Friday, April 6, 2018

1) KNPB activists’ arrest, only eight people were secured says the Police Chief

2) Joint force raids Uncen rented flats in Jayapura
3) Church asks military and insurgent not to fight in residential areas
4) Food Authority found 80 canned fish containing worms

1) KNPB activists’ arrest, only eight people were secured says the Police Chief

                             Some of the 45 people arrested in a raid occurred at Uncen rented flats – IST complex

Jayapura, Jubi – Jayapura Municipality Police Chief, the Adjunct Senior Police Commissionaire Gustaf Urbinas confirmed the arrest of a number of people during a raid at the rent flat nearby the Cenderawasih University on Wednesday (4/3/2018).
Of the forty-five being arrested, there were only eight taken from the secretariat of the West Papua National Committee (KNPB). “The rest was arrested for alleged motorcycle theft,” said the Police Chief Urbinas. However, this arrest occurred in different locations.
According to him, despite to follow up the case of motorcycle theft, the police came to investigate the preparation of declaration by KNPB activists because this had run without a notice and permission from the police. When the police conducted a raid to follow up the criminal case, five people were found in a unit of rent flats, where the KNPB secretariat is located,” said the chief.
“Then we seized some pieces of stuff including the morning star flag and other attributes, and we took three people along with some who were in the secretariat,” said Chief Urbinas.
Joint with the police in the raid were several military members. It is known later that one of eight arrested people at the KNPB secretariat is Ones Suhuniap, the General Secretary of KNPB.
A day earlier, Suhuniap made a clarification to media that the declaration that was held on 5 April in 2018 had nothing to do with the KNPB. “Invitation on social media and distributed leaflets were not official from the Central KNPB,” Suhuniap told reporters in the press conference held at the Expo Museum on Tuesday (3/4/2018).
None of Free Papua organisations, further said Suhuniap, established a declaration committee. He mentioned a group who named itself as the Preparatory Committee of the Republic of West Papua, which would hold a declaration on 5 April 2018, is not part of KNPB.
The KNPB Chairman Victor Yeimo told Jubi that the security forces did not only arrest a number of people, including their activists but also destroyed the door of the KNBP secretariats and a number of items. The police also took some computers to their offices. Several rooms in the secretariat were also raided.
“Currently Ones Suhuniap, Mrs Pangresia Yem and Cristin Othen are being examined at the Criminal Section of the Jayapura Municipality Police,” said Yeimo. (*)
Reporter: Victor Mambor
Editor: Pipit Maizier


2) Joint force raids Uncen rented flats in Jayapura

Jayapura, Jubi – 400 personnel of the Papua Police, Mobile Brigade and Jayapura Military Command 1701 were mobilised to raid rent flats in Perumnas III, Waena, Jayapura Municipality, Papua on Wednesday (4/ 4/2018).
Jayapura Municipality Police Chief the Adjunct Senior Police Commissionaire Gustav Urbinas said their primary goal is to response the declaration leaflets disseminated by the committee of the preparation of independence of the West Papua Republic, which was planned to be held at Camp Wolker area on Thursday (5/4/2018), as well as to develop some cases of vehicles theft in Jayapura,” said Urbinas in his office on Wednesday (4/4) / 2018).
The joint force raided the four units of rent flats and managed to secure 35 motorcycles, 130 laptops either in a complete or dismantled condition that were allegedly stolen goods.
In addition, Urninas said the joint force found two active ammunitions for long barrel gun and two empty bullets. They also found that a room in a rented flat has been occupied as a secretariat of a group against the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia. Then the police seized a morning star flag and organisation flag, banners and other attributes in this room.
The Head of the Papua Representative Office of the National Human Rights Commission, Frits Ramandey, who visited the Jayapura Municipality Office after the arrest, said he wanted to ensure that the dozens of people were treated fairly. “I met them and see they are all in good condition. The police chief also gave assurance that they will be treated well in the police’s office,” said Ramandey.
However, he hoped if the police do not have enough evidence to process these people to the court, they should be released immediately. “Related to the alleged vehicle’s theft, I support the police because it will reveal the criminals who made trouble in the community. (*)
Reporter: Arjuna Pademme
Editor: Pipit Maizier


3) Church asks military and insurgent not to fight in residential areas

Jayapura, Jubi – The Coordinator of Justice and Peace of KINGMI Church for Puncak Jaya Region, the Rev. Deserius Adii S.Th, said one congregation was shot dead while three others were injured in Sinai Opitawak, Kampung Banti, Tembagapura sub-district.
“Timothy Omabak was killed and three were injured,” said Adii by phone from Timika on Wednesday (4/4/2018)
He said the incident happened when the Indonesian Military and Police joint force pursued the members of the Papua Liberation Army in Banti village, Tembagapura sub-district of Mimika District, Papua on Wednesday (4/4/2018). He further explained that at the time, the congregations of Sinai Church in Opitawak have gathered in the yard. They raised the red-and-white flags and their hands to indicate that they were not part of the insurgents, but the troop acted brutally.
“They raised their hands but the joint force came and tortured the people, and Timotius got shot,” he said.
He further said the body of the victim, who was a civil servant of Tembagapura sub-district, was buried at 12 p.m. The villagers have moved to the forest to avoid the joint force that takes a control over the village.
In regards to this incident, Adiie urged the Indonesian security force and the Papua Liberation Army to find a war zone. Do not open the fire in the people’s settlement, moreover in the church area. “We hope they do not enter the civilian area, our congregations’ area. Civilians cannot be the scapegoat,” he said.
However, the Indonesian Military stated the victim Omabak was a member of the separatist group. As quoted by Antara News Agency, the Indonesian Military estimated three insurgents died during a firefight, two was dead during on Sunday evening, whiled, one died in a firefight occurred on Wednesday morning at around 10:15 pm, in the area around Opitawak Village. The name of the last victim was Timothy Omabak.
“During the first gunfire, we knew about the victims from the picture taken from the drone, and we found the body of an insurgent who identified as Timothy Omabak in the location,” said the Head of Information of the Military Command XVII / Cenderawasih, Colonel Inf. Muhammad Aidi in Timika. (*)
Reporter: Benny Mawel
Editor: Pipit Maizier
4) Food Authority found 80 canned fish containing worms
Jayapura, Jubi – Eighty canned fish from a variety of brands sold in some retail stores in Jayapura City were found containing worms by the Regional Agency of Drugs and Food Control of Jayapura Municipality, stated the Section Head of the Food Inspection of the Regional Agency of Drugs and Food Control of Jayapura Municipality, Haristryawati Handayani, in Jayapura.
“It is still part of our monitoring, about twenty retailers and eighty canned fish were already secured,” she said on Thursday (3/4/2018).
She admitted the agency overwhelmed in responding many invitations from some local governments who expected the agency came to check the sales of 27 worms-containing products as released in the list issued by the agency.
In separate time, the Warehouse Chief of SAGA Abepura Supermarket, Imanuel, claimed they withdrew these suspect contaminated canned fish and returned it to the distributors once the news was disseminated.
“SAGA Mall already withdrew all of those and returned them to the distributors. About 17 cartons, especially from the brands of Kingfisher Mackerel, ABC Mackerel and Ayam Jago, were returned to suppliers,” he said. (*)

Reporter: Sindung Sukoco
Editor: Pipit Maizier

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