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1) Papua Police: 21 Barely Sworn-In OPM Fighters Arrested

1) Papua Police: 21 Barely Sworn-In OPM Fighters Arrested
2) Police arrests 21 West Papua separatists
3) KNPB activists arrested in Asmat regency
5) CPJ -Committee to Protect Journalists
6) Two French journalists still being questioned by papua`s immigration office

8) Papuans Behind Bars July update


1) Papua Police: 21 Barely Sworn-In OPM Fighters Arrested

By Jakarta Globe on 09:07 pm Aug 11, 2014
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Jakarta. Papua Police said they arrested 21 alleged members of the Free Papua Organization (OPM) as they intercepted a convoy of new recruits for the group’s military wing on Sunday, Indonesian media reported.
According to police, the 21 suspects were among 60 people who had just been sworn in as members of the OPM’s West Papuan National Liberation Army, led by Terianus Sato.
Papua’s deputy police chief, Brig. Gen. Paulus Waterpauw, said that the sixty were sworn in at the OPM’s headquarters in Beraf hamlet, in the Nimbokrang subdistrict of Jayapura district.
“These sixty persons were new recruits, the decision [to appoint them] was read out during the admission ceremony led by OPM leader Terianus Sato. The ceremony was short, they only read out the decision, hoisted the Morning Star flag and closed the ceremony with a prayer,” Paulus was quoted as saying by newsportal on Monday.
Paulus said that police intercepted the group when they were being transported in trucks in Nimbokrang’s Warombaim hamlet. They opened fire on the vehicle of Nimbokrang Police Chief Second Insp. Jerry K., who led the operation. Jerry then called the Jayapura Police for backup.
Police could only arrest 21 people — 16 men, four women and a child — while the others managed to escape. Police found three firearms in the trucks.


2) Police arrests 21 West Papua separatists

Senin, 11 Agustus 2014 23:53 WIB | 285 Views
Jayapura, Papua (ANTARA News) - Jayapura Resort Police had arrested 21 members of Free National Soldiers in West Papua on Sunday, August 10, after the separatists held an inauguration ceremony in Beraf Village, Nimbokrang area of Jayapura District, Papua Province.

Deputy Chief of Papua Regional Police Brigadier General Paulus Waterpauw told ANTARA here on Monday that the members were arrested when they were crossing Warombaim village using truck.

Police revealed that there were 60 members on the truck.

According to the police, two foreigners were also among the members who had attended the inauguration ceremony led by Terrianus Sato on Saturday, August 9. Waterpauw added that the members had been raising Bintang Kejora flag during the ceremony.

"The foreigners have not yet been identified," Waterpauw said.

The deputy chief also confirmed that one person of the 21 arrested was under aged.

Waterpauw explained that a shot was heard from the separatists when local police conducted the first inspection. Thus, the police in cooperation with Jayapura Resort Police arrested 21separatists of the 60 members of the group.

Police noted that the 21 arrested separatists included 16 men, 4 women, and an underage member.

Police had also seized several evidences, including 5 bayonets, two sets of arrows and bows, 30 sets of military clothes, and a command baton.(*)

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3) KNPB activists arrested in Asmat regency

11 Reportedly Arrested Asmat KNPB activists, arrests Reason It 
  Author: Admin MS | Monday, August 11, 2014 21:35 Viewed: 318 Comments: 0 

Photo 16 KNPB members arrested while distributing leaflets in the last year. Photo: Ist. 

Jayapura, STEP MAGAZINE - Police (Police) Asmat regency, Papua Province reportedly arrested 10 members of the West Papua National Committee (KNPB), Monday (08.11.14), At 09:30 local time. 

Chairman of the Regional Parliament (PRD) Asmat, Panggresia Yemm said police know the letter issued voluntary contributions to build the KNPB Secretariat office. 

Panggresia further said, KNPB region Amat plans to build an office or secretariat KNPB. 

"This corresponds to the results of Meeting Chairman KNPB 28 and 23 of the PRD in Papua, held on December 29, 2013 ago in Timika. At the meeting it was decided that the PRD and KNPB must establish offices in each region as the Office of the Free West Papua Campaign abroad , "he said. 

Information compiled, time of arrest, the police reasoned, the arrest of KNPB activists carried out on the orders of the Regent of the Asmat. 

