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1) Papuan shot dead during clash

1) Papuan shot dead during clash

2) PNG to investigate shooting of Indonesians

3) Benny Giay Request a Demo Let Peace Papua Police

1) Papuan shot dead during clash

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Anton Kogoya, a 27-year-old man from Wamena, Papua, was shot dead in a clash during which an unidentified soldier with the Indonesian Military (TNI) fired toward a group of allegedly drunk local residents at 10:34 p.m. local time on Saturday.
Cendrawasih XVII Military Command spokesman Lt.Col.Jansen Simanjuntak said the soldier had been forced to fire the shot.
“He had first fired a warning shot, but he was chased by the group who threatened him with a machete pointed toward him. So, he fired the shot, which hit the victim,” he told The Jakarta Post in Jayapura on Sunday.
The incident began when three soldiers from Army Infantry Battalion (Yonif) 756 Napua – Second Sgt. Agung, First Pvt.Sitanggang, and Second Pvt.Haryono – left their post and went to to play futsal in the center of Wamena at around 8 p.m. local time.
They stopped at the Wonogiri 3 food stall on their way home after playing futsal. At the food stall, five locals who appeared drunk confronted the soldiers, asking them for money. A clash subsequently broke out when they refused to give them the money.
They all left the food stall and a fight broke out on Jl.Yos Sudarso, after which one of the soldiers fired a warning shot into the air. The locals kept attacking, however, resulting in the TNI member letting off his gun in the direction of the attackers.
“The bullet entered his [Kogoya's] left side and exited from his right side. He died at the scene,” Jansen said.
He said the soldier would be brought to justice despite claiming to have fired the shot in self-defense. (asw/ebf

2) PNG to investigate shooting of Indonesians

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Indonesian Consul to Papua New Guinea (PNG) Jahar Gultom announced the PNG Defense Force would investigate the shooting allegedly conducted by its military personnel against Indonesian nationals.
During a meeting in Sendaun, a PNG province, the PNG Defense Force assured him it would conduct a careful investigation into the case.
Preliminary reports suggest that the incident began when Edward Aritahanu, an 18-year-old Indonesian, tried to escape when being asked what he was carrying in his boat.
Five PNG military opened fire on Edward and two other Indonesians – Meki Aritahanu, 50, and Irene Yoku, 15 – who were on their way from Jayapura, Papua, to Lido village in PNG by motorboat to meet relatives who are PNG citizens, on Wednesday.
Jahar said the PNG military fired three shots from around 60-meters away from the boat, injuriing Edward’s leg, Antara news agency reported. (asw/ebf)
A google translate of article in Suarapapua. Be-aware google translate can be a bit erratic. 
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3) Benny Giay Request a Demo Let Peace Papua Police
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PRIEST BENNY Giay, Chairman of the Synod Kingmi PAPUA 

PAPUAN, Jayapura - After receiving criticism from the Chairman of the Communion of Churches in Papua Baptsi (PGBP), Socratez Rev. Sofyan Yoman, Papua police chief, Tito Karnavian back again criticized Chairman Kingmi Papua Synod, Reverend Benny Giay.

"We heard the police does not give permission to the Papuan activist who intend to conduct peaceful protest tomorrow, dated March 13, 2013, if this is so, is a setback Papua in Papua Police leadership today, as in the 1980s alias Papua New Order era," says pastor Giay, to, Sunday (05/12/2013).

According Giay, democracy and the recognition of human rights, including freedom of expression also has been stated in the aspirations of Indonesian rule, as well as international rules.

"What did the Police Chief of Papua on 1 May with the people of Papua prohibit peaceful protest is an indication of Indonesia's democracy is a democracy in Papua New Order-style 1960 s / d 1990," said Giay.

"Therefore let us hope the activists Papua Police Chief peaceful protest on May 13," said Giay.

Previously, Papua Police Public Relations Head through the Papua Police have banned the demonstration activities conducted Papuan activists on May 13, 2013.

Oktovianus POGAU

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