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1) Australian Paper Says Indonesia Forces Islam on Papuan Kids

1) Australian Paper Says Indonesia Forces Islam on Papuan Kids
2) Founding father of MSG confident West Papua will be admitted to group
3) Salomina death must be investigated In Law
4) Papuan radio host arrested after on air criticism of official

5) Germany Confirms Tank and APC Sales to Indonesia

6) Cargo aircraft catching fire at Wamena Airport injures airport crew


TUESDAY, 07 MAY, 2013 | 03:22 WIB
1) Australian Paper Says Indonesia Forces Islam on Papuan Kids
TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The largest newspaper in Australia, Sydney Morning Herald (SMH), accuses Indonesia of "kidnapping" Papuan children to be converted to Islam in Islamic (pesantren). "West Papua's youth are being removed to Islamic religious schools in Java for 're-education'," SMH journalist Michael Bachelard wrote. In his piece, Bachelard stressed that the majority of Papuans are Christians.
In an article titled 'They're taking our children' published Saturday last week, Bachelard said that his report was based on a six-month long investigation of an organization called Good Weekend. However, the article acknowledges that they "could not confirm if the government of Indonesia or its agencies were active in the movement of children" said to have been funded by one of Indonesia's state banks.
SMH is likely to be equating the fate of West Papuan children with the Australian government's treatment of the Aborigines. Under the policy of the Australian government in 1910-1971, some 100,000 Aborigine children were taken from their families to be educated in the West. The Australian government apologized to the "lost generation" during Prime Minister Kevin Rudd administrations, with Julia Gillard government following suit.

2) Founding father of MSG confident West Papua will be admitted to group
Posted at 19:20 on 08 May, 2013 UTC
A founding father of the Melanesian Spearhead Group says he is confident West Papua will be admitted to the regional grouping next month.
Former Solomon Islands prime minister, Ezekiel Alebua, speaking during 25th anniversary celebrations for the MSG in Port Vila, says the body was set up to ensure equal treatment for all the indigenous people of Melanesia.
He says the MSG believed that each of the Melanesian nations should be able to make their own political decisions and that still holds.
West Papuans have been pushing for membership of the group and Mr Alebua says that should happen in New Caledonia in June.
“Having concern for each nation and West Papua is not only a neighbour but a brother to Papua New Guinea, I have full confidence that West Papua will be admitted into MSG in June.”
Former Solomon Islands prime minister, Ezekiel Alebua.
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3) Salomina death must be investigated In Law
Wednesday, May 8, 2013, 6:03 News, Featured Editor149 viewsAdd a comment

PAPUAN, Sorong-Institute of Research, Assessment and Development of Legal Aid (LP3BH) Manokwari condemn the perpetrators of the shooting of Salomina Klaibin (37), a housewife who eventually died, on Tuesday (07/05/2013) morning about 01.00 Wit, after undergoing treatment at the Hospital Be Solo Se, Sorong, West Papua.
"Salomina died after suffering a gunshot wound in the abdomen, thighs and left arm. Allegedly shootings actors are members of the military and police officers at the time of the attack on the father of Isaac Klabin, under the leadership of Police Chief DANDIM Sorong and Sorong, "said Executive Director LP3BH Manokwari, Yan CH Warinussy, in a press release sent to the editor, Wednesday (05/08/2013) afternoon.
According Warinussy, based on Law No. 39 of 199 on Human Rights (HAM) and Law No. 26 Year 2000 on Human Rights Court, the alleged violation of human rights in the Aimas case, which one of his victims is Mother Klaibin tersbut.
Thus, further Warinussy, is very logical and urgent for immediate autopsy (post-mortem) upon the victim, in order to find indications that the cause of death.
LP3BH also urged the Chief of Police to immediately terminate immediately Sorong Police and Armed Forces Commander also asked to dismiss the commander of Sorong.
"They can not behave as a protective warrior unarmed civilians, in the current era of democracy in the Land of Papua," he added.
Sorong Kapores LP3BH also urged to provide broad access for the seven civilians who currently detained at Police Headquarters inis edang Aimas, Sorong to be accompanied by an Advocate and Legal Advisor are selected and appointed himself or by his family before the start of the entire examination process by mandate Shrimp No. 81 1981 on the draft Criminal Procedure Code (Criminal Code).
"LP3BH Manokwari has cooperated with the Agency Workers Am in Papua GKI Synod, and has established Advocacy Team which consists of several advocates who will go down to Sorong on Wednesday (05/08/2013), to assist the family of the suspect and the victims of the shooting Aimas , "Warinussy lid.
Oktovianus POGAU

