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2) Amid Criticism, Yudhoyono to Go to NY for World Statesman Award


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Filep Karma, a Papuan political prisoners (Doc. Prisoner)

Jayapura, 25/05 (Jubi) - Bids Government of Indonesia through the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, which would provide amnesty for some political prisoners (Prisoner) in Papua rejected by the political prisoners in Penitentiary (LP) Abepura.

"We reject the plan granting clemency by the President of the Republic of Indonesia." The release of Papuan political prisoners, signed by 25 political prisoners who are serving sentences in prison Abepura.

Release received Jubi, Friday (24/05) This confirms that these political prisoners released from prison did not need, but demanding the release of Papuan colonial occupation of Indonesia country.

A few hours earlier, Justice Minister Amir Syamsudin in the Parliament Building, Jakarta delivered on journalists, will be giving Amnesty to Prisoners in Papua.
"We are studying to be an amnesty for political prisoners, because of the political background, especially in Papua," said Minister of Justice and Human Rights.

25 political tanahan refusing a government amnesty Indonesia are:

1. Filep J.S. Karma
2. Victor F Yeimo
3. Selpius Bobii
4. A. Makbrawen Sananay Krasar
5. Dominic Sarabut
6. Beni Teno
7. Alex Makabori
8. Nico D. Sosomar
9. Peter Nerotou
10. Denny I Hisage
11. Dago Ronald Gobai
12. Jeffery Wandikbo
13. Mathan Klembiab
14. Rendy W. Wetipo
15. Boas Gombo
16. Jhon Pekei
17. Oilcan Giyai
18. Panus Kogoya
19. Warsel Asso
20. Junia Itlay
21. East Waker
22. Kondison Jikibalom
23. Serko Itlay
24. Japrai Murib
25. Julian Wenda

In Papua, until last April, according to the NGO Prisoners in the UK, there are around 40 political prisoners were scattered in several LP in Papua and West Papua. (Jubi / Benny Mawel)


2) Amid Criticism, Yudhoyono to Go to NY for World Statesman Award

Despite mounting criticism from interfaith activists, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono will accept the World Statesman Award in an upcoming trip to the United States, his staff said on Saturday.
“During [the] president’s visit to New York, a nonprofit organization Appeal of Conscience Foundation will give him the World Statesman Award,” Teuku Faizasyah, who serves in the international relations department of the presidential staff, said in a release sent to the Jakarta Globe. “The award is given for several achievements to support democratic society, his role in creating international peace and in supporting significant progress on human rights, religious tolerance and inter-civilization relation appreciation.”
The award has garnered widespread criticism from interfaith and human rights activists, who say Yudhoyono has failed to resolve Indonesia’s religious intolerance problems. Critics cite the closures of churches in Bogor and Bekasi, along with attacks on Ahmadiyah Muslims as examples.
Presidential staff on political communication Daniel Sparingga said that the president has and would always work with all authorities to put an end to religious intolerance.
“President SBY shares the same concern with all parties concerning intolerance in our society. The president thinks that all groups with different understandings and beliefs share the same responsibility to maintain social harmony,” Daniel said on Friday.
Daniel said that Yudhoyono told police to guarantee freedom of religion and demanded that they work around the clock to protect this right.
He said that the award itself does not reflect on Yudhoyono’s ability to protect religious freedom.
“With all his weaknesses, as an ordinary human or as a leader, SBY wants to fulfill his constitutional and personal commitment to maintain unity in diversity,” Daniel said.
In addition to accepting the award during his US trip, Yudhoyono will attend the fifth High-Level Panel of Eminent Persons on the Post-2015 Development Agenda.
Yudhoyono will also go to Stockholm to pay a visit to Sweden King Carl XVI Gustaf and engage in bilateral talks with Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt and parliament speaker Per Westerberg to discuss various issues on economy, environment, climate change and education. He also plans to sign agreements on science, technology, innovation and health.
He will leave for the United States on May 31.

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