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1) Jokowi Urged to Solve Human Rights Cases in Papua

1) Jokowi Urged to Solve Human Rights Cases in Papua
2) LP3BH protests the arrest of a Papuan a cultural activist
3) LP3BH accuses Antara of fabricating news
4) Ask Pastor John Jongga Civilians Not Stigma OPM 


MONDAY, 25 AUGUST, 2014 | 16:40 WIB
1) Jokowi Urged to Solve Human Rights Cases in Papua
TEMPO.COJakarta - Several Papuan figures urged president and vice president-elect Joko Widodo and Jusuf Kalla to solve past human rights violations and straighten history of Papua’s integration to Indonesia as violence may re-emerge if it is not solved. “Straighten the history first, and only then you can talk about welfare,” said Socrates Sofyan Yoman, chairman of Baptist Church in Jayapura, yesterday.
Socrates said that several Papuan people still object to military and political actions in Papua. Conflicts in Papua have always been solved using military power. He believed it would be easier for Jokowi to end the violence compared to previous leaders. “More intense dialogue is needed. Papua’s problem is not about how big or small the funds for special autonomy,” he said.
The government will be spending Rp7 trillion for special autonomy in Papua next year. According to Sofyan, the fund cannot solve the prolonged conflicts.
John Djonga, recipient of 2009 Yap Thiam Hien Award, asked the government to put all human rights violators in trial, stop violence, control vigilantism by the police and the military and appreciate the custom and culture of Papuan people. “We don’t to be victims of militaristic regime anymore,” he said.
He hoped Jokowi would reform bureaucracy and eradicate corruption, enforce the law, eliminate discrimination, provide protection, give appreciation and respect the rights of native Papuan. “One of them is by undertaking Jokowi’s mental revolution,” he said.
Andi Widjajanto, deputy chairman of Joko Widodo-Jusuf Kalla transition team, said after Jokowi’s inauguration as president, he will immediately issue a regulation in lieu of law (Perppu) about human rights to establish ad hoc human rights court so that human rights violation cases can be solved.
Meanwhile, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has proposed that the next government push for more affordable prices of basic commodities in Papua. One of them is by creating commodity production centers such as the construction of cement factory in Manokwari and development of cattle breeding. “This is a basic, real and grand program that must be carried out next year,” he said.

2) LP3BH protests the arrest of a Papuan a cultural activist
Statement received from LP3BH on 24 August 2014

   The Institute for Research, Study and Development of Legal Aid [LP3BH]- Manokwari has strongly condemned  the attitude and actions
taken by the chief of police in Papua and the police chief at the police command in Raja Ampat for unlawfully arresting a Papuan
cultural activist Abner Bastian Wanma (31 years old) on 22nd August at 23.09 in the night in  Waisai, Raja Ampat.

According to information from an LP3BH contact in Waisai, Abner Bastian Wanma had just completed preparations for a culture show ,
along with members of his group, in readiness for the opening of Sail Raja Ampat, which was due to take place the next day in Waisai.
It was while he are his colleagues were resting at their residence that they were suddenly approached by eleven men in civilian
dress. who said that they were from the Research Group of the police in Raja Ampaat. They arrived on the scene in three Avanza vehicles
from the Research Group of the police in Raja Amapat.

They were under the command of the  chief of police and as soon as they arrived, they started calling the name, Abner Bastian Wanma who
came out of the building, whereupon the police officers grabbed his hands in front of the building and ordered him to  accompany them and
get on their vehicle. At that  moment, the local head of Yenbekaki, Zeth Awom,  who had seen what was going on, turned to the police officer and asked: 'Why
are you arresting Wanma?' In reply, the police officer said: 'We want to confirm his responsibility by talking to him.' And as he was
speaking, he walked to his vehicle and left the site of the arrest.'

The action by the local chief of police is in clear violation of the principle of respecting the human rights of everyone as stipulated
in Law 8/1981 on the Criminal Code and Law 39/1999 on Basic Human Rights as well as Law 2/2002 on the Indonesian Police Force.
The LP3BH hereby urges the chief of police of Papua to guarantee the safety and security of the citizen, Abner Bastian Wanma, in
accordance with his rights as guaranteed in the Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia.

We also call on the police chief of Papua and the local police chief to unconditionally release Abner Bastian Wanma and dismiss the
chief of police for an taking action that violates Wanma's universally acknowledged basic rights .

