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1) Activists condemn Papua killings

1) Activists condemn Papua killings

2) KNPB Calls for National Action for Victims of May 1, 2013

3) Six men arrested for causing Aimas clash

4) Press release of wp students and forum setara on the deadly incident in papua-1 may 2013

5) Papuan children sent to Islamic schools in Jakarta

6) No casualties in Papua aircraft fire

7) Police nab 2 more in Papua cop murder


1) Activists condemn Papua killings

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West Papua Students in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) and Forum SeTARA criticized the killing of Papuans marking the 50th anniversary of the transfer of West New Guinea (now Papua)’s administration from the United Nations Temporary Executive Authority (UNTEA) to Indonesia on May 1, 1963.
“We condemn the brutal act of the Indonesian security services against Papuan civilians who joined the commemoration in several cities,” said a statement made available to The Jakarta Post on Wednesday.
They urged authorities to pursue those responsible, including the police chief, Army commander, and governor, as well as demanding apologies and compensation for victims’ families.
“The National Commission on Human Rights should investigate the incident and make its results public,” the statement read.
A joint police-military operation, endorsed by the Papua governor, had banned commemoration of the transfer of administration.
Different interpretations surround the transfer of Papua from the Dutch to UNTEA and later to Indonesia under the 1962 New York Agreement.
“These different interpretations must be resolved through dialogue, not through violence,” the statement said. (ebf)
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2) KNPB Calls for National Action for Victims of May 1, 2013
May 08, 2013 By: admin Category: Call

Are we not the rightful owners of this country above every activity of life when the Papuan people was restrained on the ground under the gun and killed the ruler weapon? Authorities have not been satisfied are you with rakusmu master and suck up the natural resources on the land. All you get, and we be left out, cornered, killed when starvation, poison Limba, and the marginalization of the economic rights over this land.

Why are we acting like flag banned and killed, were in Aceh is allowed. Is the value of a flag that is simply a fabric more valuable than human life? Why we gather, worship and you ban peaceful demonstrations, catch and kill. Kemanah you save Pancasilamu value which reads "a just and civilized humanity?".

Sorong (30/4) at 20.00 military / police have shot dead Apner Malagawak (22), Tomas Blesia (28), Salomina Klaibin (37), while Herman Lokden (18) and Andreas Sapisa (32) were still being treated in hospital. They violently attacked when people are doing this Aimas preparation for the 50th anniversary of the annexation of worship Papua into the Republic of Indonesia. The TNI and the police have not been responsible, they even claimed the shooting was in accordance with procedures.

In Timika (1 / / 5) as many as 16 civilians who fly the Morning Star flag peacefully arrested and tortured in prison. 5 people arrested in Biak, in Serui 1 people arrested. All activities of the people banned, arrested and killed. Navi Pillay, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in a press release published on the official website of the United Nations, Thursday (2/5) has called upon Indonesia to make room for a peaceful demonstration, and is responsible for the murder and pemenjarahan in Papua. He also urged Indonesia to allow journalists to Papua and Indonesia to facilitate the Special Rapporteur of the UN Human Rights Council to Papua.

Therefore, the West Papua National Committee [KNPB] with the organs of struggle, NGOs, the Church and Society Association-Association will mediate the people of West Papua to go down the street peacefully occupied the MRP in action on Monday, May 13, 2013, demanding:

Governor, Commander and Chief of Police is responsible for the incident Aimas, Sorong, and immediately release political prisoners in Timika, Sorong, Biak and Serui.
Urged Jakarta to open access International Journalists and Human Rights Council Special Rapporteur to Papua.
We menyeruhkan to all tissues and organs KNPB other struggles in all areas of Papua, and also children who are outside the country of Papua, in Indonesia and abroad in order to express solidarity with the national action.

"We Must End"

Hollandia, May 8, 2018

Penanggng responsible

Victor Yeimo [Chairman KNPB]


3) Six men arrested for causing Aimas clash

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Paper Edition | Page: 5
The Papua Police reportedly arrested six suspects in a recent clash between demonstrators and police in Aimas district, Sorong regency, West Papua, on May 1, in which two people were killed and five others injured.

