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1) RI Independence Day celebrations in Lanny Jaya passes off safely

1) RI Independence Day celebrations in Lanny Jaya passes off  safely

2) Timika Papua returns to conducive conditions

1) RI Independence Day celebrations in Lanny Jaya passes off  safely
Nethy Dharma Somba, The Jakarta Post, Jayapura | Archipelago | Sun, August 17 2014, 4:41 PM
Celebrations for Indonesia's 69th Independence Day in Tiom, the capital of Lanny Jaya regency, Papua, passed off peacefully on Sunday, with a flag-raising ceremony led by Lanny Jaya Regent Befa Jigibalom.
“The ceremony, which was attended by locals, representatives from the local consultative board (Muspida) and schoolchildren, ran safely without any disruptions,” Jayawijaya Regional Military Command (Kodam) chief Lt. Col. Yusuf Sampetoding said.
Information had circulated earlier in the day, alleging that shots had been fired between security officers and armed civilians during the Lanny Jaya ceremony.
“There was no shooting. Members of armed civilian groups fired shots into the air but they did not disrupt the ceremony,” Yusuf said.
Lanny Jaya was part of Jayawijaya regency before it was expanded and, together with three other regions, namely Central Memberamo, Nduga and Yalimo, became a new regency in 2007.
Lanny Jaya regency has been in the spotlight since an armed group, led by Enden Wanimbo and Puron Wenda, shot dead two police officers on July 27. Security in the regency remains fragile as the group deemed responsible for the shooting is still at large.
“The group is waging guerrilla warfare, but security officers are continuing their security operations to protect the area from its threats,” Yusuf said.
Hesty, a Tiom resident, told The Jakarta Post that the Independence Day celebrations had been both peaceful and lively. She said shots were heard when the ceremony was under way. “[The shots] apparently came from other districts, not in Tiom. The ceremony ran smoothly,” Hesty said.
Tiom locals enthusiastically entered into the spirit of Sunday's celebrations by decorating their homes with colorful banners and raising Red-and-White flags in their front yards.
Similarly, Independence Day celebrations in the provincial capital Jayapura also passed off safely and smoothly, with a ceremony led by Papua Governor Lukas Enembe.
Although Independence Day fell this year on a Sunday, when most Papuans - who are Christian - go to church, local participation was high.
“I went to church on 6 a.m. this morning so that I could attend the flag-raising ceremony,” said Elisabeth, a teacher in Jayapura.
Several officials from neighboring Papua New Guinea (PNG), including Tourism Minister Hon Boka Kondra, Sandaun Governor Hon Paul Nengai, Vanimo Mayor Jerry Kina and Sandaun’s head of protocol, Simon M.Ledu, also attended the ceremony in Jayapura.
Military personnel and senior high school students from Jayapura also gave special performances to liven up the celebrations in the city. (ebf)


2) Timika Papua returns to conducive conditions

Minggu, 17 Agustus 2014 19:43 WIB | 316 Views

Officials in Timika, Papua, including head of Mimika regents Ausiliu You, Papua military chief of staff Brig-Gen Hinas Siburian and deputi chief of police Paulus Waterpau photographed together after meeting each other in support of peace in the region on Thursday (August 14, 2014). (ANTARA/Husyen Abdillah)

Timika, Papua) - The situation in Timika City, Papua Province has become conducive after heating up due to the death of Dani Tribe Chief, Korea Waker.

The Chief of Mimika Resort Police, Senior Commissioner Adjunct Jermias Rontini said here on Sunday the police have suggested people not to bring weapon in public places.

"People should not bring weapon in public area. They should leave the security to Police and Indonesian Military soldiers in maintaining peaceful condition," Jermias said.

He urged people not to trust any provocative issues which are spread by unknown sources.

Additionally, a joint investigation team from Papua Regional Police and Mimika Resort Police has secured a main witness relating to the Koreas death.

Jermias said, in order to secure the female witness initialed with NK, Police have evacuated her to Jayapura using Garuda Indonesia flight from Timika.

The institution will further investigate NK in Papua Regional Police headquarters.

"We have taken NK to Jayapura on Sunday morning. The regional police will further seek for information from her to reveal the murderer," Jermias said.

The team will develop the investigation relating to the death of Korea.

Police found Koreas body near Kali Merah Bridge of Logpon-Pigapu Village on Monday, Aug 11. The incident triggered anger from his relatives and claimed six casualties.

After the condition has returned to normal, the administration offices and schools in Timika will be open again on Monday, Aug 18. Many of the institutions have closed their activity since Thursday, Aug 14 following the rising tension of situation.

Mimika Police has particularly asked the drivers of motorcycle of the public transportation to limit their activity in the night. ***1***


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