We also call on the chief of police of Papua to take firm action against the police chief in Raja Ampat who acted in clear violation of his rights  and committed a violation of
basic human rights.
[Translated by Caarmel Budiardjo]
3) LP3BH accuses Antara of fabricating news
Statement received from the LP3BH-Manokwari on 16 August 2014

   The Institute for Research, Study and Development of Legal Aid [LP3BH], a non-governmental organisation that abides by the rule of
law and struggles to defend human rights in the Land of Papua, strongly denies the erroneous news published by Antara news agency on
16 August 2014 titled 'Hundreds of OPM sympathisers in Manokwari return to the fold of the NKRI'. This report is utterly false and quite unacceptable, coming from
the leading  news agency in a democratic country like Indonesia.  Why is this so? This news item falsified the facts. According to
the information we received from Dewan Adat Papua, District of Ransiki, what actually happened was that Christian Zebua, the Military

Commander of XV!! Cenderawasih, went to Ransiki by helicopter to take part in an event to officiate at the opening of  new housing in
Susmurup Kampung (not Susmuruk as stated in the Antara news item).
The Antara report which claimed  that hundreds of sympathisers of the OPM surrendered and handed over five weapons is quite untrue.
We call on Antara, a news agency that is widely known across the world, to thoroughly check and re-check every item of news it receives
from any source, even if it comes from the military commander or other senior officials in the Land of Papua. 

Such news reporting is not only a cheap type of sensational news
but completely distorts the facts, and is moreover nothing less than a bundle of lies and a shameful report  coming from an agency of the
status of Antara.  News reports from such a well-known agency is subsequently quoted by other print and electronic news agencies in Indonesia and elsewhere in the 
world and regarded as being reliable.   If the news comes from the military commander of Cenderawasih or the higher military command, it should always be checked by the bupati
[district head] of Manokwari or other  competent agency, such as the head of the kampung or the Susmurup Kampung.
[Translated by Carmel Budiardjo]

A google translate of article in google translate can be a bit erratic. 
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4) Ask Pastor John Jongga Civilians Not Stigma OPM 
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 Pastor Jhon Jongga, tokoh agama gereja Katolik (Foto: Ist).

PAPUAN, Wamena --- Father John Jongga, Yap Thiam Hien Award recipient 2009, asked Papua Police officers not to stigmatize civilians so the group Free Papua Organization (OPM) in Jayawijaya, Papua. 

"The arrest and detention of a great chieftain Lani Jaya. Areki Wanimbo, along with three civilians and two foreign journalists on August 6, 2014 and is an arbitrary actions carried out by the police, "said Father John, through a press release sent to the editor, Sunday (24/08/2014) . 
According to Father John, police action is not in accordance with legal procedures, as defined in the Criminal Code, because it is done without an assignment, arrest warrants and search warrants. 
In addition, four civilians were examined and interrogated under pressure by police without legal counsel. 
"It's a form of terrorism against our society and has raised fears for the people of the Middle Mountains, Papua and Wamena in particular." 
"This arrest civilians on charges of OPM as print media released August 8, 2014 in Papuan cause fear in the community," said Father John. 
Father John, stigma like this makes people feel the police were maintaining the conflict in Papua. Stigma OPM used the police to legalize arbitrary actions against civilians. 
"The security forces should provide protection against civil society," said Father John. 
Violence against civilians in security operations, according to Father John, a violation of human rights because it is contrary to the Law No. 39 of 1999 on Human Rights and Law No. 26 of 2000 on Human Rights Court. 
"The authorities should provide special protection for vulnerable groups, especially civil society in this regard women and children," he said. (Read: Areki Wanimbo catch Two French journalists taken to the police headquarters Papua). 
In the same release, Theo Hesegem, Chairman of the Law Enforcement Network and Human Rights advocacy Central Highlands of Papua asserted, four civilians were arrested are not members of the OPM as expected by the Papua police and the stigmatization OPM refused to fourth. 
"We asked the police to immediately release Areki Wanimbo of any kind of investigation," said Theo. (Read: It's Chronology Arrest Two French journalists and four civilians in Wamena). 
Theo also called on the leadership of the military and police in Papua to be proactive in protecting civilians. Besides, Theo asks international journalists to be given the broadest access to cover the security and human rights abuses in Papua. 
Previously, as written this media, Jayawijaya police arrested two foreign journalists Thomas Dandois and Valentine namely Bourrat. (Read: Journalists of Origin France "secured" in Papua Police). 
While the civilians who were arrested are Areki Wanimbo (PNS), Akhy Logo (activist), Deni Douw (farmers), Jornus Wenda (Farmer). 

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