Friday, May 10, 2013

Letter: Peacefull Protest Banned, We Need the World Concern in West Papua

Letter: Peacefull Protest Banned, 
We Need the World Concern in West Papua


Dear friends of West Papua,

I write this letter to announce you that the peaceful demo planed by the people of West Papua May 13 against the human right violence conducted by Indonesian military (TNI/Polri) on last 30 and 1th May is now banned again by the Indonesian police in West Papua read here in Indonesian.

This is very seriously that the Indonesian Government through its Police and Military are isolate and ban our peaceful activities with their irrational reasons while allowing killing, intimidation, arrest and public deception. They are legally oppress us, not just with gun but also by their rule of low.

Today i'm as national coordinator also as chairman of non violence organization KNPB, with Student Movement/Bem-Uncen, WPNA, Garda-P, Church and other civil organizations) terror and targeted by the Indonesian military and Police just because our activities on peaceful movement. If the State did not allow us to express and to protest the Human Right Abuses and injustice in West Papua, then for what we stay and live under this State, and for what the States in this world support and cooperate with Indonesia?

We are protesting our sisters, our mothers our brothers and our fathers who have been killed by Indonesian Military Police and Military. Are we an animal who don't have a heart and feeling in this planed. Our people died and we are protesting, is that illegal? 

We are needing more concern on this situation. Because whatever it is, we have commit with people to rally in peace on May 13. Please make a voice bigger for our life and future, and for the better of peace in the world.

Thank you for your concern and support

Victor Yeimo
Chaiman of KNPB

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