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1) Police seize weapons and ammunition from Aimas clash site

1) Police seize weapons and ammunition from Aimas clash site2) Indonesia protests the opening of Free West Papua office in Oxford
3) Komnas HAM Requested Forms KPP HAM


1) Police seize weapons and ammunition from Aimas clash site

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Sorong Police officers confiscated on Saturday weapons and ammunition at the scene of a recent clash between demonstrators and police in Aimas district, Sorong regency, West Papua.

Two Papuans were reportedly shot dead during the clash, which took place in the city of Sorong on May 1 during a demonstration to mark Papua’s integration into Indonesia.
The victims have been identified as Abner Malagawak, 22, andThomas Blesya, 22.
"At the crime scene we found one homemade FN rifle and hundreds of bullets, as well as traditional weapons such as bows and arrows,”said Papua Police spokesman Sr. Comr. I Gede Sumerta Jaya on Sunday.
Police have yet to confirm the cause of the deaths because the victims’ families refused to have autopsies carried out on the bodies and they have now been buried.Sumerta said a meeting would be held between the families ofthe victims and security personnel to resolve the issue.
“The local church and the Sorong administration will mediate the meeting,” said Sumerta.
Yan Christian Warinussy, the executive director of a legal aid organization based in Manokwari, West Papua, has requested access to allow human rights activists to conduct their own investigation.
"We urge the West Papua governor, the Papua Police chief and the leader of the military command to provide open access to humanitarian investigations that are currently being carried out by human rights organizations and the National Commission on Human Rights [Komnas HAM],” Warinussy said in a press release obtained by The Jakarta Post. (asw/dic)


2) Indonesia protests the opening of Free West Papua office in Oxford

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The government of Indonesia has issued a statement strongly objecting to the opening of the so-called Free West Papua office in Oxford on April 28. The Indonesian government has
asked its UK counterpart to be consistent in its policy of not supporting any action related to the separatist movement in Papua and West Papua.

“Indonesia’s ambassador in London has relayed the government’s position on the matter to the UK government,” said Indonesia Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa in a press release sent to The Jakarta Post on Sunday.

The same disapproval has been sent to the British Embassy in Jakarta.

The government stated that the opening of the office was clearly contrary to the good mutual relations between Indonesia and the UK.

As such, the opening of the office was felt to be contradictory to the position taken by the British government, which has acknowledged the territorial integrity of Indonesia. The new office also opposed the international community’s view that firmly acknowledged the territorial integrity of Indonesia with West Papua included as an integral part, said the release.

“This development is a reflection of the desperation among separatists in dealing with that reality,” Marty said.

The office has been opened by the Free West Papua campaign, which is led by British-based Papuan exile Benny Wenda, as well as with the support of the International Parliamentarians for West Papua (IPWP).

The IPWP was launched in Britain's House of Commons on October 15, 2008, and is chaired by British politician Andrew Smith, a Labor Party

The office opening was attended by Andrew Smith, the Lord Mayor of Oxford Mohd Niaz Abbasi, former Oxford mayor Elise Benjamin and Benny Wenda. (asw/dic)
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3) Komnas HAM Requested Forms KPP HAM
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PAPUAN, Jayapura - National Commission on Human Rights (Komnas HAM) asked to form a Commission of Inquiry into Human Rights Violations (KPP HAM) to monitor and investigate cases of gross human rights violations that occurred in Aimas, Sorong, West Papua, last 30 April 2013.

"If the Commission feels having the Papuans, immediately form KPP HAM to investigate, monitor cases of human rights violations in Sorong, so that all may be conveyed to the public," said Dorus Wakum, human rights activist, told, Sunday (5/5 / 2013).

According Wakum, Papuans have human values ​​that should dihargi by the Indonesian government, because it means violence put forward in addressing a variety of actions in Papua should be banned.

"If there is a disagreement between the Papuans and the Indonesian government, then it should not be taken at gunpoint, but must be completed persuasife," said Wakum.

Moreover, according to Wakum, the meaning of the word freedom has never been embedded in the hearts of Papua, Indonesia therefore inappropriate to impose nasionalme Indonesian Papuans.

"We did not get independence in Homeland in Papua, but we still struggle to claim our rights are taken Negara Indonesia," said Wakum.

In line with Wakum, Executive Direktuf LP3BH Manokwari, Yan Christian Warinussy also urged the establishment of KPP HAM tindakaan to investigate alleged human rights violations that occurred in Aimas, Sorong, West Papua.

"Komnas HAM must immediately establish KPP HAM, because the action brutal forces that killed 2 people, and three others critically injured in a suspected Aimas in human rights violations," said Warinussy.

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