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AWPA condemns the arrest of over 50 KNPB activists in West Papua

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Media release- 15 August 2016 

AWPA condemns the arrest of over 50 KNPB activists in West Papua

The Australia West Papua Association condemns the arrest of over 50 KNPB activists leading up to the commemoration of the New York Agreement, signed on the 15 August in 1962. 

The signing of the New York Agreement lead to the betrayal of the West Papuan people. 

The activists were arrested simply because they were handing out leaflets informing people of peaceful rallies to be held on the 15 August to commemorate this tragic event. 

Although the activists have been released they were originally taken to the Jayapura Police Station where they were photographed and their details taking down.

Joe Collins of AWPA said, “we are concerned that we will see a repeat of more mass arrests at any rallies that go ahead as local media has reported that the police have refused permission to the KNPB to hold any rallies”.

A spokesperson for the KNPB Centre said they would continue to hold a peaceful demonstration on 15 August. 

West Papuan supporters in Sydney will stand in solidarity with the West Papuan people whose lands and people were signed over to Indonesia without their consent.
Monday the 15th of August at  Sydney Town Hall 12pm -1pm 

New York Agreement

From Free West Papua Campaign post on Facebook.

On the 15 August 1962 an agreement was signed between the Republic of Indonesia and the Kingdom of the Netherlands concerning West New Guinea. 

A vote on a Dutch/Indonesian resolution on the agreement by the UN General Assembly on the 21 of September 1962 was adopted and included this statement:
“The Agreement contains certain guarantees for the population of the territory, including detailed provisions regarding the exercise of the right of self-determination under arrangements made by Indonesia with the advice, assistance and participation of the Secretary-General who will appoint a United Nations Representative for this purpose. The act of Self-determination is to take place before the end of 1969”
UN General Assembly (Agenda item 89. August 1962, New York)

In 1969, Indonesia chose 1025 electors (one representative for approximately every 700 Papuans) to vote in the UN sanctioned election. Under coercion the electors voted to integrate with Indonesia. The West Papuan people call this, the act, of no free choice

Australia was involved in the betrayal.

Basically West Papua was handed over from one colonial power, The Dutch,  to another Indonesia.  (The UN administered the territory for 7 months between the Dutch leaving and Indonesia taking over administration).

The Pacific Islands Forum Leaders are meeting in September.
AWPA urges the PIF Leaders to again discuss the human rights situation in West Papua at the 47th PIF Leaders Summit in The Federated States of Micronesia and to acknowledge these concerns in the official communiqué.
and to continue to request the Indonesian Government to allow a PIF fact-finding mission to West Papua to investigate the human rights situation in the territory.

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