The six men — identified with by initials AS, HS, KK, OK, YM and OK — have been charged with violating articles 106, 107 and 110 of the Criminal Code on subversion.

 “They were arrested and named as suspects as they are believed to be instigators of a radical group who had voiced anti-government sentiment,” said Papua Police chief spokesman Sr. Comr. I Gede Sumerta Jaya in Jayapura on Tuesday.

The radical group, led by Isak Kalaibit, remains anonymous as of now. “The moment the incident broke out, Isak fled and his whereabouts remain unknown,” said Sumerta.

When joint personnel from the Sorong Police and local Indonesian Military (TNI) command in Aimas were quelling the riot, two people were killed while another victim Salomina Kalabin, 42, died at the Sele Be Solu Hospital in Sorong. According to Gede, the projectile extricated from Salomina’s body was from an organic firearm owned either by the National Police or the Indonesian Military (TNI).

Separately in Medan, North Sumatra, National Police chief spokesman Insp. Gen. Suhardi Alius said the National Police would continue to monitor the situation in Papua, adding that the police were currently on full alert following a report that a Free Papua Movement (OPM) member was shot and injured on Monday evening.

Suhardi expressed concern over the rumors of the death of an OPM member, which could spark tension again in Papua.

He emphasized the National Police would make further efforts to maintain security in Papua by involving community figures. According to him, the response so far from the community figures in Papua is very good.


4) press release of wp students and forum setara on the deadly incident in papua-1 may 2013
For immediate release
8 May 2013

West Papua Students in the ACT and Forum SeTARA condemn the deadly shootings of Papuans who marked the 50th anniversary of the transfer of administration[1] of West New Guinea (now Papua) from UNTEA to Indonesia on 1 May 1963
We, West Papua Students in the ACT and Forum SeTARA, condemn the brutal act of the Indonesian security services against the Papuan civilians who marked the 50th anniversary in the cities of Sorong, Biak, Timika and the Papua provincial capital of Jayapura.

Following the ban to mark the anniversary imposed by the Papua Chief of Police and endorsed by the Governor of Papua, the joint operation of the police and the Indonesian army deployed harsh measures to prevent any Papuans to exercise their constitutional rights to free speech and assembly. In Sorong on the eve of the commemoration, the joint operation shot dead two Papuans: Mr Abner Malagawak (22) and Mr Thomas Blesia (22). Three others were seriously injured and now are being treated in the local hospital in critical conditions: Ms Salomina Klaibin (42), who sadly died in the hospital on 6 May 2013, Mr Herman Lokmen (18), and Mr Andreas Safisa (24). Seven other people have been arrested and held in the local police custody.

In Jayapura, a similar joint patrol dispersed the people who gathered around the grave of the Papuan leader Theys Eluay by force. Nobody was reportedly injured but the shooting did spark fear and intensify anger among the locals towards the Indonesian authorities. In Biak, however, the police arrested and detained ten Papuan civilians because they raised the Papuan symbol, the Morning Star flag but the police has not laid charge against them. In Timika, the police arrested, detained and allegedly torture 15 people. Fortunately, the commemoration held in Nabire went peacefully.

These tragic incidents reminded us of the Papua situation 50 years ago. The Indonesian authorities committed similar acts of brutality to our forefathers and mothers whenever they expressed their dissension to the decision of transferring Papua from the Dutch to UNTEA and eventually to Indonesia under the 1962 New York Agreement. We acknowledge unresolved competing interpretations around these historical moments, including those of Papuans, the Indonesian government, historians and legal scholars. These different interpretations must be resolved through dialogues, not through violent measures. Therefore, we can conclude that after half a century Papuans freedom of expression and association remains unprotected despite the existing Indonesian human rights legislation and the international conventions in which Indonesia is a party.

