Thursday, August 25, 2016

1) Enembe : Finance Ministry’s Policy Interrupts Development in Papua

2) Legislator Recommend English Day in Schools to Anticipate AEC
3) Boat hits whale shark in Jayapura waters
4) Conflict breaks out in Papua over income from recreational site
1) Enembe : Finance Ministry’s Policy Interrupts Development in Papua
24 August 2016
Jayapura, Jubi – Papua Governor Lukas Enembe warned that the policy of Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati to reduce government spending and transfer of funds up to Rp 133,8 trillion allocated in the National Budget for 2016 to the local governments would affect development in Papua.
“Budget reduction by the Central Government is quite inappropriate, because the local government was already allocated the budget and implemented the contract of work,” said Enembe in Jayapura on Monday (22/8/2016).
He said for example, Mimika Regency, Papua has proposed for IDR 1.9 trillion, but only gets Rp 700 billion.
“So it’s Rp 1.2 trillion less. It’s very dangerous, given that people have worked hard. I don’t know what to do,” he said. Enembe suggested the local government that was harmed by the policy to take their case to the Constitutional Court.
“I suggest that the Presidential Instruction should be testified in the Constitutional Court, because the contract of work has been set up. Lawsuit is worthy because the budget deduction is huge,” said Enembe.
He added many regions have been harmed by this policy. They got average deduction of Rp 30 billion. “It’s the first time to be happened in the government. We hope it couldn’t be a burden of local government; it should be discussed with the Audit Board to avoid finding if the contract of work have done,” he said.
Earlier, the Head of Papua Finance and Asset Management Benyamin Arisoy said the policy of the Ministry of Finance Sri Mulyani Indrawati is quite stressful for the financial management officers at the regional level. “The policy to reduce up to Rp 133.8 trillion is enough stressful,” he said. (*/rom)

2) Legislator Recommend English Day in Schools to Anticipate AEC
24 August 2016
Jayapura, Jubi – Facing competition in the era of the Asean Economic Society, Papua legislator Natan Pahabol suggested the introduction of English Day in schools.
The member of the Commission V of the Papua Legislative Council said the implementation of English Day in schools is required because English is an international language.
“The implementation of English Day for at least a day in a week in the particular day should be done gradually, but the students would get used to, at least it is for the beginning,” he said on Monday (22/8/2016).
He said English Day was needed because the Papua Provincial Government often sends students to continue their studies overseas.
“How could they, Papuans, continue their studies abroad if they cannot speak English fluently, so they must be prepared from the early stage. We think for the long term,” he said.
If it has been applied, he added, the Provincial Government need to issue the Governor Regulation. If not, the regional and municipal government could issue it.
“If the regulation was already set up, for example the governor’s decree or regent’s decree or regional regulation, like or dislike, the school authority would obey it. Starting from now we must able to make a break through in the education sector in Papua,” he said.
 A university student in Jayapura City, Nikson Alius said the implementation of English day needs to be considered. “I think it’s a good idea, nothing’s wrong. We are in Papua couldn’t just stay, it needs to do many ways for education in Papua to be able to compete with other region,” said Alius to Jubi.

According to him, during the time, the education in Papua is less creative. This is the time for the Education Office to make a breakthrough for Papuan students to be introduced with English since the early stage. (*/rom)

