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1) Commemorating May 1, One Person KNPB Activists Arrested

1) Commemorating May 1, One Person KNPB Activists Arrested
3) Morning Star fluttering in Timika, 5 Arrested

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1) Commemorating May 1, One Person KNPB Activists Arrested
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PAPUAN, Jayapura - Approximately 0915 Wit, this morning, Resort City of Jayapura Police re-arrested an activist of West Papua National Committee (KNPB), Martinus Yohame (26), right in front of the Post Office Abepura, Jayapura.

Victor Yeimo, Chairman KNPB when confirmed, this afternoon, Wednesday (05/01/2013), justify the events catcher one of his men, who is also the Chairman of the Regional KNPB Sorong.

"Yes, he was arrested in Circle Abepura, right in front of the post office, while speeches. Now there can be hold in Abepura police, "said Yeimo, in a brief message.

In addition to capturing KNPB activists, police assisted by army reportedly lowered the great power and is in almost every corner of the city of Jayapura.

"Tunas Harapan hostel since morning had in coming to dozens of military and police officers. It's like KRP III, they go up to the dorm, we ask advocacy of friends where they are, "said Frans Takimai, one resident, who contacted, this morning.

According Takimai, officials also passing on the road with a full arsenal, also by car and truck water canon. Housing III is the most tightly guarded places, because the base is in the area KNPB.

KNPB spokesman, Wim Medlama, the media is saying, the mass action of the police altercation had occurred, because the masses want a long march to Sentani, while officials insisted that the mass use public transport to Sentani.

"Mass action with 10 cars, and a truck was on his Sentani, this special mass at the third National Housing Authority," said Medlama.

The plan, Papua masses are coordinated by KNPB will conduct worship warning the nation annexation of Papua into the Indonesian state in Field Park Mahkam Theys Hiyo Eluay had fallen, Sentani.

Oktovianus POGAU


Posted at 08:59 on 01 May, 2013 UTC
Indonesian police and army units have conducted raids and armed sweeps across Papua region to counter demonstrations to mark May 1st, the 50th Anniversary of Indonesia’s annexation of Western New Guinea.
Mass demonstrations were planned for the provincial capital of Papua, Jayapura, however security forces mounted a series raids early in the morning to prevent public participation in the rallies.
Reports emerging from Papua region indicate that thousands of members of civil society organisations converged on parts of Jayapura as well as centres of West Papua province such as Biak and Sorong.
Some of the rallies, in Jayapura and Sorong, were forcibly broken up by police.
Led by a coalition of pro-independence networks including the National Federated Republic of West Papua and the West Papua National Committee, the demonstrations aimed to peacefully protest against Indonesian rule.
Meanwhile, a leading West Papuan academic says Indonesia will not solve problems in Papua region by hunting and killing Papuans leaders and activists.
The US-based Octo Mote, who is part of a group of exiled West Papuans promoting dialogue with Jakarta, says violence and human rights abuses have been increasing in Indonesia’s eastern region over the last couple of years.
He says the large presence of the military is hampering peace efforts while security forces are targetting West Papuans leading the peace movement.
“If Indonesia keep doing by assasinating the leader the issue will never solve, and today the West Papuan peoples back home are commemorating fifty years of colonisation. I think it’s very historical, this moment, to end this fifty years of colonisation through peaceful dialogue.”
Octo Mote


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3) Morning Star fluttering in Timika, 5 Arrested Author: STEP MAGAZINE | Viewed 179 times | Wednesday, May 1, 2013 22:06 Timika, STEP MAGAZINE - Today, Wednesday (01/05/13) at around 13:00 CET, the Morning Star was raised in a New Way, First SD Kwamki New Timika, Papua. sources in Timika Morning Star reported that an unknown person was raised not far (less than 1 KM) from New Kwamki Police. For this incident, reportedly, Mimika Police secured 5 suspected perpetrators raising the Morning Star. Related to the raising of the Morning Star and the arrest, not yet able to confirm the local police. The source said, middle of the night, approximately at 12:00 CET residents had raised the Morning Star in Timika Indah field but failed because officers guarded. "There are kastau me, last night at 12 like Rev in Timika Indah field but not so as there are officers there," the source said. As of this writing, the combined forces were reportedly roadblocks Kwamki Lama and on guard and patrol. Reportedly, the Morning Star was also flown in Biak Noemfoor and Fak-Fak. Read news in (GE / MS)


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Author: Jekson Ikomou

Bandung, MAJALAHSELANGKAH - Dozens of Papuan Students who joined the Papua Student Alliance (AMP) held a peaceful protest as a form of resistance to   the annexation of  Papua into Indonesia in Bandung, West Java, on Wednesday (01.05.13), 08.00 pm.
Mass marches of Boarding Papua Kamasan 2 toward zero kilometer front of Gedung Sate Bandung, Jalan Diponegoro. , they they shout slogans Papuan  independence and unfurled banners kekersan military in Papua for 50 years since Papua incorporated into Indonesia.
Action coordinator, Piyan Pagawak said, intgrasi West Papua in Indonesia is Illegal and / or full penidasan, rape and murder. All that is done by the Indonesian state through police and military in West Papua.
"Give us the opportunity to self-determination in the land of our ancestors. Because, we are not a nation of slaves continue to be colonized by colonial, impirialisme, militarism in our land," said Piyana.  
AMP chairman also expressed Bandung, Frans Kotouki. "Give us the freedom to determine Nasif. Segerah! Pull Military (TNI-Police) Organic and Non-Organic from the Land of Papua," said Chairman of the Alliance of Papuan Students Bandung.
Frans Kotouki also asked to stop exploitation and shut the whole company of the imperialists, such as Freeport, BP, Tangguh LNG, Corindo, Medco. Assessed, the companies that brought havoc to the nation of West Papua.  

Posted at 01:55 on 01 May, 2013 UTC
A jailed West Papuan leader has called for unity among the indigenous people of Indonesia’s Papua region on the 50th anniversary of the transferral of the former Dutch New Guinea to Jakarta.
May 1st is traditionally marked with demonstrations by West Papuans who remain largely disillusioned with Indonesian rule since the coerced annexation of West Papua in 1963.
A series of peaceful demonstrations have been planned for today around the provinces of West Papua and Papua although civil society groups fear more violent responses from security forces.
However, Edison Waromi, who is serving a three-year jail term for his role in organising 2011’s Third Papuan People’s Congress where he was declared the Prime Minister of the National Federal Republic of West Papua, has called on West Papuans to unite.
Mr Waromi says that since 1963, hundreds of thousands of West Papuans have been murdered, slaughtered and imprisoned by Indonesia without a fair or peaceful resolution.
Although Indonesia’s government denies that it has political prisoners in Papua, Mr Waromi is one of about 40 West Papuans understood to be incarcerated for their political views.
Indonesian civil society groups have compiled extensive details about these prisoners on a new website called Papuans Behind Bars.

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