Therefore, we appeal to the Indonesian authorities:
  1. To hold accountable all perpetrators and those who are responsible in the security sector policy of Papua, including the Papua Chief of Police, the Commander of the Army and the Governor of Papua;
  2. To demand public apologies from the Papua Chief of Police, the Commander of the Army and the Governor of Papua for their unconstitutional conduct in suppressing the civil and political rights of Papuans;
  3. To demand compensation and reparation for the victim families because of the the tragedy they suffer from the joint police and army operation;
  4. To request the Indonesian National Commission on Human Rights to undertake a sub-poena investigation and to report its results to the public;
  5. To start peace negotiation with Papuans as represented by the Papuan Peace Negotiating Team;
  6. To invite the UN human rights mechanisms, international scholars and journalists to visit Papua to provide in-depth analyses. These will be made available to both the national and international audience.

While we overwhelmingly welcome the public statement expressed by the UN High Commissioner on Human Rights Madame Pillay,[2] we appeal to the international community:
  1. To put pressure on the Yudhoyono government to hold all who were involved in the abuse accountable;
  2. To endorse peace negotiations as publicly already expressed by President Yudhoyono as the way to find a peaceful solution for the longest unresolved conflict in the Pacific as he already did with Aceh;


Media contacts:
Ms Frederika Korain (+61-426598504)
Ms Sri Lestari Wahyuningroem (+61-404806184)

[1] Article XIV of the 1962 New York Agreement uses the term “full administration responsibility,” not the transfer of “sovereignty.”

Budi Hernawan
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Regulatory Institutions Network (RegNet)
ANU College of Asia and the Pacific
Australian National University
Canberra, ACT 0200

Tel. +61-2-6125-7065
Fax. +61-2-6125-7789

5) Papuan children sent to Islamic schools in Jakarta

Updated 7 May 2013, 21:34 AEST
Human rights groups in Indonesia's Papua province, and the Baptist Church in Jayapura say Melanesian children are still being removed from their families, and sent to Islamic schools in Jakarta.
The children, aged between five and fifteen, are often raised by Indonesian families and or placed in pesantrens, or religious schools.
It's not clear if the practice has government support or is part of official policy.
Correspondent: Caroline Tiriman
Speaker: Professor Damien Kingsbury from Deakin University

6) No casualties in Papua aircraft fire

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Jayawijaya police chief Adj.Sr.Comr. F.S.Napitupulu said there were no casualties when a Nusantara airlines cargo aircraft caught fire in Wamena airport, on Wednesday.
“We also have yet to calculate the losses caused by the incident. The aircraft was carrying diesel fuel at the time,” he said as quoted by
The aircraft caught fire at around 11:30 a.m., local time, on Wednesday, as it unloaded goods at the airport.
“Fire is not yet out,” said Napitupulu.
The Boeing aircraft landed in Wamena airport at around 11:20 a.m. Diesel fuel was being unloaded by forklift when a fuel spill accidentally came into a contact with fire.
“When the fire started, flames instantly engulfed the fuselage,” said Napitupulu.
On 2008, a similar accident occurred at Wamena with a C-160 Transal cargo aircraft carrying fuel and logistic supplies.
Wamena airport is in Jayawijaya regency and can accommodate huge aircraft such as Hercules and Boeing. (nai/ebf)

7) Police nab 2 more in Papua cop murder

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Paper Edition | Page: 5
The Papua Police have arrested two more suspects for the murder of Chief Brig. Jefri Sesa in a police housing complex in Yapen, Papua, on April 27.

National Police spokesman Sr. Comr. Agus Rianto identified the suspects as TM, 31, and AS, 57.

“They will be charged with Article 340 of the Criminal Code with premeditated murder, Article 338 for taking the life of another and Article 170 on group assault with a maximum penalty of death sentence,” Agus said on Tuesday at the National Police headquarters in South Jakarta.

Police continue to search for seven others allegedly involved in the murder.

“We suspect that 10 people carried out the attack, but the Papua Police have only been able to identify four of them,” he said.

The men allegedly killed Jefri and injured two of his relatives at his residence in the Angkaisera police sub-station housing complex.

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