4) Papuan radio host arrested after on air criticism of official
Posted at 03:39 on 08 May, 2013 UTC
Indonesian police have arrested a Papuan radio host after he allegedly criticised a cashier at the Manokwari Regency Office on air.
Abert Dimas Anggoro was arrested after allegedly naming the cashier in a programme critical of the service provided at the office.
Victor Mambor, who is a representative of the Independent Journalists’ Alliance, the AJI, says its members accompanied Mr Dimas to the police station.
He says the incident demonstrates a lack of understanding of the work journalists do in Indonesia.


5) Germany Confirms Tank and APC Sales to Indonesia

Berlin. The German government confirmed on Wednesday the sale of 104 used Leopard 2 tanks and 50 armored personnel carriers by industrial group Rheinmetall to Indonesia.
Arms sales are a sensitive issue in Germany, given its Nazi past and the role of arms makers like Krupp in fuelling 19th and 20th century wars, and the political opposition is critical of deals with countries with a poor human rights record.
A defense source told Reuters last week of the sale to Indonesia. The government has a practice of not commenting on such decisions but Wednesday’s confirmation came in the form of a written reply to a request from the opposition Greens party.
Indonesia, southeast Asia’s largest economy, had previously indicated it would buy 130 Leopard tanks from Rheinmetall as part of a $15 billion five-year drive to modernize its military.
The German government did not say how much the deal was worth but Indonesia said last year the value of the initial agreement to buy 130 tanks was $280 million.
Indonesia, which has economic growth of above 6 percent, is wary of being left behind as China, Vietnam, Thailand and other Asian nations ramp up defense spending.
This year it announced plans to buy more than a dozen Russian Sukhoi fighter jets as well as domestically made, missile-equipped patrol ships.


6) Cargo aircraft catching fire at Wamena Airport injures airport crew

Wed, May 8 2013 19:23 | 243 Views

Jayapura, Papua (ANTARA News) - A cargo aircraft of Nusantara Airways caught fire at Wamena Airport of Papua causing an airport crew, Chris Wetipo, to suffer from burns in the face.

"At the time Wetipo was removing a fuel barrel using a forklift from Boeing BAE146200QT cargo aircraft," said Chief of Wamena Resort Police Senior Commissioner Napitupulu, explaining the aircraft that was caught fire at 11.30 a.m local time here on Wednesday.

According to him, the Co-pilot of the aircraft, Vincensius Ryan Perkasa, also suffered sprains when jumping out from the cabin to avoid the risk of explosion.

The BAE146200QT aircraft that is chartered by PT Walesi Air is piloted by Captain Tatang and exploded in Apron II of Wamena Airport, Jayawijaya District.

"We predicted the fire started after oil fuel barrel fell down from the forklift which was used by the crew to move the cargo from 2.5 meters height and sparked fire that licked oil spills," Napitupulu said.

The Nusantara cargo aircraft that departed from Sentani has arrived in Wamena airport at 11.35 a.m and parked in Apron II.

Then the airport crew moved the cargo from the plane by using the forklift at 11.40 but fell and sparked fire.

"The fire got bigger and spread to the plane`s fuel tank that triggered a blast," Napitupulu said.

According to him the fire brigade arrived at the scene at 11.50 a.m and tried out put out the fire.(*)
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