Friday, Papua regional police spokesman Senior Commissioner Ahmad Kamal confirmed here on Saturday.
He said the boat turned upside down after being hit by waves in the Orega waters after 45 minutes journey.
Of the 19 people, 13 are students of senior high public school of Urfas, he said adding the students were reported to pay respects to their school friend who died in the sub-district of Demba.
The boat was hit by waves on its way and the incident was known only after report from a resident at around 4pm. Upon the information a search and rescue team led by Waropen police chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Supraptono immediately left for the location to find the victims but none had been found so far, Kamal said.
Among other victims besides the students are motorist Riki Windesi and boat crew Yunus Buburaya.


MONDAY, 12 MARCH, 2018 | 10:32 WIB
3) Historic Ship Rainbow Warrior to Sail Throughout Indonesia

TEMPO.COJakarta - The Rainbow Warrior is a historic ship of Greenpeace organization which will sail throughout Indonesia as a vehicle for environmental campaigns. Rainbow Warrior often sailed to remote areas to directly see the environmental issues in the region and immediately act against its destruction.
Since its first visit in Indonesia in 2013, Rainbow Warrior will be sailing in the archipelago beginning this week until May 2018. The visit themed Jelajah Harmoni Nusantara will be the longest tour of Rainbow Warrior ship.
Its first destination is Papua to witness the natural beauty of Papua forest. The ship will also see the underwater life of Raja Ampat as the best tourist destination.
After leaving Papua, Rainbow Warrior plans to head Bali. Looking at the rich culture which holds local wisdom, and its beliefs that the best source of energy comes from nature.

The last destination is Jakarta. As the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta has many issues including pollution and waste. The Rainbow Warriors ship aims to help Jakarta to be a more comfortable and eco-friendly city. "The main point of this tour is to create harmony in protecting Indonesian environment," Greenpeace stated in a press release received by Tempo on Saturday, March 10.
The name Rainbow Warrior was based on the Prophecy of native American tribe Cree in North America, "When the earth being sick and dying, there will come a day when people from all over the world rising up as the Rainbow Warrior."
The Rainbow Warrior ship that will sail to Indonesia is the third-generation ship. The first generation was destroyed. In 1985, a French secret agent planted two bombs and drowned the Rainbow Warrior and killed a crew member.
After the bombing, the Greenpeace’s Rainbow Warrior ship docked at Matauri Bay, in the Cavalli Islands, New Zealand, and became alive reef that attracted marine life and recreational divers. The second ship was made shortly after and sailed for 22 years which then in 2011 replaced with the third generation Rainbow Warrior. Like its predecessor, this ship carries out the mission of a green and peaceful future campaign.

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