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Ramos Horta: International World Must Help Papua and Indones

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Ramos Horta: International World Must Help Papua and Indonesia
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  • Ramos Horta, along with two Co-Chair APF, Fernando da Costa (right) and Jerald Joseph (left) - APF

    Jayapura, Jubi - Ramos Horta admitted disapointed to the situation in Papua, especially the violation of Human Rights (HAM) that continue to occur.

    Nobel Peace Laureate and former Prime Minister of East Timor, Jose Ramos Horta said human rights violations in Papua must be resolved and require special handling.

    "Torture and intimidation in Papua should be resolved shortly. I am saddened by the human rights violations that continue to occur in Papua. The International community must help find a resolution and handling problems that occur in Papua, "said Ramos-Horta told reporters in Dili, after-hours Asian Peoples Solidarity Forum 2016, 2 Augustus ago.

    He added that if the Indonesian government considers Papua is part of Indonesia, the Indonesian government should engage in dialogue with the Papuan people to resolve this problem.

    In aval May, Ramos Horta said Indonesia could resolve human rights cases Papua alone, without the help of external agencies.

    "Indonesia has a lot of agencies that deal with human rights, such as the National Human Rights Commission also NGOs. Government should also NGOs conducting an investigation on the issue of violence in Papua, "Ramos-Horta said at the time.

    He said the Indonesian government should colossal also involve NGOs in Papua to see conditions there openly. Horta, get the opportunity to visit Papua.

    But the handling of human rights issues in Papua has not shown significant progress to date. Indonesian government's efforts through an integrated team handling HAM Papua formed by Luhut Panjaitan while serving Husum Coordinating Minister for Politics and Security, mash has not touched the root of the problem, in addition to continually received criticism and pennlakan of the people of Papua.

    Adriana Elisabeth, a researcher from the Indonesian Institute of Sciences, who has been encouraging dialogue between Papua and Jakarta (Indonesia government) said pánanganan human rights issue undertaken by the government are still partial, although the government said the handler HAM Papua done partially.

    "The government is beginning to open to hear suggestions from other parties, but in practice, these suggestions are rarely accommodated or not do any workarounds partial mash, yet holistically as the government said," said Adriana. (Xisto Magno)

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