Thursday, August 4, 2016

1) Jayapura Offers `Tour The Youtefa`

2) Papua’s oldest festival to lure foreign tourists in August
3) Tangguh Refinery Gets Funding from 3 State Banks

THURSDAY, 04 AUGUST, 2016 | 10:52 WIB
1) Jayapura Offers `Tour The Youtefa`
Tempo/Cunding Levi
TEMPO.COJayapura - Jayapura City Department of Culture and Tourism (Disbudpar) offers travel package of "Tour The Youtefa" during the Humbold Bay Festival on August 3 to 7, 2016.
"In the Tour the Youtefa package, the committee will provide the tourists with speed boats to circumnavigate the Youtefa Bay at the cost of only Rp50,000 per person," Disbudpar Chief Bernard Fingkreuw said on Wednesday.
According to him, the new travel package is a pilot project which will be made permanent if it gains good respond from the public, as well as tourists.
"It is a pilot project, and if it is successful, we will encourage indigenous people at the Tobati and Enggros villages to make use of their speed boats to serve the visitors and tourists," he said.
As for the implementation of Humbold Bay Festival this year, he claimed that a lot of foreign tourists will come to Jayapura to witness the event.
"Some travel agents here reported that more than 30 foreign tourists have confirmed to arrive in Jayapura on August 6, 2016 for the festival," Fingkreuw noted.
He stated that the Humboldt Bay Festival will be organized in a bid to preserve Papuas unique and traditional arts.
Known as the land of "Cendrawasih," or bird of paradise, Papua is truly blessed with an abundance of natural resources and unparalleled traditional arts and culture that must be maintained.
The important aspect is that the festival should showcase the beauty of Humboldt Bay and feature various art and cultural activities and attractions," Fingkreuw remarked.
According to him, the city administration of Jayapura has assigned an event organizer to make preparations for the annual Humboldt Bay Festival.
He added that the event organizer was appointed to make the festival, which has been included in the national tourism calendar, more professional.
Further, he affirmed that the Humboldt Bay Festival in Jayapura will be supported by the Ministry of Tourism.

2) Papua’s oldest festival to lure foreign tourists in August
News Desk The Jakarta Post
Jakarta | Thu, August 4 2016 | 09:16 am
Papua's oldest festival, in which hundreds of tribes spread across the island will show off their culture, will take place in Wamena on Aug. 8-11.
“If you want to feel the beauty of the nature and Papua’s culture, do visit Baliem Valley Cultural Festival in Wamena,” said Tourism Minister Arief Yahya recently in Jakarta as quoted by
You can dress in local traditional wear, live in a traditional house called honai, and participate in the dance of war that has been around for hundreds of years.
In terms of attractions, the Baliem Valley is one to visit. The highest point of the Trikora Mountains is Puncak Jaya, the only place in Indonesia that is surrounded by permafrost. Another thing that cannot be found elsewhere is the phenomenon of salt water on the mountains. As for marine lovers, Habema Lake is the place to go, as it is considered the highest lake in the archipelago.
In addition to the beautiful landscape, you can also marvel at the mummies. They are located in the Kuluru, Assologaima and Kurima districts. These mummies are not the bodies of ordinary people, but the heads of tribes and respected warlords who were role models of their time.
However, according to Arief, the development of this destination faced obstacles. Access to the site can be expensive and it takes a long time to reach, as well as the lack of tourism facilities such as hotels or restaurants.
Nevertheless, the festival is set to present an unusual sight and unique destination.
“Because a lot of this uniqueness, the Baliem Valley has become the place to visit for foreign tourists. During the festival, tourists usually participate in dances and interact with the community,” said Jayawijaja Regent John Wempi Wetipo. (tif/kes)
THURSDAY, 04 AUGUST, 2016 | 12:16 WIB
3) Tangguh Refinery Gets Funding from 3 State Banks
TEMPO.COJakarta - Three state-owned banks will help fund the Tangguh Train 3 LNG project in Bintuni Bay, West Papua. Bank Mandiri, Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI), and Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) and a private non-bank firm Indonesia Infrastructure Finance are committed to provide a combined loan of US$100 million.
"This is the first LNG project that involves domestic financial institutions," Amien Sunaryadi, head of the  Upstream Oil and Gas Business Special Task Force (SKK Migas) said in Jakarta, Wednesday, August 3.
Each bank will disburse US$25 million for the project's funding using a trustee borrowed scheme with the New York branch of HSBC acting as the trustee the Jakarta branch of HSBC acting as the domestic account. The loan has a 13-year term and the disbursement will be done in stages until 2020.
Tangguh Train 3 is a project that costs US$3.74 billion. The project will be financed using funds given by international funding institutions from China, Japan, Germany, South Korea, France, Singapore, and other multilateral institutions.
Once it operates, the LNG train is expected to supply 3.8 million tons per annum (mtpa). Tangguh Refinary's current production capacity is 7.6 mtpa.

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