Tuesday, August 2, 2016

1) President Urged to Open Access For Foreign Journalists in Papua

2) Navy Officer’s Rare Bird Collection Seized in Papua
3) Island focus: Officers secure Timika after tribes clash
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1) President Urged to Open Access For Foreign Journalists in Papua
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  •                                                        Ilustrasi – Jubi/Arnold Belau

    Jayapura, Jubi - Working Meeting of the National Catholic Student Association of the Republic of Indonesia (Rakernas all PMKRI VIII), which took place from 27-30 July 2016 was officially formulated 22 recommendations the Commission Presidium of Chapter Student Movement.
    Results of the Commission Session of the Presidium of the Student Movement PMKRI formally read out by the chairman of the presidium of the association of Catholic Students of the Republic of Indonesia (PMKRI) Wakekako Anjelius Center, Saturday (07/30/2016).

    First he said Jokowi Jk PMKRI urged government to immediately resolve cases of gross human rights violations occurred in the year 65 victims PKI, Talang Sari, Tanjung Crockery, Horse Tuli, kidnapping activists and tragedy in May 1998.
    Both words he resolve cases of trafficking that occurred in the country.
    While the third is to delete any legislation that is not pro to the preservation of nature.
    Fourth instructed all law enforcement agencies to quickly and professionally deal with human rights violations in order to achieve true justice.

    Fifth engage young people (students, aktifs and any observer of social, human rights, environment, etc.) in each country of the policy administration.
    Sixth demanded the government to immediately close all types of business activities large companies on sewasta that do not meet the requisite permits and business license procedures.
    Seventh demanded the government to conduct surveillance for large private companies on potentially kerusaan for forest areas (ecology).

    Eighth urging the government to nationalize all foreign companies in Indonesia identified have been mengeploitasi all natural and human wealth, which is not in accordance with the 1954 Constitution article 33 paragraph 3.

    Furthermore ninth until all 22 have been summarized and become a recommendation to continue to be monitored and encouraged by PMKRI throughout Indonesia.
    Legislative Branch PMKRI Manokwari, Alosius Siep hope that these recommendations be followed up by the 20's bias Branch PMKRI in Indonesia so these results are not in vain. (*)

    2) Navy Officer’s Rare Bird Collection Seized in Papua
    By : Feriawan Hidayat & Ratri M. Siniwi | on 7:40 PM August 02, 2016
    Jakarta. Papua’s Center for Conservation of Natural Resources, a division of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, and the Forest Police Rapid Reaction Unit managed to seize 68 rare birds from a navy officer in Merauke, Papua, on Monday (01/08).
    The birds were under his possession without official government license.
    “We seized 68 birds, 59 yellow-crested cockatoos, 2 palm cockatoos, 1 black-capped lories, 1 parrot and 5 lorikeets,” said the head of the conservation center, Gunung Nababan.

    Gunung said the navy officer, identified as HP, is still being questioned in Merauke. The police hope to find a connection linking the man with an illegal wildlife trade network that has been transporting endangered animals from Papua to Java.
    “In previous cases protected animals were traded illegally, including pig-snout turtles, birds and reptiles. All of these rare animals are native to Papua,” Gunung said.
    Meanwhile the ministry’s director general of law enforcement, Rasio Ridho Sani, said the threat of illegal wildlife trade still looms around conservation areas.

    “We've urged our officers all around Indonesia to step up security in conservation areas and track illegal trades of endangered animals. Ports are one of the major gateways for this illegal trade,” Rasio said.
    "Our idea is to impose criminal sanctions on perpetrators for crimes against wildlife such as prison terms or fines, especially [when they involve] protected wildlife, as a deterrent," Rasio said on Friday.
    3) Island focus: Officers secure Timika after tribes clash
    Jayapura | Tue, August 2 2016 | 06:18 am

    Military and police personnel totaling 800 have been deployed to Timika, Papua, to secure the region after a tribal conflict in Kwamki Narama district on Sunday. 

    “Four hundred military personnel and 400 police officials have searched the area to find residents who took part in the clash,” said Mimika Police chief Adj. Sr. Comr. Yustanto Mujiharso on Monday. 

    Clashes between tribes in the country’s easternmost region often occur and sometimes take days to end. The causes of such conflicts can stem from mundane activities such as disputes over ball games to tax collection. 

    The clash that erupted on Sunday led to three deaths and 17 houses burned down. More than 300 residents fled their homes to Jayapura to avoid the conflict. Dozens of cars and motorcycles were also damaged during the riot. 

    Yustanto said such clashes, often referred to as tribal war, should be ended. He also said law would be enforced on those who took part in killings and vandalism. 

    The police are targeting to arrest all perpetrators within a week.

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