Saturday, August 20, 2016

1) Jayapura Hospital to Need Rp 300 Billion in 2017

2) Flying on Jet, Papua Governor Accused of Excess
3) Dozens of PNG Citizens Celebrate Indonesian Independence Day

1) Jayapura Hospital to Need Rp 300 Billion in 2017
19 August 2016
Jayapura, Jubi – The Jayapura Public Hospital (RSUD Jayapura) would require Rp300 billion in 2017 to meet their requirements for supporting equipment, the head of the Papua Provincial Health Office drg. Aloysius Giyai said.
He said the budget could be realised, barring unforeseen circumstances. The Director of RSUD Jayapura, he said, already presented the hospital’s requirements in front of Minister of Health Nila F Moeloek and then Minister of Politic, Legal and Security Affairs Luhut Binsar Panjaitan.“I also support this, now we are on going to realize it and if there’s no change everything would be realized in next year,” he told Jubi at his office.
However, said Giyai, Papua Health Office has budgeted Rp 143 billion for RSUD Jayapura to complete other facilities, including some to support medical specialists.
“Of course not all medical equipment could be provided in next year, but the most urgent is to provide the equipment to support the specialists first,” he said.
Assessing the performance of Josef Rinta, the new director of RSUD Jayapura, he said Rinta has made a breakthrough in improving the hospital that is currently becoming the national referral hospital.
“Honestly, we will evaluate the performance of the new director within next year, but looking at his performance at the beginning it’s quite good, because there are no complains like the previous years. It might be one or two complaints but it’s not as worse as the previous years,” he said.
Earlier, the Director of RSUD Jayapura, Josef Rinta said this hospital is the governmental agency under the Papua Provincial Government. Therefore, all the issues related to the procurement must be done through the Papua Provincial Government. He admitted to have communication with the governor and the equipment would be completed next year. (*/rom)

2) Flying on Jet, Papua Governor Accused of Excess
19 August 2016
Jayapura, Jubi – The Hati Nurani Rakyat (Hanura) faction of the Papua Legislative Council criticized Papua Governor Lukas Enembe and officials who rented a jet to fly from Jakarta to Jayapura on Tuesday (16/8/2016).
Reportedly the governor rented it because it is difficult to get a flight from Jakarta to Jayapura while its price is so expensive.
The Chairman of Hanura Fraction of Papua Legislative Council Yan Permenas Mandenas through short message to Jubi on Wednesday (17/8/2016) said the governor’s move was excessive.
He said it would be justified if it was urgent and the governor must be in Papua immediately.
“Whether it was rented or sponsored, I think it’s excessive. Now it is difficult for people in Papua to use air transportation because of high ticket prices. But the governor was on jet arriving in Papua,” he said.
According to him, it could be justified if the governor was on jet to attend the official visit. But when the Minister of Politic, Legal and Security Affairs Wiranto and the Minister of Maritime Affairs Luhut Binsar Panjaitan came to Papua, the governor was not there.
“When the governor conducted a mission, the budget was clear. The regional officials, including legislators, if they conduct the mission, the travel budget could be allocated up to Rp 80 million. Well, to charter a jet flight, which budget it used? Whether it’s personal or what? It must be explained to the public to avoid the question,” he said.
He said a governor could not make the ticket price or availability as the reason to hire a jet, because there is an airways policy to prepare the spare seats for regional officials to anticipate the urgent situation.
Mandenas said the jet rent cost was not cheap. He pointed out, for the route from Halim Kusuma Jakarta Airport to Sentani Jayapura Airport, the cost is about USD 96.712 for jet Legacy 600 and USD 102.602,50 for jet Legacy 650, the price is including tax 10 percent for 8 passengers without luggage.
“In rupiah it would be around Rp 1 billion. If it used the regional budget, so it was a waste. The governor is only allowed to rent an airplane using the regional budget to visit the regions in Papua, not outside of Papua,” he said.
Meanwhile through email, the Chairman of Kesatuan Anak Adat Papua (Papua Customary Associate) Fransiskus Madai said recently the air ticket price to Papua is increased. But it couldn’t be an excuse to hire a jet. “A governor is supposed to show the simple gesture. He must be a model and example to his people. I regret it,” said Magai.
Further he questioned the performance of the governor’s domestic staff if it was true the governor was difficult to get a ticket. “If a governor wasn’t have access to ticket, so the performance of his staffs should be questioned,” he said.
On Tuesday, 16 August 2016, Papua Governor Lukas Enembe and his officials arrived at Sentani Jayapura Airport with a jet flight. Reportedly it was rented.
Meanwhile Papua Governor Lukas Enembe admitted he was forced to rent the jet flight of Lion Group to fly back to Jayapura with his wife and staffs from Jakarta on Monday (15/8/2016) evening.
“It’s difficult for us to find the seat flight yesterday. We were late when arriving at the airport, so we must take a charter flight in Halim Perdana Kusuma airport, and we found the airplane belongs to Lion Group,” said Lukas Enembe to reporters in Jayapura on Wednesday (17/8/2016).
Concerning to Mandenas’ criticism, he said the provincial government is actually capable to buy a private jet, but didn’t do it, because people in Papua are still living under the poverty line.
This issue was raised when a social networking user uploaded a photo capturing the governor and his officials’ arrival at his account. Then it would be a trending topic in the social networking. (*/rom)
3) Dozens of PNG Citizens Celebrate Indonesian Independence Day
18 August 2016

Jayapura, Jubi – Dozens of Papua New Guinea citizens participated in the commemoration of 71st Indonesian Independent Day at Stadion Mandala Jayapura on Wednesday (17/6/2016), an official said.
The Head of Border and Foreign Affairs Agency Suzana Wanggai said besides the PNG citizens, the Governor of NCD Port Moresby Hon Powes Parkop, the Sandaun Province Governor Hon Amkat Mai and Director of Mamase Covernor Council Secretariat HE Andrew were also there.
“They directly came to see the ceremony of the independent day,” she sai.
From the observation on the ground, dozens of PNG citizens looked very enthusiastic to watch the attractions after the raising flag ceremony in the commemoration of the 71st independent day in 2016. Event Papua Governor Lukas Enembe briefly shook hand with the guests from PNG at their seats.
 The commemoration of the Indonesian Independent Day in Papua Province was enlivened by attraction of sapu lidi dance performed by IKEMAL Papua and Kids Police of Papua Police. Furthermore, there were the attractions of Yosim Pancar dance performed by Ostari Dok VII Dance Studio, Eoromo Koteka Dance Group from Papua Highland area. The aubade group sang the marching songs with traditional flute music who played by the students of the elementary and junior high schools of Jayapura Municipality. (*/rom)

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