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1) 13 Of 21 People Who Suspect Arrested in Nimbokrang Makar

1) 13 Of 21 People Who Suspect Arrested in Nimbokrang Makar 
2) Secured 21, 12 Defined Suspect 

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1) 13 Of 21 People Who Suspect Arrested in Nimbokrang Makar 
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13 Of 21 People Who Suspect Arrested in Nimbokrang Makar 

Olga Hamadi, a lawyer from the Human Rights Coalition (Photo: Ist) 

PAPUAN, Jayapura --- arrest of 21 civilians by the Police (Police) Jayapura, Papua, on August 10, 2014 and, in the District Nimbokrang, Sentani, Papua, led to the detention of 13 people as suspects. 

Legal counsel of the Coalition of Civil Society and Human Rights To Law Enforcement, Olga Hamadi explained, to-21 people were arrested after attending a Meeting held at the house of one of the civilians in Nimbokrang. 
"The information we get from the eight people who have been released, they want to go home after the Meeting, and was arrested just above the truck, and they were brought to the Jayapura police station," said Hamadi. 
It is said, when the officers also arrested four women, and one small child, but at 13 Agutus 2014, all five have been released along with three other adult males. 
"So it's eight people were released Amina Dapla, Onna Gobay, Marli Mabel, Elsie Logo, Anton Gobay (small child), Paul Logo, Albert Matuan, and Naphtali Hisage, while others are still being held and used as a suspect," he said. 
Meanwhile, the 13 people who are still being held, namely, Philemo Yare, Nius Alom, Losorel Loho, John Lakopo Pigai, Dabi Loho, Hisage Enos, Herman Siep, Alpiu Pahabol, Gat Mabel, Josh Watei, Ben Telenggen, and Matthew Yaung, and Anton Gobay (adults). 
"We ourselves have heard from the investigator if there are 12 people, but according to the information they were already free, berjumalh detained 13 people, which for us is confused, these days we will meet them at the police station and see them first," katsa Hamadi. 
Related article charged to the 13 people, according to a lawyer born in Jayapura, can not be ascertained, because he only saw the new arrest warrants for four people, namely, Philemon Yare, Loserek Loho, Dabi Loho, and Enos Hisage. 
"The four suspects are charged article treason, namely, Article 106 of the Criminal Code jo, jo Article 87 of the Criminal Code, and Article 53 of the Criminal Code. Article is likely to be added as well as the emergency law found the arrows above the truck, "he said. 
According to Olga, chapter nine other suspects subjected to the same possibility, considering they are both arrested when passing the truck on the road. 
"Together we will be the families of the suspects to the police station this morning, the aim of the number of those arrested, including a look at the article that imposed on nine others. 
Hamadi also admitted, since the beginning of the 21st detention of the person, the officers did not give access to a lawyer, even to meet with their families, when the rights of the accused guaranteed by law. 
"Our lawyers have been complicated since the beginning, there is even the impression that the police do not want to accompany us, but because the family still wanted to accompany us, then we will take a power of attorney from the family with the family to the police station to convey to the investigator," said Hamadi, who never receives international award in the field of this attorney. 
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A google translate of article in Be-aware google translate can be a bit erratic. 
Original bahasa link at
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2) Secured 21, 12 Defined Suspect 

Sulistyo PudjoJAYAPURA - Results of the development team of Criminal Police and Criminal Police Papua Jayapura against 21 suspected OPM members in Kampung Beraf, Nimbongkrang District on 10 August, has now been set as many as 12 people so suspect. 
Head of Public Relations (Head of Public Relations) Papua Police, Commissioner of Police, Sulistyo Pudjo say, to the 12 people who were identified as suspects, eight of them are residents from the village of the district Elelim Yakuhimo. 
"From this Elelim eight villagers, including, Philemon Yare (43), Losedek Loko, Herman Siep, Alpius Pahabol, John Dokopa (34), Kat Mabel, Tabi Loko, Enos Hisage," said Pudjo. 
While the other four each, Mathius Young residents of Kampung Sarmi, Josh Watei Pura-Timika Residents Copper, Copper Residents Alom Nius Pura-Timika, and Anton Gobay Residents of Kampung Karang Nabire. 

"The 12 suspects are now detained in the Jayapura police headquarters to account for the deeds that they do, while 9 others were sent home because of lack of evidence," he said. 
Pujdo revealed, Article 12 imposed on the person subjected to the coated article, namely Article 106 of the Penal Code article 87 of the Penal Code and Jo Jo article 53 of the Criminal Code of treason, with the intention of going to secede from the state kesaruan republic of Indonesia (Republic of Indonesia). 
He said that the development results are known, John Dokopa one brain attack, with intent to commit a crime is an attack attempt against a member. (loy / don) 


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