"Regent ordered the Police to arrest caretaker Asmat Asmat KNPB on the grounds that there should be no activity Papua Asmat district," said one board KNPB in Asmat. 

"Asmat KNPB in this command must be disbanded because Mr. Regent Asmat Yufensius A. Biakai BA and Papua police chief. So, we from the police station does not acknowledge the existence of KNPB Asmat Asmat. KNPB If not dismissed, then I will instruct Brimob to basmikan entire KNPB activists, within 2 days, "another source said citing local police. 

Chairman of KNPB Asmat, Linus Desnam reject the criminalization of police and local officials group. 

'We is not criminal gangs, corruption or jihat, so come arrest and punishment. We are fighting for political rights is conscious and are demanding Self-Determination (Self-Determination) for including the Asmat people of Papua, "said Linus. 

They were reportedly arrested was Rafael Simap, Linus Desnam, Martinus Bikat, Fredrihk Maryem, Andi Desman, Benekditus Bikat, Sisnambu Henry, Joseph Dautiw, Delwas Biwar, and Amborweb. 

Confirmation with local police failed. (GE / 003 / MS)

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Flag KNPB (Ist / Google) 

Jayapura, 11/8 (Jubi) - Police (Police) Asmat regency, reportedly arrested at least ten officers and members of the West Papua National Committee (KNPB), Monday morning (11/8) at 9:30, WP. 

According to the Secretary General of KNPB center Suhuniap Ones, the arrest was based on the orders of the Asmat regency regent, Yufen Sius A Biakai and Papua police chief. 

"They undergo a process of interrogation from morning until late afternoon today," he told

Still according Suhuniap, the warrant was due to reasons KNPB members who run the activities of voluntary donations from the community to establish a secretariat in the Asmat region. 

"Police know who issued KNPB donation letter that instructed the police chief to arrest members of the board KNPB in the Asmat region, together with the KNPB Secretariat office or in other areas," he said. 

Arrest information was obtained it through the Chairman of the Regional Parliament (PRD) Ny. Panggresia Yemm, via cell phone connection. 

According Suhuniap, Ny. Panggresia Yemm said KNPB Asmat region to plan the construction of an office / secretariat KNPB Asmat region based on the results of the meeting of 28 leaders and 23 PRD KNPB Timika December 29, 2013. 

"The meeting decided that the PRD and KNPB will build KNPB Secretariat office or in each region, as well as the Office of the Free West Papua Campaign (Campaign independence West Papua) abroad". 

In separate places, one of one of the KNPB activists, Donatus Pombai said the names of those who were arrested, among others, Rafael Simapi (Commissariat Diplomacy), Lunus Desnam, Martinus Bikat, Fredrihk Maryem, Andi Desman, Benekditus Bikat, Sisnambu Henry, Joseph Dautiw, Delwas Biwar and Amborweb 

According to Donatus, said Police Adj Intelkam Asmat, identified as Riki, as well as some personnel also made ​​threats to the KNPB activists. 

"Asmat KNPB in this command must be disbanded because cpc. Asmat regent Yufen Aius.A.Biakai.BA and Papua Police from the Police so we do not admit the existence of KNPB Asmat Asmat. Secondly, if KNPB has not disbanded then I will command the entire mobile brigade to basmikan KNPB activists, within 2 days, "wrote Donatus via short message, imitating the sound of the threat. 

  Chairman of KNPB Asmat Desnam Linus said, it is not the organization of criminal gangs, corrupt or jihadist groups, so it must be captured. 

"We are fighting for political rights is conscious and are demanding the right of self-determination for the people of Papua, including the Asmat society," he said. 

Meanwhile, on different occasions Papua Police Chief, Brigadier General (Pol) Yotje Mende denied the above information. "Not true, there is no report to me, Police-Police at usually when there are events must report to me, I am still new here, but later I check first, "said Mende via cellular, Monday night. (Jubi / Mawel / Indrayadi TH) 

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5) CPJ -Committee to Protect Journalists
Indonesia arrests two French journalists reporting in Papua  