3) Boat hits whale shark in Jayapura waters
Jakarta | Thu, August 25 2016 | 11:48 am
A whale shark, measuring around 4 meters in length, was killed after it was struck by a boat in Jayapura waters, Papua, on Thursday morning.
The police chief of Jayapura Seaport area, Adj. Comr. Abraham Soumilena, said the KM Labobar vessel hit the endangered species on its way from Serui in Yapen Islands regency to Jayapura.  
“There has been two times during the last three years a ship hits a whale shark in Jayapura waters,” said Abraham as quoted by on Thursday.
Jayapura Seaport’s fisheries quarantine coordinator Izaak Andrie said his institution had coordinated with the ship’s captain to dispose the body of the animal in the high seas.
“The shark’s corpse should not be released in Jayapura waters because it can spread illnesses. The corpse will be brought to the high seas so its decomposition process will not create any problems,” said Izaak.
Reportedly, the Labobar's crew members managed to fish out the whale shark from the water and put it on the ship's prow, 10:30 a.m. local time.
Local residents in Papua often refer to whale sharks as gurano bintang. The whale shark is one of the biggest fish in the world. It can measures up to 20 m in length while the smallest whale shark can measure just 55 centimeters.  
Whale sharks can easily be found in Kwatisore waters, West Papua, and its surrounding areas. The diet of a whale shark consists of prawns, squids, small fish and tuna. (ebf)
4) Conflict breaks out in Papua over income from recreational site
Jayapura | Thu, August 25 2016 | 07:26 am

A communal conflict broke out in a hamlet of East Sentani district, Jayapura, when people from a neighboring village reportedly set 15 houses on fire early Tuesday while residents were in bed.

The people attacked Hansambe hamlet after the head of their village was allegedly mugged earlier by several youths from the hamlet. 

“I heard noises like the sound of someone being attacked. Then I woke my father up. I was only able to grab my bag in which I placed my cell phone. We left the house through the back door and ran up the hill. The size of crowd was unclear because it was dawn and quite dark when they started burning the houses,” said Maria Monim, 45, on Wednesday.

A local reverend, Mehuwe Meltari, who was with his father, was beaten by the mob before they burned down his house.

“I called out to them to speak, but they hit me and my father. Then they set the house on fire. We fled to save ourselves,” he said.

Mehuwe suffered a broken left hand and a bruised nose. 

“Our only thought was to save ourselves and we could only save the clothes on our backs,” he said.

Maria, along with 15 families, watched their houses go up in flames from behind shrubbery without being able to save their belongings. The only belongings they had left were the clothes they were wearing.

The attackers carried spears, machetes and bows and arrows. 

Besides burning houses, palm trees in the front yards of their houses were also cut down. The mob also set alight a post used by Hansambe youths to collect entrance fees from people visiting the Telaga Cinta Lake recreational site.

The attack took place a day after the village head from Kemtuk Gresi was allegedly stopped, forced to hand over his money and assaulted by a group of drunk youths from Hansambe hamlet.

The village head then reported the incident to residents in his village, after which the attack ensued.

As a result, 15 of the 18 houses in the hamlet, inhabited by 65 residents, were razed. 

Residents whose houses were burned are currently staying with relatives in Putaly village, located 5 kilometers away.

“The police have arrested seven people for carrying out the attack and burning houses, as well as three people who assaulted the Kemtuk Gresi village head,” said Papua Police chief Insp. Gen. Paulus Waterpauw.

Those who attacked the village head, added Waterpauw, would be charged under Article 170 of the Criminal Code, while those involved in the attack and arson would be charged under articles 160 and 406 of the Criminal Code.

Jayapura regency secretary Yerry F. Dien said his office would immediately meet with the community in Hansambe and Kemtuk Gresi hamlets to resolve the issue amicably.

“The Jayapura administration will immediately take remedial measures to prevent the trouble from spreading. We have already provided food aid and collected data from victims whose houses were burned. The government will rebuild their homes,” he said.

Hansambe hamlet youth Rudy Sokoy said he believed the attack was not simply revenge for the attack on the Kemtuk Gresi village head but as a result of envy over the income from the Telaga Cinta Lake recreational site, as youths operating the entrance post could earn an income of between Rp 500,000 (about US$37) and Rp 1.5 million daily.

“Ever since the site began to be flocked by visitors two years ago, residents of Putaly Abaar and Putaly villages have been fighting over the right to manage the location. We strongly believe the problem is simply a dispute over the site,” said Rudy.


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