New York, August 11, 2014--Indonesian authorities have detained two French journalists since last week, according to news reports. Documentary filmmakers Thomas Dandois and Valentine Bourrat were detained after reporting on the separatist movement in the restive eastern region of Papua and have been accused of entering the country illegally on a tourist visa, the reports said.
Foreign journalists are required to obtain a journalist visa in order to work in Indonesia. For coverage of Papua and West Papua, reporters must obtain an additional permission form from the country's foreign affairs department, which must be signed off by an array of government officials, including police and military, according to reports. Foreign journalists who are detained in the region without a journalist visa or official permits are usually deportedimmediately, according to CPJ research.
It is unclear what visa the journalists used to enter the country.
"These arrests serve as a flagrant reminder that the Indonesian government continues to restrict journalists from reporting on sensitive areas of the country," said CPJ Asia Program Coordinator Bob Dietz. "Indonesian authorities should release Thomas Dandois and Valentine Bourrat immediately."
Dandois and Bourrat were working on a documentary for the Franco-German TV channel Arte about the Papuan independence movement, according to news accounts. Dandois was arrested with three activists affiliated with a group that Indonesian media identified as the Free Papua Movement (OPM), an outlawed separatist organization, according to the reports.
Arte did not immediately respond to CPJ's request for comment.
Indonesia has achieved significant press freedom gains since the 1998 downfall of former dictator Suharto and the implementation of democratic reforms. Still, journalists are frequently barred from covering certain sensitive areas of the country, including the eastern Papua province, where the military has come under fire for abuses in combating a low-intensity separatist insurgency, according to CPJ research.

6) Two French journalists still being questioned by papua`s immigration office

Senin, 11 Agustus 2014 16:04 WIB | 495 Views
Jayapura, Papua (ANTARA News) - The officials at Papua provinces immigration office are still interrogating two French journalists, Thomas Charles Danbois and Valentine Bourrat, for allegedly violating their stay permit in Papua.

"Both are being questioned separately by the immigration officials," Chief of Papua provinces Immigration Office Garda Tampubolon stated here on Monday.

With regard to the progress made in questioning, Tampubolon noted that he was not yet sure whether an administrative sanction will be imposed on the French journalists.

Tampubolon added that the officials from the French Embassy in Jakarta had requested to make contact with the two journalists. The embassy officials were keen to know the condition of their citizens, Tampubolon remarked.

It was earlier reported that two French journalists are being interrogated by the Papua Police for their alleged close relationship with a criminal armed group (KKB) in Jayawijaya, Papua.

"They are still being questioned. We have as yet not come to any conclusion (about their case)," Papua regional police command spokesman Senior Commissioner Sulistyo Pudjo stated when asked for confirmation about the issue.

The two journalists, Charles Thomas Tendeis (40) and Valentine Sailen (25), are believed to be lovers.

Charles has been arrested for holding a tourist visa but conducting activities of a journalist, such as interviewing supporters of the armed group believed to be part of the separatist Free Papua Movement (OPM) organization headquartered around Jayawijaya.

Jayawijaya police resort chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Adolof Beay had earlier reported that Charles and his girlfriend had been arrested in an area in Wamena, Jayawijaya District, on Wednesday night.

The two were riding motorcycles along with local residents, which drew police attention, as the region was considered prone to shooting incidents by the KKB.

The police then approached the foreigners and questioned their purpose and intention of being in a restricted area and traveling by motorcycles in the night.

"At first, they said they were tourists, but further questioning revealed that they were journalists. They were later arrested because they were holding tourist visas," he pointed out.

Their claim to be tourists was logical, as since Thursday, the Baliem Valley Festival was being celebrated in the region for a week, he added.

He noted that the Jayawijaya police later referred the two French journalists to the Papua regional command for further investigation.

Senior Commissioner Sulistyo Pudjo noted that Charles possessed a press card issued by ART-TV, but it had expired in 2006.

"The person concerned confessed that he was a journalist and had a press card, but it had already expired in 2006. So, he is still under interrogation," he added.

"Anywhere in any country the police have the right to question a foreigner involved in suspicious activities. So, the case will be framed using every piece of information gathered from him," Pudjo emphasized.

He explained that any foreign journalist keen to carry out journalistic work, especially in the West Papua Province, must have a permit from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In July 2013, Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa had stated that the security situation in Papua was one of the countrys major concerns due to certain elements in the region seeking international attention by attacking international figures, including journalists.

Due to this reason, foreign journalists who seek to cover Papua must apply for a permit from the government, so that they can be provided adequate security to ensure their safety, he added.

Reporting by Evarukdijati
Translating and Editing by Amie Fenia Arimbi

Reporters Without Borders
Police say they are suspected of promoting instability in the region
Reporters Without Borders deplores the detention of French journalists Thomas Dandois andValentine Bourrat in the Indonesian province of Papua (on the island of New Guinea) since 6 August and calls on the local authorities to release them at once.
Employed by Memento, a production company, they were doing a report on the Indonesian half of New Guinea for the Franco-German TV channel Arte. Officially, they are being held for violating immigration regulations but the police say they are suspected of promoting instability. Dandois’ fixer and interpreter was also arrested.
Reporters Without Borders regards their continuing detention as illegal.
They were covering the living conditions of the local population and separatist demands. According to the information obtained by Reporters Without Borders, they were arrested in the town of Wamena and were interrogated by the police for 36 hours.
After taking their passports, the police then allowed them to spend the night in a hotel in Wamena. But, on 8 August, the police transferred them to the provincial capital of Jayapura, where they have been held ever since.
That Dandois and Bourrat were doing a report on Papua is beyond all question,” said Reporters Without Borders secretary-general Christophe Deloire. “These two reporters are known for their integrity and honesty. Holding them for such a long time must be regarded as a violation of media freedom. We urge the authorities to release them without delay.
The Indonesia authorities have drastically restricted access by foreign journalists to the western half of New Guinea since 1969 because of the existence of significant state violence against civilians, ongoing civil resistance, and the existence of a separatist movement which they have tried to suppress using a great deal of force.
President-elect Jokowi Widodo, who is to be sworn in on 20 October, promised during his campaign to open up Western New Guinea to journalists. The July presidential election has been portrayed as the outcome of the country’s democratization.
An experienced reporter who has worked in Somalia, Burma, Kosovo, Darfur and the Gaza Strip, Dandois was arrested in Niger in 2007 while making a documentary about the Tuareg rebellion. The Festival International du Grand Reportage d’Actualit√© (FIGRA) awarded him the prize for the best report of less than 40 minutes in 2012.
A freelance photographer and camera operator, Bourrat is the daughter of the well-known TF1 reporterPatrick Bourrat, who was killed while reporting in Kuwait in 2002.
Indonesia is ranked 132nd out of 180 countries in the 2014 Reporters Without Borders press freedom index.

8) Papuans Behind Bars

July 2014: Election arrests signal lack of democratic rights in Papua 

In brief

At the end of July 2014, there were at least 69 political prisoners in Papuan jails.
The number of political prisoners decreased this month following the release of 17 prisoners in three separate cases: the Third Papua Congress case, 26 November arrests and Nabire civilian accused as OPM case. 16 of these 17 releases were due to a completion of prison sentences. Meanwhile, there were at least 70 political arrests this month, the highest recorded number so far this year. These arrests included the mass arrest of 25 people in Timika at a peaceful demonstration, including at least five women and four children aged one to two years. Most people arrested this month faced ill-treatment on arrest or in detention. Bilim Wenda, one of the 25 demonstrators in Timika, faced torture and cruel and degrading treatment in detention.
Many of the arrests related to the recent Presidential Elections on 9 July 2014. At least 36 political arrests were related to peaceful calls for an election boycott by Papuan activists, following peaceful demonstrations and distributing of flyers. The freedom to not participate in a democratic process, or to campaign for a boycott, is an undeniable element of democratic freedoms. The criminalisation of these actions in Papua has also been documented by Papuans Behind Bars in relation to elections in 2004 and 2009.
The arrest and subsequent release of six people in relation to internal disagreements between students and authorities at Cenderawasih University (Universitas Cenderawasih, UNCEN) were the latest development in a deteriorating situation which began in mid-2012. There has been a move towards greater involvement of police and other security forces in response to student organising and demonstrations relating to human rights, democratic freedoms and internal campus issues. This has been accompanied by a decrease in the university’s role in effectively protecting students and their rights to free expression and assembly.
An incident at Youtefa market in Jayapura on 2 July triggered by the murder of a police officer who demanded bribes resulted in the killing of three men by security forces and a number of arrests. The reported involvement of non-Papuan immigrants in the arbitrary arrest, public torture and beatings of indigenous highlanders – at the invitation of police – is an alarming development. This incident, involving excessive use of force, unprocedural use of firearms and extrajudicial killings as collective punishment of indigenous Papuans represents a serious indictment of police conduct in Papua. It also demonstrates that at the local level, Indonesia’s ongoing climate of impunity is being extended by security forces to further groups whom they view as allies.

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